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Ballistic April/May 2021

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BALLISTIC is a magazine devoted to the modern firearms enthusiast.

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United States
Athlon Media Group
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blue line & blue collar

Every honest, red-blooded, law-abiding, gun-carrying citizen who purchased this issue believes that defending the U.S. Constitution, ourselves and our loved ones, and the police is vital to the preservation of a free and civil society. We earnestly do all of those things by way of our First Amendment right, first and foremost, along with our Second Amendment right. It’s pathetic when we see activists attacking—verbally and physically—the finest men and women who swore oaths to protect and serve in our communities. It’s sadder still to see media outlets and statist politicians propagandize while big-tech/big-business leaders silence and outright cancel conservative voices promoting law enforcement and 2A rights, and shedding light on the truth. That was the “where we stand” part of this “Load Up” page. Here’s where we’re headed… As an homage…

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brew ha ha

FAST, EASY MONEY I never tell people I am a public servant. I think if you deal with the public you are supposed to be nice and make them happy. I only deal with dirtbag criminals, but it is totally OK if they are dissatisfied with the service I give them: smashing their front door at 0’dark thirty, waking up their neighbors, seizing their cool car, etc. In truth, I’m more of a public antagonist than a servant. But after many years of blissful aggravation, I made a misstep and got promoted. The allure of nearly $11 more per day was too much for me. Dumb move. I used to be responsible for the mistakes of one idiot. Now I’m responsible for a few more…I should have studied harder at math. WOULD…

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copper classics

When I was in high school there was a mechanic that lived down the street from our house. He had a small shop that would make a hoarder feel right at home. There were massive piles of parts for a multitude of projects existing in every conceivable stage of completion. Behind his small desk and just visible over a stack of dusty papers was a metal sign that read, “Shall I Rush your Rush Job before I Start the Rush Job I was Rushing when you Rushed in?” I think of this sign every time I talk to Chip “Cheeto” Pierce and Nakia “Nacho” Jackson at Outlaw Ordnance about a Ballistic magazine Custom Challenge. But, admittedly, they love it. *No purchase required. Open to U.S. residents only and void where prohibited. Two…

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dirty harry vs. robocop

When I first began pondering the question of who is a better law enforcer, Dirty Harry or RoboCop, it turned out to be a deeper conundrum than I had originally anticipated. What does it mean to be a better cop? There are many aspects of policing that need to be taken into account. For example, I don’t see Harry Callahan being really efficient with paperwork, which is a large percentage of the day-to-day aspects of enforcing the law (I am told). On the other hand, Alex Murphy, aka RoboCop, has a data spike that he can plug directly into a computer. He can probably churn out reports fast enough to make that old dot matrix printer smoke its guts. He also seems just fine plugging that data spike into the necks…

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PULSAR THERMION XG50 Pulsar’s new Thermion XG50 boasts 640x480 microbolometer strength and 12-micron pixel detail to detect heat signatures up to 2,400 yards. It is also the first-ever riflescope to combine a BAE sensor, onboard recording and multiple color palettes. Its 1024x768 AMOLED display gives users stunningly clear images, and its continuous, digital zoom ensures varmint, hogs and big game animals are easily located. The scope also boasts a stadiametric rangefinder and a defective pixel repair feature. (pulsarnv.com) AERO PRECISION EPC Aero Precision’s new Enhanced Pistol Caliber represents the company’s leap into the world of pistol-caliber AR platforms and features a full lineup of AR9-style parts and accessories. Product offerings include receiver sets, 9mm black nitride bolt assemblies, lower parts kits, 9mm barrels (5.5, 8.3, 11 and 16 inches) and complete upper receivers.…

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the devil's hand

Ballistic fans will recall Jack Carr on the cover of our October / November 2020 issue. In the issue we teased you that he was working on his fourth masterpiece in The Terminal List series, and an advanced reader’s edition found its way to our undisclosed bunker. Carr’s latest thriller, The Devil’s Hand, is, without question another epic page-turner. If you’re a gun nut, an action junky and a fan of kickass, fully authentic prose, then Jack Carr’s your man. Let us nutshell it for you: It’s been two decades since the U.S. was attacked on home soil. That’s 20 years of the GWOT. The enemy is now ready to strike our lands and our people again. There’s a new president in town—a young populist looking to offer hope to…