Bead&Button February 2016

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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beading goals for 2016

With the start of a new year comes another chance to set beading resolutions. And we are here to help! Want to learn a new skill? Turn to p. 20 to learn bead single crochet and make Candice Sexton’s gorgeous “Ombré diamonds bracelet.” Or ease into bead embroidery with Meg Mullen’s “Playful pinwheel” pendant (p. 54). Looking for a challenge? Try designing a project using a bead mix, as I did in “Beaded diamonds” (p. 26) or construct a buckle in Donna Sutton’s adorable buckle bracelet (p. 30). Tell us your beading goals for 2016 by emailing me at (use the subject line “goals”) — we’ll see if we can help! In the meantime, play along with our Find the Bead Strand challenge. Send me an email by March 7…

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bead soup

Handy Dandy B&B’s Guide to sizing bracelets 5 tips for the perfect fit! Whether you make them for yourself, friends & family, or a customer, making bracelets to the right size can be a challenge. These five tips will help you create bracelets that fit every time. 1 The law of averages Industry guidelines for average bracelet sizes can be a good starting point if you want to make bracelets to fit a range of people of unknown sizes. If you’re going to sell bracelets at a craft fair or art show, for instance, consider making each style in at least two sizes. Woman’s size Adult small/petite Adult medium Adult large Adult plus Bracelet length 7 in. (18 cm) 7½ –8 in. (19.1–20 cm) 8½ in. (21.6 cm) 9 in. (23 cm) 2 Customize it For the best results, customize your creations based on actual wrist…

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your work

Pod necklace This necklace was created as a collaboration between me and Sharri Moroshok. I made the glass beads and pendants and Sharri beaded around them in her signature freeform peyote technique. You can see more of Sharri’s work and purchase her tutorials at Patricia Larsen Volcano, Hawaii Your Work submissions: We’re always looking for new works of beaded art from our readers! To be considered for publication, send a high-resolution digital image of your work, a description of the piece, and your contact information to If your piece is selected, we will ask you to send it to us to photograph. Mardi Gras In my first attempt at using polymer clay, I made this face cabochon. I’m a big fan of Mardi Gras color combinations, so I chose to frame the face with rivolis…

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bead single crochet

Bead single crochet creates beautiful ropes for necklaces and bracelets. The beads sit at an angle, which visually differentiates this technique from the slightly more common bead slip stitch technique. Bead single crochet techniques Bead stringing • Using a Big Eye needle, string all the beads according to the pattern. The last bead strung will be the first bead you crochet with. Use a ruler or a sticky note to track your progress, and frequently double-check your work to avoid making stringing errors. • If desired, string paper markers between rows to track your progress. • Do not trim the cord from the spool. Chain stitch 1 Make a loop in the cord, crossing the ball end over the tail. Insert the hook in the loop, yarn over the hook (figure 1), and pull through the loop…

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the business of beading tax time!

Taxes are confusing, to put it simply. As vendors, we charge, and pay, taxes — but do we always have to? Most tax questions and answers will come down to whether you are operating as a business or hobby. You’ll want to get it right if you don’t want the taxman to come down on you. The best way to clear up the confusion is to talk to an expert. My accountant, Jori M. Culp, of Smoker, Smith and Associates PC in Hershey, Pennsylvania, helped answer some of the top questions I hear in our creative community. 1 Do I need a sales license? The laws vary by state, so check your state’s website for specifics. Look into two licenses to obtain: a license to be exempt from paying sales tax on…

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beaded diamonds

Bead mixes vary — some contain several shades of the same size bead whereas others, like the one I used, contain beads of several different colors and styles. This bead mix contains three colors of 11º seed beads, four colors of 8º seed beads, one color of 6º seed beads, and two colors of 6 mm bugle beads. For these earrings, you’ll need one color each of 11ºs (seafoam) and 8ºs (gold) and both colors of bugle beads (I used the shiny one as color A and the matte one as color B). You won’t need all the beads in all three packages of the mix, but you’ll probably need all three packs to make sure you have enough of each individual bead. It’s better to have too many than…