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Issue 503

For 37 years, Australasian Dirt Bike magazine has been the definitive source of information for off-road motorcyclists – from beginners wondering where to ride and what gear to wear, to seasoned riders getting their monthly fix of racing action and bike hot-up advice. The stories cater to junior riders, ’weekend warrior’ trail riders, full-blown racer-heads and the technically-minded. Bike tests, riding tips, equipment guides, race reports and rider profiles are all delivered with full-colour professional photography.

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2 min
cardo packtalk bold

LAST MONTH I REVIEWED the Quad Lock Dampener I’d thrown on the Beta RR300 because I’m often swinging off the phone while trying to ride (or should that be swinging off the ride while trying to phone?) It’s not because I’m obsessed with the ‘Gram but because my Wednesday ride is, technically speaking, work and I need to be contactable at all times by the boss, plus COVID-19 contact tracing services. But stopping to answer the phone is a pain in the arse so, with my phone mounted in the Quad Lock on my handlebar, the only thing missing was a fully tax-deductible headset and, after plenty of research, I decided to give the Cardo Packtalk Bold a gallop. I should point out that this isn’t for cutting laps at the motocross…

2 min
bell le moto-10 spherical

IT’S NOT OFTEN I get the opportunity to own anything “Limited Edition”. I am a journo, which means I get paid in food stamps, and the chance of owning anything worth real money is pretty much nil. But when the opportunity to own a limited-edition Bell helmet came along I just couldn’t help myself. This one is the 2022 Bell Moto-10 Spherical lids and it has an edition number on the back to confirm its rarity. But don’t worry, the Bell Moto-10 Spherical isn’t going to stay limited, they will arrive in droves in August. There is so much safety tech in this thing it’s not funny (wait, when is safety funny anyway?) From the aeronautical-grade bolts they pinched straight out of a Boeing’s left wing to hold the two-piece shell together…

2 min
matrix a8 folding ramp

A RAMP IS ONE of those overlooked pieces of equipment you need if you’re going to ride dirtbikes. It might sound simple but stuffing around with a length of timber, or worse, trying to lift your bike onto the back of a ute every time you load up for a ride is a waste of effort. I persevered for years with a crappy piece of timber for a ramp and the amount of times it slipped and left me hanging off my ute with the bike falling on top of me, I wish I’d just got a proper ramp sooner. WE RATE WEIGHT The Matrix ramp is light, especially considering it’ll handle 249kg, which is more than any dirtbike and even good in adventure bike territory. You can easily carry it in…

1 min
what to bring

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you have the best experience possible on a MBMA tour. Make sure your bike is on point with good tyres, heavy-duty tubes and pressures no lower than 14psi. Make sure the chain and sprockets have plenty of life in them and make sure there is plenty of meat on your brake pads because you will most certainly be using them. Get your riding gear sorted. Prepare for all kinds of weather and pack smart. Make sure you have tools to perform basic mechanical repairs and maintenance on your bike. Carry a spare tube and a pump or gas bottles to fix a puncture. Use a hydration pack that has room for a decent jacket, spare gloves, some snacks, your phone…

1 min
gasgas goes bigger

GASGAS HAS ADDED three models to its motocross range, with the MC85 small wheel coming in to give kids a leg up from the MC65 before they go to the big-wheel 85, an MC250 two-stroke and MC350F four-stroke. These models join the MC65, MC85 19/16, MC125, MC250F and MC450F to create a solid red arsenal for the brand in GASGAS showrooms. The MC250 and MC350F are expected in August with the MC85 16/18 due the following month. There’s no major changes in the enduro range, which was revealed by new owner Pierer Mobility last year after its other two brands started selling their 2021 models. It’s more of the same with the EC250 and EC300 two-strokes, plus the EC250F and EC350F four-strokes and they’re expected in August. Maybe there’ll be…

8 min
look the part!

Every January we get to witness the hardest motorsport event on the planet: Dakar. It pitches masochists and their machines against the environment in a war of attrition that lasts nearly two weeks … for those that don’t pull the pin. The Dakar Rally is a spectacle that is not only mouth-watering for travellers, adventurers, landscape photographers and racers but also those who obsess over bike builds and the appearance of a motorcycle. We get to see factory teams from GASGAS, KTM, Honda, Husqvarna, Sherco to Yamaha roll out million-dollar motorcycles for prologue and marvel at the works of art they have created. Anything that can survive this kind of torture for two weeks is an engineering masterpiece. Most of us only get to see these chariots of fire on our TV…