Bead&Button February 2018

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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inspiration is everywhere!

In 2001, Jill Wiseman discovered beads while at a quilt show. She went to that show on a whim, having no idea that her life was about to change. The ensuing 17 years brought her ups and downs, and she had to pivot several times. Her path wasn’t always an easy one, but she has found success keeping beads — and the joy they bring her — front and center all along. I love stories like Jill’s, because they remind me to keep an open mind, stay positive, make the most of opportunities, and to not let setbacks deter me from achieving a goal. Jill is an inspiration in many ways, and she has earned her place in the hearts of the beading community. You can read more about Jill in…

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what’s happening

BEADING TRENDS, TIPS, NEWS, REVIEWS, PROJECTS, AND MORE! Beads on display From pre-Columbian to polymer beads, the Mingei International Museum offers a permanent bead collection with an impressive range. This San Diego, California, museum exhibits everyday objects found around the world, then elevates the works to display their unique beauty. Along with beads, Mingei houses a 3,000-piece jewelry collection. Can’t make it in person? View the collection online at COLOR OUTLOOK Did you enjoy incorporating Greenery — the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year — into your designs last year? Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, has revealed eight collections for 2018, including hues such as Minion Yellow and Skydiver. Along with these colors, Pantone has defined a new class of neutrals. According to Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, “Metallics we know…

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creativ ity

Purple Passage Pendant I love to play with new bead shapes when they come out, and Arcos par Puca beads are some of my new favorites. They offer so many possibilities for designing. I created this to wear for the 2017 Bead&Button Show highlighting my favorite color, purple. Connie Whittaker Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Wayward Heart This bead embroidery and beadweaving bracelet was such a work of love. As someone who travels and teaches, I come up with new designs that are marketable and teachable on a regular basis. Every once in a while I have the time to bead something fanciful with little concern of whether it can be replicated or taught. Some years ago I found an iron-on patch of a winged heart. That was the inspiration for the shape of the bracelet. I…

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pairing beads, needles & thread

does this sound familiar? While you’re working on a project that involves layers of embellishment, you notice that the beads in a previous layer are starting to fill with thread and it’s getting difficult to get the needle through them. You just have a bit more to do, though, so you persevere, force your needle through, and ultimately break a bead! Then you have to decide — live with the broken beads or take apart the beadwork to the point where the break occurred and re-do it? Either way, you’ll likely end up frustrated and unhappy. Or maybe you are using larger seed beads, grab some thread you got on sale years ago, and get your needle ready. As you stitch, you find the needle keeps slipping off the thread. Turns…

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rockin’ blossoms necklace

1) Cut seven strands of cord three times the desired length of the finished necklace. 2) Gather the cords, and tie them together at one end with an overhand knot. Guide the knot down through the hole in the disk, and arrange the cords to look like figure 1. Note the empty slot at the south-east position. 3) String each strand with the following beads: Five color A 11 Demi beads, five color B 11 Demi beads, five 8 Demi beads, five 8 seed beads, five 3 mm fire-polished beads, three color C 3 mm rondelles, five color D 3 mm rondelles, five O-beads, three 60 seed beads, three SuperUnos, and five lentil beads. After stringing each strand, wind the end onto a bobbin so there is about 6 in. (15 cm)…

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design your own patterns

Kumi Q&A Q I would like to design my own kumihimo jewelry but don’t know where to start. Are there any apps or programs that will help? A What a great question! Kumihimo (kongoh gumi) is pretty easy to do; but because of the way the cords exchange places as well as the spiraling nature of the braid, it’s hard to visualize how the beads will fall into place to create a pattern. There are a few programs that can help you design your own patterns and with careful study you will begin to understand how the bead stringing order creates the final beaded pattern. CRAFT DESIGN ONLINE A free and handy website, gives you the ability to design your own braid patterns. With more than 25 patterns already available, the site allows…