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festival times

It is hard to believe that it’s that time of year again, one of the most important of all the drinks festivals has rolled around: The Kentucky Bourbon Festival. This is essentially when all the big and little players descend on Bardstown and Louisville, Kentucky and show off their wares. If you are a Bourbon fan this is a must, to be honest if you are a whiskey fan this is an unmissable event as there is always more than Bourbon to be explored. One of my favorite events is the Bourbon and Jazz evening. For me there is something perfect about that style of music and whiskey. I have played bass now for some 30 years and grew up learning Jazz, from the classic standards through to some more weird and…

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whisky live usa

SPONSORED BY GLENCAIRN CRYSTAL Whisky Live Chicago November 7, 2019 The world’s premier whisky tasting show, Whisky Live, moves to the stunning Artifact Events building, located in Chicago’s historic Ravenswood neighborhood (conveniently placed two blocks from Montrose Metro station) providing a truly memorable backdrop to a great Whisky Live experience. Included in the standard ticket price of $119, visitors will enjoy access from 6 to 10pm, unlimited samples of more than 200 whiskies, a Whisky Live Glencairn glass, whisky and food pairings and a delicious meal. VIP tickets are also available ($199) and include access from 5 to 10pm, the opportunity to meet an editor of American Whiskey Magazine and the judges of the World Whiskies Awards, unlimited access to *exclusive pourings plus a digital subscription to Whisky Magazine. Distillers will be coming from all…

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bourbon is my meditation

I carry a lot of emotional baggage and sometimes the load gets heavy. Last winter a convergence of factors had me feeling way too stressed to function well, and I knew I had to do something about it. I downloaded a meditation app, threw a yoga mat on the kitchen floor and began listening to the soothing voice telling me to focus on my breathing. This went on for a couple of days with questionable results, until I finally had an epiphany: Bourbon is my meditation. Now that might make it sound as though I’m some sort of lush, burying my problems in a sea of whiskey so I don’t have to actually deal with them. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Stress often comes from things that are…

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the heart of celebration

When The Kentucky Bourbon Festival began 27 years ago, it was just a dinner for master distillers and industry insiders on a golf course. Over the years it has grown to include more than 40 events, some free and some ticketed, designed to attract visitors from all over the world. Everyone seems to have a favorite event, and whether you are brand new to Bourbon or you have a bottle collection that would make a master distiller blush, there’s something for everyone at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, Kentucky. THE GREAT BOURBON BARREL RELAY: THE FASTEST EVENT AT THE KBF If you’ve ever been to a Kentucky distillery in the spring or summertime, chances are you have seen a square track between a couple of rickhouses where the employees practice for…

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do the charleston

During some of the year we live in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. It is one of the oldest cities in America, older than the USA. Charleston was founded in 1670 as part of the charter granted to the Lords Proprietor of Carolina by the English King Charles II. The heart of the city is situated on a peninsula between the Ashley and Cooper rivers, both running into, or as Charlestonians prefer to say, forming the Atlantic Ocean at its harbor. The city is steeped in literature and history. This is where Porgy and Bess played out, as well as some of Gone with the Wind. It is also where the first shots of the Civil War, by some southerners still euphemistically referred to as “The Late Unpleasantness,”…

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bourbon behind bars

Acting on whispered rumors that a North Carolina jail was making whiskey, American Whiskey Magazine’s intrepid sleuths, ever thirsty as the Sahara sands, set out to investigate. The jail is in Mount Pleasant, 30 miles east of Charlotte, a rural hamlet surrounded by rolling woodlands, where, past the town cemetery a tall chain-link fence encircles the Carrabus (County) Correctional Facility. Built in 1929 the barracks-like complex held low security inmates until closing in 2011. Today it basks in newfound notoriety as America’s only “Whiskey Prison” – AKA Southern Grace Distilleries. We’re met by Leanne Powell, gregarious founder, president and CEO, who greets us with “Welcome to our jail!” while unlocking a padlocked gate and relating how a prison became a thriving small business distillery, built on family talent and hometown values. “In 2014 the…