Bead&Button August 2020

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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summertime nostalgia

One of the main goals we strive for at Bead&Button magazine is to consistently bring our readers new and exciting projects. Occasionally, the “new and exciting” is influenced by the past. Earlier techniques are modified to create entirely new ones. Styles are refined or embellished to introduce a fresh take. And designs themselves are sometimes inspired by a former era, creating a sentimentality for time gone by. Learn how to add vintage glamour to your modern work with this month’s comprehensive Handy Dandy Guide (p. 18), which explores two of history’s most distinctive art movements. Hearken back to Old Hollywood’s love of the celestial with Magdalena Dec’s “Star pendant” (p. 30). Plus: jewelry doesn’t just accessorize, it also carries political power. Discover how jewelry made a significant statement during the suffragette…

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bead soup

I AM NOT A ROBOT Do you ever struggle with colorways? Imagine how you would struggle, if you were a robot. Here is proof that computers aren’t better than humans at all things. According to the robot Colorschemer (or, should I say, his creator?): “I’m trying to find colors that go well together. I’m probably not very good at it because I’m a robot with no sense of style. (I’m a bot.)” Enjoy postings of color combinations such as hither grass, inapprehensible dusty purple, and yolky deep orange (shown). Other color picks include: nonstick dirty yellow, gaseous cerise, fleecy bland, and overcurious dirt. Despite the names, some are quite lovely. Visit for more from Colorschemer. Looking for more serious color programs? Try,, or for generated color schemes. Some color…

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what’s new?

beads Check out the new Piros par Puca beads. Imagine the designs you can create with these two-hole rectangular beads, featuring holes that sit nearer to one long edge than the other. Offered in a wide variety of colors, ask for them at your favorite bead store. New beads from Beadsmith are here! Available in two different thread-path channels (vertical or horizontal), the Fixers beads are smartly designed to easily hold rivolis in place with the groove in the center. Their 3-hole Bridge beads feature a concave and convex side, making them fun to stack along with seed beads. Fire Mountain Gems has new colors of limited-quantity cultured freshwater pearl strands available at Juice up your summer beading with colors like fruit punch or mulberry, or create a calming effect with colors…

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bead reads

BEADED KUMIHIMO JEWELRY By Rebecca Ann Combs If you love kumihimo, experienced author and teacher Rebecca Ann Combs’ latest book offers plenty of ideas for incorporating beads into your designs. Whether you are new to the technique or have been braiding for years, Rebecca demonstrates plenty of techniques to expand your beaded kumihimo skills using only a simple foam disk. Troubleshooting sections guide you through potential problems with ease, and new ideas for finishing the jewelry, such as peyote-stitched endcap covers, are a nice bonus. Includes 21 gorgeous projects. Kalmbach Media • 978-1-62700-722-1 STONE AND WIRE JEWELRY By Irina Miech This book features a collection of wireworked jewelry projects made to showcase colorful gemstone beads and cabochons. The results? Beautiful, timeless pieces. This book focuses on easy-to-find materials that suit any taste. There are 1–3 design…

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design challenge winners

Iryna Migal ERIN GO BRAUGH: IRELAND FOREVER! Winner • “Lucky Clover Necklace” • This lovely stitched necklace simply uses 11° and 15° seed beads. Linda Wentink EARTHEN Winner • “From the Forest” • The dark green of this turquoise stone is reminiscent of a deep forest. Seed beads used are Miyuki Delicas and Toho rounds. Laura Giusti ERIN GO BRAUGH: IRELAND FOREVER! Winner • “Irish Magic” • Used are Czech beads, Miyuki beads, soutache cord, metallic elements, leather, and patience. Danielle Luczak EARTHEN Reader Choice Winner • “Windswept Turquoise Earrings” • The design incorporates herringbone wire wraps, silver feather charms, and African turquoise beads.…

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enter to win

JULY: PATRIOTIC SALUTE Remember when people gathered together as a community to celebrate special events? In America, people traditionally line streets for 4th of July parades. The event issues a sea of red, white, and blue; flag waving; and processions of tubas and baton twirlers. This month we salute our community — no matter where you live, since we are all in this together! Submit images of your patriotic designs. AUGUST: RAINBOW CONNECTION It’s basic science. A rainbow is a phenomenon caused by sunlight bouncing off rain droplets. So why is a rainbow so magical? This month, we embrace the rainbow and all it reminds us of: ROYGBIV, the color of pride, Bifröst (the burning rainbow bridge in Norse mythology), Dorothy and Toto, or hope after a storm! Get inspired by rainbows, and…