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Advanced Photoshop No.140

Advanced Photoshop is the perfect magazine for honing already great Photoshop skills. Each issue is packed full of inspiring interviews and challenging tutorials, tailor-made for the more advanced digital artist. Whether you’re a Photoshop professional or simply aspiring to be one, Advanced Photoshop will help you perfect your art. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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photoshop fix revealed at apple keynote

September has come to be Apple’s month of choice when it comes to the revealing of new products and updates that will be released in time for Christmas. And often with the announcement of upgrades for the ever-popular iPad comes something new and exciting from Adobe too. The latest Keynote event was no different, with a whole host of new updates to the Apple Watch, as well a brand new member of the iPad family, updates to the Apple TV and the reveal of the new Apple Pencil, the company’s first ever stylus for use with its tablet. Adobe too revealed a new product, in the form of Photoshop Fix, a new app. Photoshop Fix is a new retouching app for the Creative Cloud family, and it was built with the new…

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in this issue...

COVER IMAGE ADAM VARGA www.vargaa.com US-based concept artist and matte painter Adam Varga was the perfect choice for our in-depth feature on digital painting techniques. Find out how he created our amazing cover image in his start to finish guide on p26. Painting is possibly the world’s oldest artform, yet with Photoshop in the mix it’s still bang up to date. In this issue, artist Adam Varga gives us the lowdown on the complete painting process. In his guide on p26 you’ll learn everything you need to know about using Photoshop as a painting tool, mastering tools and techniques that will take your art to the next level (They’re also very handy skills for retouchers, photo editors and compositors too!). There’s more painting on p36 as Abeer Malik takes us through the process of creating…

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then and now

Dubai 2040 is an old image of Abdesselam’s, while Ark-scape is recent. “What I like about them is the fact that you can create a whole new cityscape concept, mixing 3D with photographs (also called camera mapping). The most challenging and fun part was not only blending colors from photographs and 3D renderings, but also how you can make everything getting along within a perspective’s almost perfect vanishing point.” The new tools within Photoshop CC have made it much easier for Abdesselam to achieve things that were “very difficult if not impossible” before. “Like taking out the haze with one click, forcing photographs to fit in, shape and colour wise, re-sizing photographs without losing the quality and so on. I am taking less time doing things with much better quality.”…

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the ipad pro

Apple used to have a reputation for being the first to the market with a revolutionary idea. Things have changed since the days of Steve Jobs though and what Apple are more renowned for these days is releasing products that are inspired by others, and often trumping them in terms of style and efficiency. Apple might not be the first to market anymore, but they still dominate and in the eyes of the consumer, they’re the ultimate across the board, technology-wise. The iPad Pro is no different. Its new AX9 chip means that this iPad is faster and more competent at multitasking, and with an incredible new resolution of 2732 x 2048, that gives a pixel density of 264.68: roughly equal to 5.6 million pixels. It’s more equipped to deal…

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picking flowers christina ellis

Christina Ellis (skellopia.com) graduated in 2010 and worked at Moonbot Studios until 2015, now she’s a freelance illustrator playing with children’s books and indie comics. A passion for drawing and the mystical drives her creativity, she says, “I’ve been drawing since I could remember, surrounding myself with dinosaurs, dragons, and ghosts. I never really grew out of that, but luckily it worked to my advantage!” “This is my version of a unicorn for a story I’m working on. I was playing with how unicorns are associated with virgins. This unicorn dislikes humans, but collects young girls, knowing that they can’t make more humans if he keeps them young forever in the forest and loyal to his cause. He removes their hearts and replaces them with tree leaves. Scandinavian and Japanese folklore…

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how to create simple effects

01 INITIAL BRUSH STROKES Start off by grabbing a brush, in this case the Fabric brush, and begin making preliminary strokes over the picture, first in a line, and then in a sweeping motion in the direction you want your effect to follow. Experiment with speed, length and brush size until you get the hang of it. 02 BUILD UPON IT Once you’ve created a basis, ParticleShop has plenty of brushes that can enhance your piece even further. Grab a different colour and play with brushes to create a multi-layered effect. We even added subtle highlights to the hair. A graphics tablet comes in useful with ParticleShop, but just fling your cursor to try and create something unique. 03 ADJUST TO FINISH The effects that you can add to pictures with ParticleShop are not always…