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marketing doesn’t accurately depict motherhood

The advertising industry has long objectified women, but remains squeamish when it comes to topics about motherhood such as breastfeeding and postpartum experiences. That’s despite a recent survey that found 77% of Americans are comfortable with breastfeeding in ads. Female wellness brand Frida Mom has experienced this firsthand after getting banned from the 2020 Oscars and censored on social media for a spot about the realities of postpartum recovery. That’s in part because platforms typically lump these types of topics in with prohibited content. One media buyer conceded “often policies are written broadly” and the secret is to find compromise, which is how Frida Mom eventually aired an edited ad. Analysts, however, say platforms will have to implement more nuanced moderation policies if they want to remain relevant.…

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friends reunion to hit hbo max 1 year later than planned

HBO Max’s long-awaited Friends special will finally arrive to the streamer a year later than initially planned. Friends: The Reunion, an unscripted special celebrating the long-running sitcom featuring the show’s ensemble cast, will be released on May 27. It comes exactly a year to the day after HBO Max debuted—when the reunion was originally planned for release. The special hadn’t been filmed when the pandemic first descended, and production was significantly delayed. STOP APPI HATE BIG NUMBER 64% OF 7,000 SOCIAL POSTS FROM LAWMAKERS ABOUT ASIAN AMERICANS EXPRESSED CONCERN OVER DISCRIMINATION, VIOLENCE OR RACISM, ACCORDING TO PEW RESEARCH CENTER.…

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new sandy hook psa comments on remote schooling

For years, nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise has produced PSAs about the warning signs of a potential school shooting. But the group took a new approach for 2021 after a year of remote and hybrid learning. With “The Kids Are Not Alright,” BBDO New York creates frenetic montages of the extreme anxiety, isolation and incendiary online experiences that shaped teens’ lives in lockdown. The group hopes parents will become more aware of how this relentless stress can potentially lead to violence or self-harm.…

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paul bannister

Paul Bannister grew up with the internet, surfing text-based browsers at the University of Pennsylvania in the early ’90s. After college, he created—and eventually sold—a website to review video games, which was among the first of the era to have ads (after HotWired, the first online magazine). Back then, click-through rates were 2% to 3%, astronomical compared to today when publishers are lucky if one in a thousand visitors click on an ad. Bannister, the chief strategy officer of publisher CafeMedia, said competition in the early years of the internet was “fierce but even.” Now that’s changed, as the web today is dominated by Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, concentrating so much “traffic and revenue toward a very small number of companies.” ‘What we want is to try to get to a place…

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navigating post-pandemic marketing

All in it together. Uncertain times. A reminder of what really matters. Sentiments like these, somber yet urgent, became marketing mantras that defined brands’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. But despite how quickly brands had to rewrite their playbooks as lockdowns began, they now face an even more complex challenge: planning for the post-pandemic era. As the CDC reports that over 118 million Americans have been fully vaccinated as of mid-May and can begin to shed their masks, marketers are eager to move on from the melancholy tone of pandemic advertising and start instilling optimism. This shift isn’t going to be easy to navigate, though. It involves careful timing, tailored messaging and a meticulous balance between creativity and responsibility. “I think that brands are going to find themselves increasingly in a state where…

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marketers’ top upfront priorities

As the world finally starts to return to normal, so does upfronts week. Following last year’s upheaval, the annual May event for marketers has returned in virtual form as the biggest media companies make their pitches ahead of upfront negotiations. But last year’s unprecedented marketplace has permanently shifted the landscape, and buyers are approaching negotiations with a new set of priorities based on learnings from last year. The biggest priority for buyers is flexibility. After a 2020 season that included increased flexibility in the form of options and order dates, there’s no putting that genie back in the bottle. “In this world of fragmented media, [with] business needs changing on a constant basis, going backward in that space to 2019 and prior is something no buyer is interested in doing and no client…