Autocar April 14, 2021

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jaguar xe

The future looks bleak for the XE, and when Jaguar goes electriconly in 2025, it’s likely that this saloon will disappear forever from its line-up. Not that this has prevented the car from being updated for 2021, including one revision that might redefine the way you view Britain’s answer to the BMW 3 Series in the limited time it has left. Among the changes is the adoption of Jaguar Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro infotainment, which in the XE goes without the large glossy display found in the refreshed XF and F-Pace but does possess the same slick graphics and intuitive, responsive menu layout. This alone is an enormous improvement. There’s then also a new 201bhp 48V mild-hybrid diesel powertrain, which is rated at almost 60mpg and helps to address one of…

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dacia sandero bi-fuel

“Good news!” as James May used to say: the new Dacia Sandero is now on sale in the UK. And, starting at less than £8000, it’s still Britain’s cheapest new car. Not that 99% of Sandero buyers will ever pick the Access base model, because a much nicer one can be had for £1000 extra. And around one in 10 owners choose this top-powered Bi-Fuel version, which can run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as well as petrol and swap between the two at the push of a button. It has a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine making 99bhp, with a 50-litre petrol tank in its usual place and a 40-litre LPG tank where the spare wheel should be. LPG is cheaper to buy than petrol and emits less CO2, and power and…

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putting you in the driver’s seat since 1895

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worries for disabled drivers

As a disabled driver with limited mobility, I was interested to read the letter from Andrew Little about the difficulties that some disabled drivers might experience with charging an EV (10 March). For me, this subject can be expanded in respect of the current migration towards both EVs and SUVs. My car is my lifeline to the wider world, as it is for all disabled drivers. Manufacturers are far too consumed with looking superficially at trends in buying practices; if you’re able-bodied, you probably would follow these trends, but we have far greater considerations than these. I find SUVs notoriously difficult to get into. I had to buy a step to aid my ingress and egress from my friend’s Hyundai Tucson, while getting in and out of my brother’s Volvo SUV has…

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next week’s issue

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peugeot 106 rallye

Who would keep a Peugeot 106 Rallye for 25 years but barely drive it? This 100bhp pocket rocket (that was pretty impressive for a 1.3-litre engine back then) has done just 14,000 miles. It looks pretty in the pictures, and indeed the auction company described it as very clean (trade speak for good condition). The 106 Rallye weighed only 825kg, but all cars were lighter before safety was invented anyway. For example, the 130bhp Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 was only 50kg heavier. Only 1000 106 Rallyes came to the UK, and by the end of last year, just 117 remained registered. This one made £12,258.…