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Australian Hunter

Australian Hunter Edition 66

Australian Hunter aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, whether for animal management, trophies or food for the family table. The magazine features articles and advice on hunting all manner of game from rabbits, foxes and goats to pigs, deer, buffaloes and more. Also featured are product reviews by experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts on firearms, optics, knives and related gear for the field, as well as practical advice for tracking, hunting, butchering and cooking game.

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Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia
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10 minuti
goats and pigs in the pilliga

Leaving home at a very respectable time one late January Sunday morning, we headed south. After an uneventful seven hours of sedate highway travel we pulled in at the service station and filled up with diesel, water and food to see us through nearly a week of hunting. This would be my third time hunting the scrubby Pilliga region of NSW with my good mates Simon, Darcy and Tim. It would also be our longest trip away so we weren’t in any rush and took it easy on the dirt tracks as we made our way to camp. Arriving, we set up, made ourselves comfortable and then headed out in the late afternoon light to see what was about. While we didn’t take any game that first afternoon, we did see…

6 minuti
the yamaha wolverine x4 side-by-side atv

Years ago, heading bush for a few days of hunting was a relatively uncomplicated affair. We just loaded up the family sedan or ute, if you were lucky enough to own one, and set off to the hunting property. Once there, it was a simple matter of getting on your Shanks’s pony and covering as much ground as you could walk over. That has all changed thanks to modern technology and there is now a smorgasbord of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) available that have been designed and developed specifically to aid the hunter and farmer in their quests. In recent times, side-by-side ATVs have become popular among hunters as their primary means of transport around their hunting grounds, being usually more powerful and able to carry far heavier loads than the ever-popular…

5 minuti
turning back the years with a supex water bag

During the height of summer my hunting buddy Mike and I went on a deer hunt in northern Queensland. Competing circumstances meant we had to postpone the trip a couple of times before we could lock it in. It just so happened that a severe heat-wave was predicted for the period we would finally be out bush. That did not unduly worry us; we had camped and hunted at this location numerous times during summer and knew what to expect. Also, we figured that the heat-wave was more likely to inflict itself on the southern latitudes and we would not have to endure it. We were way off the mark on that one, as it turned out. The sky was clear and the sun intense. It was terrifically hot as we…

10 minuti
the woodleigh hydrostatically stabilised bullet

John Marozzi is the inventor of the Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullet (HSB). The bullet started as a thought or a seed implanted in the back of his mind in the late-1970s, when John was just 17-years-old. He would listen to his Uncle Max recount stories of encounters with marauding dangerous game that raided crops and wreaked havoc in Zambia. Initially ‘Father Max’, who had graduated from an Italian seminary, was sent to Zambia to convert the locals to Christianity. Situated near the fertile Luangwa Valley, crops were frequently raided by buffaloes. He was further exasperated by the inefficiencies of his only firearm - a Short Magazine Lee-Enfield .303 British. The factory soft point bullets proved useless on heavy muscled big game and the military full metal jackets were slow going. In one…

4 minuti
wood-fired roast rump

It’s pretty much a mandatory skill in any hunting camp to be able to evenly roast a self-butchered joint of meat from something that you successfully hunted on a previous outing. A roast rump can be cooked, without burning it, in less than an hour, maybe even 30 to 45 minutes if you ramp up the heat. The secret is in having hot air flowing around the cut of meat rather than the meat touching the exterior metal and thus burning it, so I recommend a trivet. Typically, you will serve roast vegetables with your roast rump. Naturally, choose your favourite vegetables and pay particular attention to your pick of potatoes, selecting roasting potatoes rather than mashing spuds for example. While the meat is roasting, set up the vegetables in another camp…

3 minuti
goat stroganoff

Having covered goat butchery and recipes in this edition and previously that incorporated the main cuts of meat, the next progression is to procure any leftover goat meat and cut it into cubes. As well as the cubes, any reasonable-sized pieces of trim (that is, trim not destined to go into the mincer) can be incorporated into the meat for a stroganoff recipe. As a handy hint, if you want to make a stroganoff a few days after the hunt, then you can use any of the tender cuts of meat or the trim, including the backstrap. If you want an option for the first evening or next day, I recommend that you use the tenderloins and cut them across the grain into cube-sized pieces. In the following recipe I have used…