Bead&Button June 2020

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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precious pearls

We are paying special attention to pearls in this issue, with eight fabulous jewelry projects putting them to use plus a helpful guide (p. 18) to build your pearly knowledge. All of which has me thinking about what these luminescent beauties have meant to me over the years. As a little girl, pearls were a sign of being grown up. My mom loved pearl jewelry — though I suspect it wasn’t “real,” or she might not have let me play dress-up with her clip-ons and strands. And of course anyone in my cohort remembers first lady Barbara Bush’s signature multi-strand pearls. In those days they were shorthand for refinement and poise. Then Madonna burst on the scene with her racy, lacy look. It was all about mesh midriff tops, rubber bangles, chains…

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bead soup

BEADING TRENDS, TIPS, NEWS, REVIEWS, PROJECTS, AND MORE! BEYOND BLING Nothing is off-limits when it comes to adding shimmer and shine with Swarovski crystals. Sure, we could encrust a Starbucks cup like this, but who would carry a cup such as this around? You guessed it: Hollywood starlets, including Jennifer Lopez. You can find “bling hydration” by along with bedazzled Converse, EOS balm, and license plates. Prefer beads to bling? Turn to p.16 for a look at a bead-encrusted drinking vessel. ANTICIPATING INTERNATIONAL BEADING WEEK 2020 Spread your love for beading around the world. The International Beading Week hopes to do just that. This year, the international celebration is set for July 25 through August 2. Week-long efforts include worldwide bead-a-longs, online workshops, free tutorials, and events to attend. Discover how you can participate in the…

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treasures from tucson

Pendants Filigree and Me offers quality components with vintage flair. Their collection includes classic themes, such as this great blue heron brass stamping with a nod to the Art Deco era and Egyptian styling. Find it and more at Looking for an interesting focal piece and an equally intriguing story? Visit for components and finished pieces. This particular feline mermaid (purr-maid) is a nod to Healey’s adventures on the high seas. She’ll tell you tales of offering Neptune a bit of bubbly, and other gifts, upon crossing the equator. Voices of the Stones sells exquisite gems, beads, and more. Since the owners, Carole and Mary, can usually be found at outdoor markets throughout the U.S., it’s a little challenging to purchase their items. Take a look at their website and Facebook…

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more new products

Findings Antelope Beads presents their new glue-in bead caps with and without loops. They’re offered in five different finishes, and can be glued into any large-hole bead with epoxy or thickgel glue. Get them at New Cymbal bead substitutes and components for SuperDuo, Kite, ChevronDuo, GemDuo, Ginko, and many more beads are available. There are now even Cymbals for seed beads, including 110 earring and 80 bead endings! Find them at Beads Preciosa’s smooth, two-hole Candy Oval beads come in 32 colors and coatings and three sizes (4 x 6 mm, 6 x 8 mm, and 10 x 12 mm). Their two-hole Candy Rose cabochons are engraved to look like roses on top; these 8 mm and 12 mm beads provide a delicate texture to your designs. Components There are no ifs, ands, or…

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design challenge winners

Laura Giusti HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR Reader Choice Winner • “Oriental dragon necklace” • A mythical Chinese dragon inspired my beadwork with the pendant depicting the head and the straps representing the sinewy body. Linda Hartig VIVE L’AMOUR Winner • “For All Eternity” • This bead embroidered brooch expresses two lovers’ journey of more than 40 years, and the family they created and loved. Each beading element corresponds to a loved one. Shayne McQuay HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR Winner • “Brocade necklace” • This bead embroidered necklace uses cinnabar and seed beads to replicate Chinese brocade fabric, and faceted pyrite beads add sparkle. Csilla Lombos VIVE L’AMOUR Winner • “Colors of love” • This necklace expresses how the designer visualizes love. Materials include soutache thread, handmade ceramic cabochons, Swarovski crystals, Miyuki seed beads, and SuperDuos. enter to win Visit…

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student spotlight

The editors at Bead&Button magazine are always looking to showcase new works of beaded art and jewelry from our readers. To be considered for publication, send a photo and details to If your piece is selected, we may ask you to send it to us to photograph. “I beaded over this porcelain tea pot, which I found at a Salvation Army store. This is one of the pieces that served as inspiration for my students.”…