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the next factor

So it has happened again, a big name gets involved in whiskey. Actually, this time it is possibly one of the biggest names in rock throughout the decades, Metallica. In this case they have collaborated with one of the more prolific and high-profile whiskey makers in the form of Dave Pickerell. Before joining the WhistlePig team, he spent 14 years as the master distiller for Maker’s Mark in Loretto, Kentucky. He also owns a consulting business, Oak View Spirits, where he has designed equipment, systems and processes for about 100 distilleries worldwide including Hillrock, Corsair, and many others, so let’s just say he has form for creating great whiskeys. This celebrity bubble seems to be growing with more famous faces jumping on the Bourbon and whiskey bandwagon. There is news coming out of…

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american whiskey launch round-up

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crafting the numbers

With rain coming down in sheets, the weather in New York city on the last Thursday in September was ominous. The outlook for craft spirits, however, was sunny. At the Third Annual Economic Briefing, the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) delivered highlights from the 2018 Craft Spirits Data Project, a collaborative effort between ACSA and International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR), the longest-running research company specializing exclusively in alcoholic drinks, along with Park Street Imports, a fullservice organization that works with alcohol brands on importing, distribution, financial services and more. Since it launched in 2016, the Project is the first of its kind, which is to say a comprehensive craft distilling study, quantifying the number, size, and impact of craft spirits producers in the United States, based on data gathered from…

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bourbon phoenix

A little over three years ago I stood in a literal pile of rubble with Marianne Eaves as she told me of plans to open the former Old Taylor Distilling Company by Derby Day 2016. Now, after more than four years of work to the site, the ‘Woodford County Castle’ has transformed into Castle & Key and has finally opened to the public. Watching this Bourbon phoenix rise from the ashes has been inspiring. The love that people like Will Arvin, Wes Murry, Marianne Eaves, and the whole Castle & Key team have for the heritage of Kentucky Bourbon really shines through in this place. After more than 40 years left to ruin, Colonel E.H. Taylor’s once grand showplace has rejoined the living in a way that connects the past…

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mourning brands gone

Friends, Bourbonians, drinkers, lend me your eyes. I come to bury Heaven Hill Six Years Old Bottled-in-Bond, not to praise it. The evil that branding decisions do lives after them; the good is oft laid aside with the labels. Like Mark Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, I would eulogize a lost friend that was reluctantly murdered by well-meaning compatriots for reasons that sound like they’re for the good of the drinking republic. Like Mark Antony, I will also do the opposite of what I proposed. The Heaven Hill six richly deserves praise, and there is nothing good for drinkers about this branding decision. I discovered The Six on the bottom shelf at Toddy’s Liquors in Bardstown, a little hole in the wall place that is, I think, the only liquor store in…

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blackene metal

“The band basically commissioned me… one artist to another… to make a whiskey expression that would give them another avenue to touch their fan base. They trusted me to make something worthy… in the whiskey community and the music community. I insisted that when I was ready, they needed to convene a sort of critical murder board to make sure my creation was worthy. Once approved, we had Blackened American whiskey.”- master distiller Dave Pickerell Metallica’s raucous rendering of WHISKY IN THE JAR, a 17th century song by the way, might have inspired the aging bad boys’ launch of Blackened, their own whiskey brand, however AWM’s investigation uncovers this much anticipated dram’s astonishing back story… a master distiller’s Merlin-like alchemy, a giant Moller pipe organ, and, would you believe it, classical…