Better Homes and Gardens March 2019

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what’s next?

How do you respond to trends? Are you someone who eagerly hops on every new fad that comes into town? Maybe you are that person who waits and watches to see what sticks and eventually becomes a classic. Or are you more of a traditionalist who finds the twists and turns of keeping up exhausting? Being up-to-date is a goal for some and a big fat eye roll for others. Being dubbed trendy or a trendoid isn’t usually meant as a compliment. Being called stylish and fashionable is. But trends serve a purpose. They move things forward, coalescing when a majority of people start to notice then desire something. In our magazine we generally don’t cover trends that are particularly life-changing. They tend to be a little more surface. But they are…

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CLEAN LIKE A PRO Our dos and don’ts show you the best ways to refresh every room in the house. Learn how to deep-clean carpets, polish furniture, and wash windows so they’re streak-free. Download our checklist to make sure you cover every nook and cranny. St. Patrick’s Day Sweets Celebrate over treats that are Irish-inspired or simply green. Either way, these festive desserts are extra indulgent. Whip up our Jelly Bean Shamrock Cake with the kids. Or enjoy adults-only Chocolate Mojito Cupcakes—with Irish cream to really get in the spirit. [SWEEPSTAKES] Win $25,000 to create a dream backyard retreat. Enter for a chance to win at Details on page 113. [SPECIAL BH&G OFFER] Bushel & Berry Baby Cakes Want to get into growing your own food but don’t have much outdoor space? This compact blackberry bush…

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bh&g 2019 trend report

Even if you don’t consider yourself a trend-follower, trends have a way of becoming a part of everyone’s lives. Seeing thousands of new products, color introductions, and real people’s homes every year gives us a front-row seat to the parade of fads, trends, and classics. Some of them stick around (botanicals forever) and some make a repeat performance. (Yes, the ’70s are back.) We’ve narrowed our list to 22 ideas and products that make homes beautiful, meals interesting, and lives healthy—the stuff that makes all of us happy.…

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effervescent iridescence

After the warm, serene rose gold trend, we’re ready for light and lustrous. Iridescence is the science behind the sheen of peacock feathers, abalone shells, and bubbles. It’s the reason we can’t get enough of these shimmery finds. BOWLS Better Homes & Gardens Collection® Luster Acrylic, $2 (6") and $10 (10"); SCISSORS $15; CARD CASE IdentityCase, $7, PAPERCLIPS $6 (12), and COASTERS $25 (four), all in Glimmer; GLASSES Lustre Old Fashioned, $28 (four); FLATWARE Beta, $108 (12-piece set); BOX Luxe Sovereign by Lund London, $80 (8×8×4 cm); OCTAGONAL PAPER PLATE Iridescent Side Plates, $8 (eight); ROUND PAPER PLATE Small Iridescent Plates by Oh Happy Day, $6 (eight); TAPE Disco Tape, $10 (six rolls); FLASK Fancy That Gem Flask, $25;…

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curvy sofas

Trend madness Download our bracket at and pick a favorite from the year’s top trends. PHOTO: (ROOM) GRAHAM ATKINS-HUGHES; MARKET EDITOR: FRANCES BAILEY…

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cottage cheese

For the past two decades, yogurt (with its protein, good bacteria, and trendy flavors) has been the star of the dairy case. But lately, cottage cheese has been bucking its outdated image and edging its way back onto shelves and into our hearts. Making high-quality cottage cheese is a time- and water-intensive process, which has prevented many producers from going all-in on curds and whey. Luckily, both big producers and small-batch makers—Muuna and Cowgirl Creamery, to name two—are expanding their cottage cheese offerings. With its resurgence, cottage cheese can be found in single-serve packaging, in new flavors, and with added probiotics. We’re perfectly content to eat cottage cheese plain, topped with fruit, or with tomato and a grind of black pepper, but we find ourselves gravitating to the latest spin…