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Australian Hunter aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, whether for animal management, trophies or food for the family table. The magazine features articles and advice on hunting all manner of game from rabbits, foxes and goats to pigs, deer, buffaloes and more. Also featured are product reviews by experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts on firearms, optics, knives and related gear for the field, as well as practical advice for tracking, hunting, butchering and cooking game.

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from the editor

It’s a ‘roaring’ time of year so we excitedly kick off our first edition for 2021 with deer in mind. Mick Chapman and his mate relish an overdue catch-up and stock their freezers with venison, Ben Smith enjoys the comradery of helping an old pal take his first deer along with a haul of rampaging rabbits, Chris Redlich camps out in the Queensland mountain tops to ultimately marvel at nature with his son amid a successful hunt during the roar, Ben Unten discovers taking that extra step to land deer can prove the difference between filling the freezer and missing out altogether, Brad Allen highlights simply the search for deer is a reward in itself, John Moore lands himself a deer duo with his .308 employing aperture sights, Perry Magowan…

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a deerly welcomed hunt

The year 2020 posed drastic issues for tackling the roar and hunting season. This included properties being closed to hunting because cattle were so underdone that farmers didn’t want to have them disturbed by rifle shots. Although others welcomed hunters to help rid ferals from feasting on animal feed. It seemed that though the Queensland government had not banned hunting per se, it was going to suffer along with many other activities. As luck would have it, I spoke to a property owner who would allow me to hunt but only with two partners. My mate Paul and his son Chis were grateful to join me on a three-day hunt. Most of the area had been in drought and this was having an effect on the roar. It would have been mid-roar…

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hunter gatherer

As a child I loved exploring and collecting interesting stones, bird feathers and small branches for my pet lizards and snakes that I kept in large glass tanks. On trips to the bush I often found pickedcleaned bones and even skulls of herbivores that had succumbed to predators. I took what I liked and cleaned them until spotless. After school growing up in Durban, South Africa, I would often visit old Ivy’s curio shop where the specialty was in the sales of hides and beautiful animal mounts. You name it, they were there from different buck species, zebras and all the carnivores under the sun. Later on in life when the hunting bug bit, I started my own collection but with a difference. Mounted animals are expensive and I mainly hunted for the pot but…

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hardy service from ruike p108 folder

While fixed blades are often perceived as more suitable hunting knives than folders, the more pocketfriendly and inconspicuous nature of folding options makes them attractive. Who has not walked into a service station or supermarket with a knife on their belt? Though there is little harm in it when legal, I always attempt not to unduly upset the general public or make people feel ill at ease. As hunters we enjoy what we do, but we unfortunately live in a world where many do not share our views and do not appreciate our pursuits. We are all accustomed to firearms being in a locked gun box, away from prying eyes. This is not the case for knives, which are easy to forget as they are such useful tools for those accustomed to…

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the short, light hunting rifle

A prominent proponent of the short, light hunting rifle was exmarine, handgunner, Gunsite founder, big game hunter and writer, Jeff Cooper. He popularised the concept of the scout rifle and recommended the ideal unloaded weight should be 6½lb (2.95kg), and no more than 7lb (3.18kg), with sling and forward mounted low-power scope. The length should be less than 1m (39.37"). To achieve this, the rifle needed a short action and a barrel of about 19". His ideal calibres were .308 with 150-grain bullet or a 7mm-08. For those who could not tolerate the recoil of cartridges such as .308/7-08, he suggested a .243 with a 22" barrel, as the .243 needs velocity. For large game, he liked the .350 Rem Magnum with 250-grain projectiles which would fit in a short action…

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deer the pick for warrick

It had been three long years between hunts for my mate Warrick and me. Last time I had seen him we went to a property I regularly hunt for rabbits, wild dogs, goats and pigs. This time around Warrick was keen to take his first deer. Eventually we settled on a date far enough ahead that we knew, as active tradesmen, we could make work. That weekend rolled around in no time and the plans were locked in. After a long uneventful drive and the obligatory fast-food stop for dinner, we met up at the closest town to the farm we were going to be spending the next few days hunting on. It was late by the time we reached our destinated valley. We set up our swags and the rest of the…