Bead&Button February 2017

As the complete beading resource, Bead & Button features innovative and unique projects by top jewelry designers that challenge and inspire readers of all skill levels to learn, grow and excel in their beading. Every project is fully tested for clarity and dependability so that readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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new year, new look

Once a year, the Bead&Button staff does an annual review of the magazine, discussing things we’d like to change, and this year, we decided it was time Bead&Button got a new look. We wanted to create a more relaxing reading experience and a satisfying sense of time well-spent, yet still deliver a valuable amount of content for our committed readers. And so, with this issue, I’m excited to share the results with you! The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is the new logo. It’s fresh, clean, and modern — all the things it ought to be. As you thumb through the issue, you’ll see that the headlines, difficulty ratings, prevailing techniques, and bylines are neatly tucked into a corner, giving more breathing room to the main images. In addition, a…

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WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BEAD? Rainy days are my favorite ‘place’ to bead, the wilder the better. I listen to the rain and wind, light a candle, and lose myself in the color, texture and order of beadwork. Thomasin Alyxanderand her two dogs Penelope and Ruby run Ubeadquitous, a bead store in Windsor, California. When not beading, she enjoys drinking tea and eating chocolate with her nose in a book, and is the author of 26 Quickstitched Elements: Endless Jewelry Possibilities. Website: Email: My favorite place to bead is with my beading friends. Most of my creative time is spent alone in my studio, so I like to schedule beading get togethers with my creative friends. They are a diverse group of talent and interests which encourages discussions that inspire…

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bead soup

WHAT’S HAPPENING The Racine Art Museum in Racine, Wisconsin, presents Made in Mexico: Contemporary Jewelers with Mexican Heritage. The show features the work of three artists — Lorena Angulo, Jorge Manilla, and Georgina Trevñio — who use a variety of nonprecious materials to explore their heritage while creating contemporary art jewelry. Through February 5, 2017. Visit for additional information. 2017 Rocky Mountain Bead Bazaar Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Bead Society, the Bead Bazaar will be held April 29–30 in Denver, Colorado. Visit for class and vendor information. TUCSON GEM & MINERAL SHOWS The annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows start this month. There are many shows going on throughout the area (more than 45!), with many selling beads and gemstones. If you’re near Tucson, Arizona, around late January through early February,…

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bead reads

Learn to Use Two-Hole Beads By Teresa Morse Two-hole beads have been out for many years now with new styles being released all the time. If you’ve wanted to try them but didn’t know where to start, Teresa’s book is the one you’re looking for. Her thorough explanation of the basics, along with a guide to choosing your colors, and instructions for a twohole bead bail and toggle clasp will get you started. The book includes more than twenty projects for beginner to intermediate beaders, and features detailed instructions, easy-to-read illustrations, and helpful photos. Join the two-hole bead craze, and make some beautiful jewelry with Teresa’s help. ISBN: 978-1-62700-375-9 Micro-Macramé Jewelry: Stylish designs for everyday wear By Kelsy Eason Discover macramé jewelry with this wonderful book by Kelsy Eason. Kelsy teaches you seven core knots…

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embr ace color

1 Fairy I made this cute little fairy ornament in bright, cheerful colors to brighten the spirits of all who see her. She is stitched in a combination of peyote, ladder stitch, and netting. Randy Wilson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Contact Randy in care of Bead&Button. 2 Argyle Inspired by the crisscross patterns on argyle sweaters and socks, these beaded beads are made with a variation of right-angle weave. I start with a basic bead and then add an overlay of seed beads to make the octahedral elements. The small beads are made with 110 seed beads and 2 mm pearls whereas the larger beads incorporate QuadraTiles. I also make cubes and dodecahedrons with the same method. Justine Gage, Surrey, 3 Mask Having been to Venice twice and coming back empty-handed, I decided to make…

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leather chevron bracelets

The key to making this bracelet work is using beads, rings, and leather cording in the correct proportions. this simple design has been shared online and in classes for several years. It’s a great example of a design that hearkens back to days at summer camp but has been updated and up-scaled to reflect a more sophisticated sensibility. The many choices of bead styles, colors, leather cords, and rings make it a design that appeals to many tastes. A single wrap bracelet requires about 30 in. (76 cm) of leather; a double wrap requires 45 in. (1.1 m); and a triple wrap uses 60 in. (1.5 m). To make this easy bracelet, center a button on a length of leather, and tie an overhand knot with both cords to secure it.…