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@jack_rix Every year we assemble the most ridiculous collection of fast cars launched in the past 12 months. We call it Speed Week to do justice to the sprawling, multi-day itinerary and logistical minefield of our own making. Really, it’s our annual hunt to find the best performance car of the year, and has taken us to roads and racetracks all over the world. This year, for reasons not entirely of our own making, Speed Week returned for the first time in nine years to the TopGear test track in tropical Dunsfold, and that deserved recognition. Go big or go home? We went big and went home, assembling the largest group of contenders we’ve ever had – 26 in total – much to the irritation of our insurers. Themes? The infusion of electric…

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no time to die

Daniel Craig once admitted that he’d rather “slash his wrists” than play James Bond again. He was being mischievous but he also strongly suggested that Spectre wasn’t the send-off he wanted. Above all else, No Time To Die is Craig’s film, a giant of a movie that leans heavily on all the things we love about Bond – the action sequences, the fabulous locations and yes, the car chases – while stirring in elements that are unfamiliar. Bond movies have always been explosive, but this one makes your ears buzz, widens your eyes, and most importantly knocks you sideways emotionally. It also lands with more pressure on its shoulders than any mere film – even a Bond one – could reasonably cope with. Traumatic in pre-production and obviously delayed by the…

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coffee break

Last Man Standing: Suge Knight and the Murders of Biggie and Tupac, BBC iPlayer This doc looks at former Death Row Record exec Suge Knight and the suspicion around the deaths of two of the Nineties’ biggest hip-hop stars ‘Beautiful James’, Placebo So 2021 Placebo sounds like a perfectly aged Placebo. Every you, every me approve TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG Bond In Motion, Los Angeles OK, OK, not all of us can get to the Petersen Museum in LA at the throw of an Oddjob hat. It was a hit in London, so it must be in America too. “BTW, your new sign is, like, Beverly Hills 9021007” And…

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peugeot 308 cc

If you’re looking for a material from which to construct your car, metal is widely regarded as a better choice than cloth. More robust, more rigid, less likely to shrink if you accidently put it on a 60?C boil wash. However, for all its advantages, metal is very bad at folding efficiently into a small space, at least if you plan on unfolding it again at any point thereafter. All of which is by way of saying: folding hardtop convertibles have big butts and we cannot lie. This is why, with the tiniest handful of exceptions, they tend to boast all the visual elegance of botched surgery. Unfortunately this significant downside failed to deter, for a terrifying chunk of the Noughties, pretty much every mainstream manufacturer from cooking up a steely…

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love life

Say hello to the Volkswagen ID.Life, an electric supermini that could cost the same as its combustion engined counterparts when it arrives in 2025. “Isn’t it cute?” yelled VW brand boss Ralf Brandstätter when it was unveiled. As specced here, performance goes some way beyond cute. Into Polo GTI territory, actually. The motor makes 234bhp, and 0–62mph takes just 6.9 seconds. The battery is a 57kWh box, for 250 miles of range. But you can bet there will be cheaper versions with less power and smaller batteries. To make a profit out of this thing Volkswagen’s got to churn it out in bulk. To help sell more, there will be Cupra and Skoda versions too. The plan is to build all three, and their batteries, in Spain. It uses a shortened version of the…

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lando & danny’s f1 diary

DR: Not only our first win since 2012, but our first 1-2 since 2010. I lost my race shoes on the podium and didn’t see them again for the rest of the day. DR:The chaos after the race, always good to bring an extra bit of luggage back in the form of a trophy. She’s a big one too, no idea where it’ll go at MTC. DR: Podiums mean shoeys. Having Zak and Lando up there with me made it extra fun. Not sure if they enjoyed it! LN: Getting ready for wet weather running in Sochi, you can never have too many towels when it’s chucking it down all day… LN: Monza was amazing. Sharing a podium with Daniel meant I had to do a shoey though. Not great. His feet stink. LN: …and…