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Welcome to the world of bourbon, rye and even single malts. Subscribe to American Whiskey Magazine and discover America’s amazing adventure into the world of whiskey. Packed with essential tasting notes from our whiskey masters, intriguing interviews with the leading whiskey experts and celebrities. And that’s not all! Explore the distilleries who are paving the way in award winning whiskeys, what dram pairs best with your favourite food and discover how to create the ultimate cocktail. American Whiskey Magazine subscription is an essential read for any whiskey lover.

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boom times

There is no better time to be launching a magazine about American whiskey; to say the industry is booming is frankly an understatement. From the big established producers, some of whose roots reach back in to the creation stories of the nation’s whiskey, to the small nascent artisan producers, stills of all shapes and sizes across the land are humming away producing quality spirit. I have been covering and commentating on the American whiskey world for more than a decade now, traveling from some of the nation’s finest bars, hotels and whiskey restaurants, to start up distillieres in various states to the home of Bourbon, Kentucky. It’s always nice to be back in Kentucky, the rolling countryside, horses and of course whiskey in its many guises. But now my travels in search of…

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It’s been 20 years since I started visiting the great whiskey producing parts of the nation, where I have found the warmth of the welcome and the quality of the whiskey so enticing. Now the great American boom is truly underway and we no longer need battle to save Four Roses, nor struggle to find a whiskey aged over five years. The American whiskey landscape has been transformed forever, and American Whiskey Magazine seeks to capture every drop of news, fact, fable and tastings as they become available. When we started Whisky Magazine in 1998, many asked us, “What will you have to write about?”. The birth of American Whiskey Magazine answers that question fair and square. American whiskey is innovative, exciting, surprising, and plain delicious. It’s made in some of the…

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the bourbon bond

As the smoke cloud hovered over Bardstown, burning whiskey flowed. Witnesses said it looked like molten lava. Barrel after barrel burned. “Everyone was fearful that the whole town was going to burn up,” Sandra Spalding, wife of the Bardstown mayor, told the Associated Press in 1996. Heaven Hill seemingly lost everything. Their still, barrels, warehouses. All gone. But nobody was hurt. “And nobody lost their jobs,” says Charlie Downs, retired master distiller for Heaven Hill. Downs worked with master distiller Parker Beam to ensure everybody’s safety. To this day, that horrid time is tough to recall for all involved. But the fire bonded the Bourbon industry together unlike anything before. Kentucky distillers worked to provide Heaven Hill with whiskey and still time, so they’d never lose a customer due to the fire. For many…

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tradition and change

It seems appropriate to talk about very basic premises in a writer’s first column; even more so when it’s in the first issue of a new magazine. I can’t think of any more basic a premise than this: What is American Whiskey? You can be pedantic, and trot out the [Code of Federal Regulations, Title 27, Section 5.22: the standards of identity for distilled spirits in America]. This is federal law about what spirits must, may, and may not be labeled as particular types. There is a large section on “Whisky.” Yes, that’s right: the American federal regulations actually do spell it without an ‘e’. Do what you want with that, it’s only a letter. The standards of identity are the playing field, the rules everyone has to exist within to make…

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buffalo trace

In the year 79 AD the city of Pompeii was covered under showers of ash, after the Vesuvius volcano viciously erupted and created an immense human disaster. It took until well into the 16th Century before remnants of this once mighty city would be uncovered. Since the 18th Century, archaeological research has been continuously conducted. A large portion, but not everything by far, of a once prosperous city in the Italian province of Naples has been uncovered. The ruins are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. “What on earth does that have to do with a Bourbon distillery?” We questioned our tour guide Shelly, who gave us an exclusive peek in the underbelly of the distillery. Literally, since she took us to a site excavated under the floor of a former…

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louisville hotspot

From the moment you walk into this former fire station you’ll feel right at home. Honky tonk music plays from a record player behind the bar and vinyl LPs line the window sill. Some days the bartender is in a Hank Williams mood and others a Dolly Parton mood. You never know what you’re going to get. The menu is superb – everything from vegan chili and house-made sweet potato fries to chicken and waffles to beer can chicken. It’s hard to leave The Silver Dollar and not be stuffed to the gills. When you sit at the bar you’re going to have the opportunity to talk to people who are serious about Bourbon – both bartenders and patrons. The Bourbon menu alone boasts more than 200 offerings, separated by distillery. There…