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@jack_rix It’s not an easy time to be a car magazine editor. I know, I know, cue slow violin music, your heart bleeds etc etc, but hear me out. Yes, getting paid to arse around in other people’s cars means we unequivocally have the best job on the planet, but this planet is changing at such a blistering pace that it’s both exciting and terrifying in equal measure. The electric car revolution is only just truly taking off, but already talk has turned to our old friend hydrogen being the longer term solution to all our transport needs. The ‘solution’, aka the fuel of the future, will never be one single thing of course, it’ll be an ecosystem of several. Pure EVs for short-range urban travel perhaps, to limit the size of…

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the telly show is back!

The nights are closing in, the scent of woodsmoke hangs heavy ’pon the breeze, we’ve just had the big argument about which way the clocks go in the big BST/GMT switchover: it’s time for a new series of TopGear to wend its way towards your telly box! Yes, Chris, Freddie and Paddy are back with a fresh tranche of automotive japery, going faster, further and, um, foolhardier than ever before in the name of ‘testing cars, apparently’. ICELAND IN AN OLD ROLLS AND VAUXHALL With the world finally, slowly emerging from collective house arrest, it seemed about time for a big international TopGear expedition. And there was only one place for it: Iceland. Partly because of Iceland’s extraordinary, rugged landscape. But also because it was basically the only place we could go…

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coffee break

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hummer h2

If you’re gonna do something, do it with conviction. While the original Hummer H1 – the civilian version of the Gulf War-era military Humvee – was a vulgar, tasteless, abomination, at least it went all-in on its vulgarity. Park an H1 on your driveway – or, rather, on your driveway plus a very large chunk of your front lawn – and you genuinely looked like you might be off to annexe Panama for a weekend. But the Hummer H2 – which arrived a decade after the original H1 with a 6.0-litre V8 yet, somehow, a 0–60mph time of over 10 seconds – fell horribly between two stalls. A 4x4 for the vigilante who was originally bang-up for invading Panama, but, having looked into it in detail, had discovered there was a…

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surgical vette

We’ll get the big news done first: this new Corvette Z06 is being made in right-hand drive, which marks the first time we might be able to buy the most athletic Vette officially in the UK. It’s a car of notable feats and firsts, in fact. The 5.5-litre V8 shuns supercharging, going back to its traditional naturally aspirated setup with its 670bhp peak making it the most powerful nat-asp V8 in the world, according to Corvette. A flat-plane crank design lets it rev to 8,600rpm like it’s a proper piece of Italian exotica. An 8spd DCT paddleshifter is your only option, making this the first Z06 without a manual. It sits on a modified suspension set-up from the stock Corvette Stingray. Sold? The Z06 comes in coupe and convertible forms (its chassis is…

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lando & danny’s f1 diary