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Australian Hunter Edition 74

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Australian Hunter aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, whether for animal management, trophies or food for the family table. The magazine features articles and advice on hunting all manner of game from rabbits, foxes and goats to pigs, deer, buffaloes and more. Also featured are product reviews by experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts on firearms, optics, knives and related gear for the field, as well as practical advice for tracking, hunting, butchering and cooking game.

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Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia
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from the editor

Warwick Armstrong paves the way for Aussies to share his experiences hunting in Africa, Anthony Puddicombe helps out a farming mate whose calves are easy targets for wild dogs, Brad Allen soaks up a buffalo hunt adventure in the Top End, Ben Unten gets going to grab goats, Peter d’Plesse shows why the humble rabbit still earns top honours for all hunters, Perry Magowan heads out in search of deer and Don Caswell flushes out some predatory pigs. Ever wondered how to go about buying and installing a gun safe? We take you through what to look for when securing your firearms, fire nine noteworthy boltaction rifles, offer a wonderful insight into a seasoned hunter selecting the Merkel K3 as his last rifle, find a nifty solution to refilling PCP airguns,…

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aussies in africa

Growing up and discovering my love for shooting and hunting I pawed over all the magazines I could put my hands on. These were mostly referring to Australian hunting but the occasional article was set in ‘The Dark Continent’. I dreamed about hunting lions and elephants but the rest was beyond a boy’s comprehension. Well, fast forward to adulthood and the reality of such, when even the dream seemed out of reach. Then one night my wife Nikki and I received a call from her biological mother reaching out from South Africa. As you can imagine it was quite an emotional link-up, but it was decided we would head over to meet mum and her family. I was put on the phone to talk to the husband and these words I will…

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outspan safaris offer unique options

• Your hunting and accommodation all-inclusive payment made to them by you in Australian dollars is about 30 per cent cheaper than the normal international rate when booked through me. No payments are made to myself. • Booking your stay, dates available etc. • Flights and transfers. • Advice on firearm permits and transporting. • Being met at the airport by VIP services, who will collect your firearms and complete most of the paperwork for you in advance. • Organise taxidermy at Hunters & Collectors in Port Elizabeth. • Advise on other activities. • Tour contacts in areas like whale watching, Addo Elephant Reserve, cage diving, canopy zip line and even bungee jumping from a 1000ft bridge. • Accommodation in Port Elizabeth. • A dentist, optometrist and tattooist. This isn’t a business as such, more of a hobby at…

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my last rifle - the merkel k3

I recently bought my last rifle. I realised that day would eventually come, but it still surprised me. I’ve known for a long time what that rifle would be, as well. Some folks call it an old man’s rifle and, I guess, that is a fair description. Being halfway through my seventh decade, I hope I have another 10 years or so of hunting left in me. Over the past year I have sold off my reloading gear and various other rifles on the journey towards owning only a single, last rifle. So, what is this rifle and why have I chosen it? The rifle is a Merkel Kipplauf K3 Stutzen. That is German for a break-action, single-shot hunting rifle with a full wood stock. I have always admired single-shot rifles…

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striding out in greywacke boots

It’s an odd name for a hunting boot, unless of course you come from New Zealand. They have a treacherous surface in the mountains over there called Greywacke, pronounced grey wacky. Apparently, it can be hell on ankles and anyone who has hunted hilly or mountain country will attest to that. With or without this New Zealand rock slide. I’ve had a bit of a problem with my right ankle due to an ill-advised episode on roller skates some time back, so I tend to gravitate to any boot that can minimise my chances of turning my ankle into a right angle. Like any good boot these Stoney Creek Greywacke live up to expectations. I’m usually a bit shy about ordering boots online, but these came via The Hunt Shop in…

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pitfalls to avoid when installing your gun safe

When I first began looking for a gun safe I quickly discovered it wasn’t going to be as easy a proposition as I thought it would be. Even the capacity turned out to be a bit problematic. For example, just because the manufacturer indicates their safe has room for a certain amount of guns, that certainly doesn’t mean it would actually hold that number of ‘normal’ type firearms. Most double-barrelled shotguns are considerably bulkier than other sorts. And if you happen to collect the older side-by-sides like I do, you will quickly find those ol’ doglegged stocks of yesteryear will eat up space in a hurry. So my best advice is to add at least 25 to 30 per cent more capacity than you think you will need. Even if you…