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what the future holds

What a time it is for American whiskey at the moment. Boom times are certainly upon us, but that does leave some big, elephant-like questions lurking about: where is this all going, is it sustainable and when might it end? The first part of those conundrums is possibly the easiest to tackle. I mean to be honest, they are all pretty heavy dinner table topics, but if you are going to start it’s as good a place as any. So, if you look at how the craft beer market developed, this could give us a good lead. Beer was at one point where whiskey is now, mushrooming numbers of small and microbreweries, ever increasing choice for consumers, the push to drink local and more and more people pushing the innovation envelope. The…

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back fermenting

Having long been buried and forgotten, one of Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr.’s original fermenters is getting a new lease of life. For the first time in 100 years, the fermenter, which dates back to 1883, has been recommissioned and once again filled with old fashioned sour mash. Buffalo Trace Distillery made a historic discovery in 2016 when it uncovered Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr.’s intact fermenting vats, the original foundation wall Taylor built in 1869 and a second foundation built by Taylor in 1873. The distillery remnants and fermenters had been decommissioned, covered with a cement floor and forgotten, until the distillery began work on the O.F.C. Building to turn it into a meeting and event space. With this historic find, the distillery altered its plans and immediately began…

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whisky live usa

Whisky Live New York May 22, 2019 The first Whisky Live ever held in the US, Whisky Live New York, moves to the Altman Building on 18th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Established in 1896 as the carriage house for the B. Altman department store, The Altman Building is a stunning space with 13,500 square feet over two floors. Original mahogany bay doors connect directly to the street to welcome visitors into an expansive piece of New York history, with custom hardwood floors, exposed vaulted brick ceilings, and an expanse of windows that lend an endless cascade of natural light. Standard ticket prices are $159, with VIP tickets at $199, which include unique masterclasses hosted by Whisky Magazine and American Whiskey Magazine’s editorial team and distillers. VIP access is from 5 to 10…

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whiskey friends

Whiskey is a passion for many people these days, as evidenced by the growing popularity and number of whiskey clubs and societies. Once limited to drinks professionals, there are now enough categories of whiskey clubs and societies to satisfy any vantage point for your love of whiskey. When you find your whiskey friends you’ll find a commonality rooted in a shared passion for aged, distilled spirits. But what is the root of this commonality? I often find myself talking about wine in relation to Bourbon. The people who are passionate about wine and the people who are passionate about Bourbon share a love of their preferred beverage. Both groups collect. Both groups tour the places where their favorite vintages are made. Both groups get together with people who share their passions…

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cui bono?

Let’s start this one by talking about beer, specifically beer regulations. Don’t worry, it does come back to whiskey, and it’s important. Because someone’s trying to stop whiskey progress, and as Mister Pink (Steve Buscemi) said in Reservoir Dogs, I want to know whose name is on the handle! Last September, the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) issued a sudden regulatory change to taproom rules that the state’s breweries had been operating under since 2012. ‘Events’ were limited to 25 per year. No food was to be sold, no food trucks allowed in the parking lot and breweries weren’t even allowed to keep menus handy for local delivery options. The response from breweries and consumers was shock and anger. Politicians quickly forced the ABC to roll back the changes.…

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the future of whiskey

The first thing you need to understand about whiskey is that it’s an agricultural product. It didn’t descend from the heavens in its present form ready to be worshipped, as we all like to imagine. Instead it was developed over time out of necessity as a way to preserve an abundance of crops, then to make that product desirable on the open market. But no matter how popular whiskey becomes it is still tied to the environment in a multitude of ways. Without the environment, whiskey cannot be. That’s why there’s a growing movement among distilleries to preserve the environment for future generations – and for the future of whiskey. CLEAN WATER IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE - AND TO BOURBON “I don’t think people realize how easy it can be to be…