Better Homes and Gardens August 2019

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editor’s letter

A GENTLE PLEA FOR CHAOS I BEGAN TO GARDEN as gardeners often do, by chance. In my mid-20s I found myself lucky enough to have a space to garden on a rooftop eight floors up in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. A penthouse apartment may sound incredibly fancy and out of reach, but back then the far-west part of Chelsea was not yet gentrified, and apartments, especially this tiny one-bedroom, were still reasonable for my entry-level salary. Being both a garden neophyte and budget-conscious, I started small with a few window boxes of herbs. Over the next 16 years I went a little crazy with my plant buying. I bought pots, lots of pots, then larger pots, then planter boxes. I filled them with roses, clematis, and even trees. By the…

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CORNHOLE BOARDS FAMILY DIY PROJECT Bring the party to backyard gatherings and grill-outs with these easy-to-make boards. After you build them, paint your boards like ours or personalize them with your team’s colors or to match your patio furniture. [SWEEPSTAKES] Win $10,000 to refresh your home with color. Enter at for a chance to win. Details on page 121. How to Pressure-Can TOOLS, INFO & RECIPES Everything you need to know to safely use a pressure canner so you can preserve delicious summer produce or bottle up recipes like curried corn and chicken chowder. [SPECIAL BH&G OFFER] Fragrant Peony Trio Peonies are known for the lush, romantic ruffles they bring to a garden, but the ones in our collection—‘Duchesse de Nemours’, ‘Dr. Alexander Fleming’, and ‘Command Performance’—also have a heady, sweet to spicy scent as impressive as their looks. Blooms…

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obsessed with stylish pet gear

You’ve got style, so your pets should too. Fashion-forward gear means their things will fit right in with yours. (Now you can skip hiding toys and beds in a closet when guests come over.) No matter if your taste leans colorful, neutral, or preppy, you’ll find gear all of you will love. Go ahead—spoil them. Bright & Graphic This is Willie, a Lab-terrier mix. His human favors playful colors and punchy patterns. ▪ WALLPAPER Puppy Pile, $40 per 2'×4' peel-and-stick removable panel; ▪ BANDANAS Ollie in Pink and Blue, $29 each; ▪ PET BOWLS (from top) Petshop Pawleeze and BFF Dogs, $15 each; Blue Dot, from $24; ▪ TOYS Striped Boiled Wool Balls, from $8 each; Playful Color Vibrant oranges, pinks, and greens enliven your home and your pet’s…

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your guide to scalp health

1 CLEANSE REGULARLY Shampooing is the first step to a healthy scalp. Skipping it allows oil, dirt, and product residue to accumulate on the scalp where it can spur inflammation, says Melissa Piliang, M.D., a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Every one to three days is ideal for most people, although people with textured or coarse hair can go up to a week between washes because their scalps tend to be drier. Choose a moisturizing, sulfate-free formula to cleanse without stripping. If you notice flakes, Piliang says to sub in a shampoo with zinc pyrithione until they subside. Our pick: Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Daily Shampoo, $6; 2 START YOUR ROUTINE Just like your face, your scalp can become irritated, especially if it’s predisposed to oiliness, sensitivity, or dandruff. An inflamed…

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crushing on coral

Coral is having a well-deserved moment in the sun. Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, this spirited hue straddles the line between pink and orange and warms everything it touches with its inherent optimism. Use it to infuse a space with joy and enthusiasm. “CORAL IS SUCH A VIBRANT and energizing color,” says Nancy Ramirez, the artist behind the online art shop Cozamia. “It feels feminine and strong—a little intense but in a good way.” In her living room, above, coral spotlights her own artwork and the white mantel. “Coral makes the space warm and welcoming,” she says. As the light fades, she says, the color becomes more muted and morphs into a deeper orange tone. Plants, wood finishes, and neutral colors on adjacent walls and furniture balance the boldness. IN LIVING…

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the exterior

AS TOLD TO KATHY BARNES; BEFORE PHOTOS: LAURA HULL; STYLING: LIZ STRONG PHOTOS DAVID TSAY When I found this rundown bungalow in the artsy neighborhood of Silver Lake, it was just what I was hoping for: something so ugly that it would scare off everyone but me. As a newly divorced single mom, I needed a deal; as a designer, I could see past its shabby facade. Plus, it had a flat lot with plenty of room for my son, Benicio, to run and play, and that’s tough to find in this hilly neighborhood. My vision was to freshen the Craftsman house with a modern farmhouse twist, but I didn’t want it to look brand-new even though the place needed an extensive renovation. I decided to live here for two months before…