Better Homes and Gardens September 2019

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editor’s letter

ALL IN GOOD ORDER At first I resisted Marie Kondo. Last January when millions of people were inspired by her Netflix surprise hit, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, to purge their wardrobes, tackle their komono, and fold their underwear in a new way, I was happily curled up under a blanket watching some other streaming show. My problem wasn’t Marie, who seems perfectly lovely. The truth is: I really don’t like organizing—or more accurately, I am almost completely uninterested in it. I know many people who love organizing. (Hello to our home editor Amy Panos!) They almost fetishize the concept of tackling a junk drawer or positioning every item in a pantry to be available at a glance. I myself like things to be tidy but will never be the first one…

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MEET OUR STYLEMAKERS Follow BH&G’s Instagram and Facebook feeds for exclusive videos and interviews with our featured designers and celebrities like Marie Kondo, left, and Bobby Berk. #BHGSTYLEMAKER Use our hashtag to stay up to date and join the conversation! AT HOME DAILY Now you can listen to our newest gardening, health, and decorating content on the go with BH&G audio episodes. Tell Alexa or Google Home to play At Home Daily or access it via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. [EXCLUSIVE BH&G OFFER] Easy-Care Houseplants Take your house from well decorated to stylemaker status with this collection of sculptural, low-maintenance houseplants. Choose your favorite from Lady Palm, ‘Black Coral’ Snake Plant, and Split-Leaf Philodendron (left to right), or order all three and save $15. They all ship in lined 12×11-inch woven baskets. Order online at or…

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obsessed with primary colors

The building blocks of the color wheel—red, yellow, and blue—are anything but elementary. Each is energetic on its own, but when combined this trio is color-theory magic. Bold yet balanced, the combo that inspired abstract artists and midcentury designers is now inspiring a new generation of trendsetters. MILES REDD Tells All This interior designer is known for his masterful use of color and pattern. (Leopard is a neutral in his opinion.) Recently he mined the primary palette in a room, left, for the Design on a Dime benefit in New York. His advice on incorporating these colors into a room: EMBRACE THE BOLD Don’t try to play down these colors; their very strength is what makes them work. “It’s odd to think of them as adaptable, but one of them will always work in…

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love your hairstyle

DEFINED CURLS Want to keep your natural curls luscious and frizz-free? Lock in moisture at every step, starting in the shower when your hair is still wet, says hairstylist Dickey, who has styled Rihanna’s and Michelle Obama’s hair. STEP 1 After using a suds-free shampoo or co-washing (cleansing with conditioner), work a quarter-size dollop of a leave-in conditioner designed for coarse texture from roots to ends. On short or fine curls, use a dime-size drop. Try The Good Stuff Intensive Nourishment Cream ($8; STEP 2 Use the same roots-to-tips move with a lightweight serum, such as Moroccanoil Treatment ($44; Then apply a curl cream for textured hair. Try Hair Rules Curly Whip ($32; STEP 3 Gently squeeze water out of the ends of the hair with a paper towel or old…

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nailed it!

SLIDE THE HANDLE ONTO THE TOP OF A BOTTLE and rest your thumb on the flat side. The ergonomic shape improves DIY painting, especially when using your nondominant hand. [ASK A BEAUTY GURU] DIY ART “Adding an accent nail (or two) is an easy way to perk up a mani. Paint three or four nails one color, saving your middle or ring finger for the accent—glitter, a tonal variation, a simple moon shape, or even a stud.”ELEANOR LANGSTON, FOUNDER ANDCCO OF THE NYC NAIL STUDIO PAINTBOX BY: ERICA METZGER; PHOTOS: (HANDS) FRAUKE FISCHER/AUGUST IMAGES, (PORTRAIT) JENNIFER TRAHAN…

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bold accents

For color-lovers who can’t help using all the crayons in the box, a saturated gray like the one on the walls of interior designer Rayman Boozer’s apartment is an ideal backdrop. “Gray is the new white,” Boozer says. It’s a neutral foundation that envelops a room, giving it a hint of drama while balancing a kaleidoscope of accent colors. Interior designer Rayman Boozer’s New York City apartment is his home and studio, so it has to be a welcoming, inspiring space for him, his team, and clients of his firm, Apartment 48. The colors he chose for the large surfaces are integral to maintaining a calm yet creative feel. “One of the tricks I use is for the sofas, walls, and curtains to be neutral,” he says. “Then I add pillows…