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Australian Wood Review

Australian Wood Review

March 2020

Australian Wood Review is Australia’s premier woodworking and woodcraft magazine. Step-by-step projects and articles on technique for all skill levels offer up to date knowledge on designing, joining, carving, turning, decorating and finishing wood. Our stories are authored by Australian master craftspeople and wood artists. Each issue includes reviews of all the essential hand and power tools and machinery, specialist fittings and products that woodworkers need to successfully complete projects. Australian Wood Review also profiles local and international makers, giving an insight into their working methods. Australian Wood Review is a magazine for all woodworkers and people who love wood.

Yaffa Publishing Group PTY LTD
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editor’s letter

AWR Maker of the Year Our big news for 2020 is the advent of our brand new awards! AWR Maker of the Year is a platform for all woodworkers to share their latest work. You can be an amateur, a professional or a student at any level. The competition is open to woodworkers in Australia and New Zealand, and best of all, entry is now open via our website. AWR Maker of the Year is proudly presented by 3M and sponsored by great industry brands and supporters of woodworking, Hare & Forbes, Carbatec, Felder Group Australia and Whittle Waxes. The awards carry over $15,000 in cash and product. I hope you consider entering – we would love to share your work on our digital and social media. Information and entry is via No…

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australian wood review

EDITOR: Linda CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Raf Nathan, Robert Howard, Richard Raffan, Richard Vaughan, Neil Erasmus, Philip Ashley CONTRIBUTORS: James Brook, Kerryn Carter, Jeff Donne, Damion Fauser, Jugo Ilic, Charles Mak, Terry Martin, Troy McDonald, Darren Oates, Andrew Potocnik, Graham Sands, Vic Tesolin, Peter Young. PUBLISHER: Mike Ford ART DIRECTOR: Ana Heraud GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Ruby Ren, Stephanie Blandin De Chalain, Lauren Esdaile, Samantha Smith, Ana Heraud, Bree Edgar, Maria Alegro ILLUSTRATIONS: Graham Sands MARKETING MANAGER: Lucy Yaffa SUBSCRIPTIONS: WWW.GREATMAGAZINES.COM.AU CALL: 1800 807760EMAIL: SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 1 year / 4 issues $47 1 year PLUS (print + digital) $52 Overseas 1 year NZ $58 ASIA $58 ROW $72 NATIONAL SALES MANAGER: Mike Ford Tel: (02) 92138262 ADVERTISING PRODUCTION: John Viskovich Tel: (02) 9213 CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER: 8215 Martin Phillpott PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: Matthew Gunn PUBLISHED BY: Yaffa Media Pty Ltd ABN 54 002 699 34517–21 Bellevue Sreet, Surry Hills…

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laguna revo 12/16 midi-lathe

Opening the box I couldn’t help but be impressed. Bold in black, weighing in at 54kg and with a wide bed and solid construction – it certainly looked promising. The lathe arrived with a dedicated stand, not your currently accepted flat-pack pressed metal version, but with a solid 3mm thick hammer finished steel. Most often stands are generic one size fits all but this one is part of the overall lathe, and it’s quick and simple to assemble. Threads are tapped directly into the stand so nuts are not required to secure bolts on assembly – inserting and tightening them is a one hand operation. And with the extra 37kg that the stand provides, the combined unit is intended to stay put. Once assembled the unit is solid, no wobble or movement…

2 minuti
nova viking dvr 16" benchtop drill press

This new offering from Nova is an amazing machine. Compact and powerful, the direct drive motor means the head unit of this machine lacks the large and cumbersome nature of more traditional units as there are no pulleys or belts. Consequently, this press will take less room on your bench. With a 1hp motor, 406mm swing, 114mm stroke and 321mm spindle-to-table range, this unit compares well to other benchtop units. Where it stands out is the rpm range, with a very low minimum of 150 through to a factory preset of 3000. For those doing high speed cutting in some metals, this can be re-programmed up to a very impressive 6000rpm. Speed adjustment is simple and quick by turning the dial on the control panel. It also features a 5/8" chuck (1–16mm)…

1 minuti
graspego clamp heads and bench stops

These clamp heads upgrade F-style clamps to a more sophisticated way of holding pretty well any shape. You can also use them on bar clamps. Designed in Israel and made in China, they come as two options. The heads suit all traditional style F-clamps and modern squeeze type F-clamps. The heads secure quickly to the clamp with an allen screw and can rotate and lock into indents to prevent movement. The hard plastic heads hold soft removeable silicon covers to protect the workpiece. The heads are shaped inwards to centre the workpiece as pressure is applied. Carvers, turners and artists will find these great for complex or curved glue-ups and also for holding odd-shaped pieces. Chairmakers should find these great for angled gluing. I found them quick to secure what would normally…

2 minuti
arbortech mini pro shaping blade

Arbortech has released another addition to its vast range of powercarving and sanding options that revolutionise wood shaping and sculpting options available via the humble angle grinder. This development takes the currently successful 3" (75mm) Industrial blade down to a smaller 50mm scale which fits all Mini Carver units already on the market. If you bought the original Mini Industrial blade some years ago and are wondering how it could be improved, Arbortech released an improved ‘high end’ tungsten carbide blade that promised better results as part of its Mini Carver unit (a dedicated angle grinder equipped with a variable speed 7100 watt motor). But now there’s another blade that promises to surpass its predecessors offering larger cutting teeth that are able to cut left to right and be plunged directly into wood,…