Bead&Button December 2019

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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As we embrace the winter months and prepare for the holidays, this is a great time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. Bead&Button is committed to our readers and to what they have been communicating to us. Your voices have been heard! Many have expressed the desire for more projects using classic beads, such as seed beads, pearls, and crystals, because some beaders have a large stash of these. Other readers love the new and multi-hole beads because there are a wide variety of designs made from them. In this coming year, we hope to bring you a better balance of both styles of projects. We are happy to announce the return of pattern projects. Look for them in future issues and the online B&B Extra.…

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what’s happening

DIGGING FOR GEMS UNEARTHS SEA MONSTER Remember the enormous sea lizard in the movie Jurassic World? In the action flick, the beast is shown jumping out of the water to grab a sizable shark and swallowing it in one gulp. It turns out that this leaping lizard is based on a real creature—and one was found recently by miners! While digging for ammolite (see more on this gem, p. 61), miners unearthed a nearly-complete, fossilized skeleton of the marine reptile known as a mosasaur. Scientists believe it to be the genus Tylosaurus, which lived during the dinosaur age about 70 million years ago. It seems Alberta, Canada, is where ammolite and mosasaurs can be found! Do you have what it takes? It’s time to enter BeadDreams and the Metal Jewelry Artistry Awards. Can…

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AMERICAN BEAD AND MERCHANDISE SHOWS Louisville, Kentucky; November 2–3, 2019 Birmingham, Alabama; November 9–10, 2019 Memphis, Tennessee; November 16–17, 2019 Go online for event discounts! INTERGALACTIC BEAD & JEWELRY SHOWS Atlanta, Georgia; November 2–3, 2019 Nashville, Tennessee; November 9–10, 2019 Richmond, Virginia; November 16–17 Shop for unique beads and jewelry-making supplies. MASSACHUSETTS STATE BUTTON SOCIETY SHOW Three Rivers, Massachusetts November 9, 2019 Catch the button buzz! NATIONAL BUTTON DAY November 16, 2019 Find free button projects by searching “button” at! BSGW’S SEMI-ANNUAL BEAD, JEWELRY, AND TEXTILE BAZAAR Gaithersburg, Maryland November 9–10, 2019 Explore the Bead Society of Greater Washington’s eclectic collection of beads and jewelry-related items.…

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bead reads

WIRE & FIRE: BLEND WIRE WEAVING AND TORCH TECHNIQUES FOR BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY By Kaska Firor and Katherine Firor Colque With this book, Kaska and her daughter Kat show the creative ways you can combine wire weaving and metalworking to make earrings, pendants, cuffs, and necklaces. If you’re new to these skills, start with the Basics section, which contains thorough step-by-step instructions for all techniques used in the book, such as wire weaves, annealing, soldering, bezeling, drilling, finishing, and more. Use these techniques to create 14+ dazzling jewelry designs. Finally, a gallery with examples of the artists’ work is sure to inspire. Kalmbach Media 978-1-62700-636-1 BEADS: A REFERENCE AND PRICE GUIDE By Sindi Schloss This book provides a historical jewelry review. It includes a comprehensive guide for identifying, dating, and valuing beads used in jewelry and on cultural…

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design challenge winners

Peggy Vargas LET’S GO 3-D Winner • “Beaded Spice Box” • Based on the decorations at the Jubilee Synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic, this box is made with Japanese cylinders and Swarovski crystals. Jacquie Moffat LET’S GO 3-D Winner • “Japanese Dragonscale Handbag” • This silk-lined, chain mail purse is made of aluminum jump rings with a Swarovski crystal star and a magnetic clasp. Cliff Swain-Salomon THE BIRDS AND THE BEES Reader’s Choice Winner • “Dream Helpers” • This necklace incorporates herringbone, peyote, African helix, fringe, right-angle weave, and ladder stitches. Rosemary Holland THE BIRDS AND THE BEES Winner • “Luna Moth Necklace” • The bead-embroidery necklace highlights a hand-painted glass cabochon, featuring a luna moth. Fringe gives the focal point a fluttery effect. ENTER TO WIN We invite you to participate in our monthly design challenge! Create or…