Bead&Button August 2018

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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to new adventures

For lots of people, summertime is for lounge chairs and lazy weekends. But I’m a northerner, which means I’m cooped up inside for almost half the year. Once the temperatures turn from frigid to friendly, I’m too excited to sit down for long. Summer is the time to shake up my routine. It’s with this mindset that I share with you my newest adventure. After 15 years of working at Kalmbach Media (12 of them at Bead&Button magazine), I’ve enrolled in a class that will require my full-time attention. For that reason, I’ve stepped down as editor of Bead&Button magazine and Happily, I will continue to be involved as a Contributing Editor, so I will still have a front-row seat in this creative classroom. And all of my colleagues will still…

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bead soup

WHAT’S HAPPENING Bead Week INTERNATIONAL BEADING WEEK IS JULY 28–AUGUST 5, 2018 Share your love of beads with the world! The idea started at a guild meeting in the UK, and has grown into a worldwide effort to celebrate our passion for stitching with beads. The mission is to educate and encourage the wider public to participate in beading, and to support bead suppliers. To ignite and connect far-reaching events, the group is encouraging bead bombing (similar to yarn bombing): Use beaded bands or chains to decorate your International Beading Week venue, whether you are celebrating at home, in public spaces, or at your local beading shop. Spread your beading love! ROADTRIP WORTHY If you’re in, or traveling near, the Baltimore area, don’t miss The Great Mystery Show at the American Visionary Art Museum. “From…

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what’s new?


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panic button

Q I LOVE to stitch peyote patterns, but find I frequently get off track when following a Word chart or pattern. Do you have any suggestions to make this easier? A Allow me to introduce you to the Bead-Line Guide! DIFFERENT WAY TO WORK Charts are a wonderful visual aid. They allow you to see intricate patterns, and make it easier to document your progress as you work. I share your love of patterns and have worked them from both charts and text, but find most people prefer a chart. The following is my solution to keeping on track with a chart: the Bead-Line Guide (figure 1). This device has two rows of solid color bead shapes identical to the bead grid on the chart you are working. I invented it when I wrote…

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design challenge winners

View them all on Rosemary Holland PRETTY IN PINK challenge winner • “Roses in pink” • Bead embroidery showcases a botanical cabochon, herringbone stitched flowers, and a spiral rope made with two sizes of seed beads. Rebecca Whelan-Martin PRETTY IN PINK Reader’s Choice winner • “Pink deco necklace” • Swarovski cup chain links, bugle beads, SuperDuos, and seed beads adorn this delicate piece. Karin Granstrom EASY BEING GREEN challenge winner • “Autumn forest” • Layered Russian leaves hang from a twisted band of Toho seed beads with peyote and brick stitch necklace straps. Melanie April Harris EASY BEING GREEN Reader’s Choice winner • “Flutter-by garden” • A twisted herringbone stitch rope supports leaf fringe, herringbone bell flowers, and brick stitch monarch butterflies. ENTER TO WIN We invite you to participate in our monthly design challenge! Create or share an…

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bead reads

INVENTIVE WIRE WEAVING by Susan Barzacchini Looking to expand your knowledge of wire techniques? Susan’s new book offers intricate designs, which incorporate beads, stones, and other materials to make bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings. It’s a great addition to your library! Kalmbach books LUSH & LAYERED BEADWEAVING by Marcia Balonis If you’re eager for new designs using multi-hole beads, this volume shows you how to start with a base layer of beads and embellish them in new ways. The 20+ projects are rich, colorful, and full of dimension. Kalmbach books MINDFUL BEADS by Alice Peck Many people enjoy creating jewelry with personal meanings — growth, spirituality, and beliefs. Alice explores 20 different ways beads can be used in everyday life, such as for rosaries, memory strands, and power beads. Find new importance to your beads. Cico books…