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time for boundless hope

Well… it’s quite difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps by wondering if I’m the only one here who is starting to think that the 20s are cursed? Yep, thought so. When life is seemingly spiralling out of control, I often resort to humor as a quick fix. I am British so already 50 per cent of my brain is programmed to blurt out ill-timed jokes when you least expect them; for the first time in my life I’m just not so sure it’s the right moment for it. I considered shying away from using my column to give coronavirus even more coverage, but let’s be honest, if I didn’t write about it here then you’d be thinking about it while you were reading anyway. However, I’ll see what I can…

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whisky live

SPONSORED BY GLENCAIRN CRYSTAL Whisky Live 2020 Find out more about what to expect from the world’s premier whisky tasting show Whisky Live, known across the globe as the world’s premier whisky tasting show, is setting its sights on continued success in multiple regions this year, both in the United States and worldwide. Each year the event brings huge excitement to the countries it visits; last year’s American events included New York and Chicago, with exhibitors coming from all over the world, including Balcones Distilling, Belfour Spirits, Breckenridge Distilling, Cotswolds Distillery, Dingle Distillery, Limestone Branch Distillery, Michter’s Distillery and many more. In 2019 the Chicago event saw a change of venue, moving to the beautiful Artifact Events building in the Ravenswood neighbourhood, an area filled with history and culture. Between the delicious food, unlimited pourings…

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kentucky’s magic

Bourbon has been a huge source of inspiration for distilleries throughout the United States. Whenever I visit a distillery outside of Kentucky it’s almost always a love of Bourbon that inspired them to start their own business; in many cases they are trying to leave their mark on the greater whiskey industry by producing something that is unique, new or regional. Some people say they can’t compete with Kentucky Bourbon, but instead see it as a source of inspiration. What’s not to be inspired by? This is an industry that has had a roller coaster of ups and downs and has hung in there, only to come roaring back after a barrage of setbacks. Bourbon, as we know it, has only been around since the 1800s and even then it was…

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empire rye

In a world where you can be anything, be someone that thinks outside of the box; it seems to be the attitude that has built the foundations of a new rye empire. The story of Brooklyn-based New York Distilling Company began many years before it was even a passing thought for co-founders, Allen Katz and Tom Potter. The two experienced vastly different formative years in their careers, but both shared a deep-rooted desire for adventure. While sat in The Shanty, the distillery’s very own bar, and enjoying a dram of their Ragtime Rye, Allen brought to life their bricks and mortar with his stories of building their dream from the ground up. Allen’s industry experience began in the early-90s New York bar scene, specifically getting involved in cocktails before deciding to take a…

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changing the rules

Renowned whiskey authority Heather Greene’s career has centered around promoting the enjoyment of spirits. For two years, as whiskey sommelier, she was the director of whiskey education at the famed Flatiron Room in New York. She is also author of the invaluable Whisk(e)y Distilled: A Populist Guide to the Water of Life. After her stint at the Flatiron Room, she became a freelancer and confesses that she was very much enjoying her New York-based career: “I was on a word-of-mouth circuit of being a consultant for brands. I would help develop brand campaigns. Or help with blending and matching an inventory by nosing, writing nosing notes and writing tasting notes. Generally prepping brands before launch. I was also writing and speaking, so I really loved my life.” And then she changed it.…

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a creative hotbed

Portland is known as the place where young people go to retire, but it’s worth noting that the relative ease of living there allows people to explore a lot of creative pursuits. This has long been a hotbed for craft breweries, and distilleries are a natural extension of that already strong sector of the economy. When people have the opportunity to be creative and make things with their hands, innovation follows. American Whiskey Magazine recently spent a few days in Portland getting to know the folks at Westward Whiskey, producers of fine American single malt whiskeys. “I’m from Seattle,” says Westward cofounder, Christian Krogstad. “Throughout my life my parents had always given me a little cup of beer or wine with meals. It’s no surprise that once craft beer came along…