Better Homes and Gardens June 2019

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editor’s letter

LOOK UP As I write this, it’s the first warm day of spring (we work three months in advance in the magazine business), and it’s safe to say, this is finally the weekend you want to be outside all day. My Des Moines neighbors, who, like me, have been hibernating all winter, have come out of their houses to rake and clear up from the deep snow mounds and ice slicks that lingered in the shade until a couple of weeks ago. The kids next door reenact Minecraft (I think) with shrieks of battle and faux injury. There’s the sound of a lawn mower—even though I don’t think the grass is high enough to cut— and I’m truly beginning to feel the promise of summer. It’s hard to laze away the weekend…

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QUICK FIXES, BIG IMPACT Our weekend projects will help you refresh your home inside and out. Check out big DIYs like building furniture and small ones that take only a couple of hours like updating art and accessories. [SPECIAL BH&G OFFER] Hummingbird Garden Attract the tiniest, most adorable birds to your yard with our collection of nectar-rich perennials. You’ll get 15 full-sun plants, including heuchera, columbine, penstemon, phlox, salvia, and two types of bee balm, plus a planting plan designed to cover 30 square feet. Then sit back and enjoy the pink, purple, and vibrant blue flowers and the birds they bring. Order the Long-Season Hummingbird Garden from White Flower Farm at or call 800/420-2852. Mention item MM081382 and code BHS07. The cost for your 15 plants is $99, plus shipping. Each plant…

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obsessed with juicy fruits

Punchy, graphic, and a little bit nostalgic, these pieces reflect everything summer should be: sunny, playful, and—especially in the case of melamine and paper plates—carefree. They fit right in at backyard BBQs, but we love the bursts of color and whimsy they bring indoors too.…

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find your skin’s balance

Bacteria live in your pores and every layer of skin. Some bacteria are bad, like the ones that contribute to acne. But there are also good bacteria that help take care of your skin. Like therapists for your complexion, “These bacteria keep our skin cells calm and happy,” says Whitney Bowe, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City and the author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin. Tasked with keeping skin moisturized, stimulating collagen production, and defending against infections, good bacteria are essential for maintaining plump, healthy skin. So where can things go wrong? Anything that removes bacteria—harsh cleansers, frequent exfoliation, or antibacterial ingredients—leads to imbalance in the many strains present in skin. In fact, our hygiene habits often hurt the more delicate good bacteria and spare the hardier bad bacteria.…

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let’s get physical

ASK A DERM HOW DOES PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN WORK? Physical formulas contain either zinc oxide by itself or combined with titanium dioxide. These mineral blockers sit on your skin to deflect UV light, says NYC-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D. WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO APPLY IT? Mineral formulas may require more blending (compared to a transparent chemical sunscreen), so Zeichner recommends a connect-the-dots method. Apply small dots on exposed skin. Rub the dots together to connect them and evenly cover your skin.…

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keep your cool: summer-proof makeup

GLOSSY LIPS Fruit punch shades are spot-on for the season, and the nonsticky finish makes this formula a warm-weather staple. TRY Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip in Main Squeeze, Mango Mood, and Peach & Quiet, $26 each; MATTE COVER Makeup with built-in mattifying properties is a must for oily skin or even only your T-zone. TRY Mary Kay TimeWise Matte 3D Foundation, $25; WATERPROOF MASCARA Why the bendy wand, you ask. It’s easier to lift and coat all your lashes at an angle. TRY L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Waterproof Mascara, $13; CREAM SHADOW Swipe on a cream shadow (smudge-resistant, of course). Even a bold shade looks soft when blurred over the lid and not competing with intense eyeliner, Vo says. TRY Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow in Lunar Disco, Golden Vibes, and Cupid Glaze, $7 each; BRIGHTENING PRIMER Makeup primer helps foundation last longer. Because…