Better Homes and Gardens April 2020

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editor’s letter

FEELING COLOR I was in Los Angeles recently and noticed millennial pink is still everywhere. This signature color, something like a sun-warmed dawn, emerged a few years ago as a particular pink tinged with peach that’s popular with hip clothing stores, gift shops, and restaurants. It’s so popular that it has almost become a cliché. But I love it. You know why? It makes me happy. Like many people, I really respond to color. I actually feel certain shades viscerally. I can’t help but be optimistic around the bright, clear blue of chicory flowers; a summer sky; or a tropical ocean. There’s a certain old-fashioned shade of lavender tinged with blue that I favor. It’s the color of a lilac sweet pea aging to blue, or maybe wisteria. (You can see I…

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BREAKFAST FOR A CROWD Make it, then bake it. Our best breakfast casseroles let you roll out of bed, pop a dish in the oven, and have a meal ready in no time. Our favorites come savory, sweet, spicy, and always indulgent. Curb Appeal Boost Painting the front door is one of the most effective ways to instantly refresh your exterior. We show you all the tricks for getting this weekend project done right. HOW TO PAINT YOUR DOOR Click here to watch our video. IS YOUR YARD A WINNER? Our second annual America’s Best Front Yard contest is coming. Between April 6 and May 15, share a photo of your front yard on Instagram or Twitter tagged with #BHGBestFrontYardContest for a chance to win $5,000 and have your yard featured in BH&G. Check…

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color outside the lines

EYE CANDY Some of the little ways we’re bringing color into our lives. COLOR WHEEL PLATES My favorites for a casual party, these paper plates ($7 for eight; take me back to the color wheel lessons I had in art school. —JESSICA THOMAS, style & design director PLAYING CARDS My family is all about card games these days. With this rainbow deck ($13;, even a losing hand is nice to look at. —MIRANDA CROWELL, West Coast editor INSTA IDEAS Rit Dye’s Instagram feed (@ritdye) is so vibrant and full of color inspiration—even if you’re not planning to dye anything. —LAUREN HEDRICK, associate home editor THROWBACK WHAT SEASON ARE YOU? That was the big question in 1980, when this best seller helped the color-curious figure out whether they were a winter, spring, summer, or fall based on eyes, hair,…

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crafts closet

1. BRIGHTER OUTLOOK Grace and Jen whitewashed the dark wood walls and ceiling, brightening the small space but leaving rustic texture. 2. BETTER BLUEPRINT Grace didn’t limit herself to traditional closet organizers or layouts. She fit cubes (Kallax; along a side wall and stretched storage to the ceiling by hanging a mix of adaptable pieces, including shelves and a vintage accordion peg rack. 3. EASIER ACCESS Color-coordinated collections of fabrics, trims, and papers are in view. Lidded containers hold small items and the inevitable hodgepodge of crafting. 4. STYLE POINTS Brass hardware and woven baskets give the space polish. “When you don’t have a big budget, you become very resourceful. I taught myself how to sew, do electrical projects, and reupholster furniture.”GRACE MITCHELL, designer BY: KATY KIICK CONDON; STYLING: JESSICA THOMAS…

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walk a mile

THE MISSION A people company that happens to make shoes. That’s how founder Dan Fowler describes Reunion. Started in 2017, it provides jobs backed with social services to New Orleanians building new lives after homelessness. HOW IT WORKS Jobs at Reunion provide more than a paycheck. Every week, employees gather for a huddle to set goals like maintaining permanent housing or going back to school. The artisans are then linked to social workers and free counseling to help them take action toward their goals. BEHIND THE LOOK Each Reunion shoe gets a free-form splatter paint job, a method Dan perfected when a friend’s ministry needed to upcycle a donation of 1,000 bright orange prison shoes. The speedy Pollock-inspired technique stuck. “We created Reunion to supply good jobs for people who need them but have a hard…

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on the dot

1. SPOTTY NAPKINS As festive as confetti. $7 for 20; 2. BH&G COLLECTION® POLKA DOTS CEREAL BOWLS Irregular dots go glam with a spot of bling. $10 for set of four; 3. WHITE DOTS LAPIS BLUE FLATWARE Dishwasher-safe resin in versatile blue and white. $86 for five-piece set; 4. TOKYO GIRL NOTEBOOK Classic menswear pocket squares inspired this use of tiny dots. $13 (medium), $16 (large); 5. POLKA DOTS RUG A stylish and washable upgrade for high-traffic areas. $200 (4'×5'3"); 6. KLARASTINA CUSHION COVER The dot goes overscale in timeless black and white. $6; 7. STYLISH CHIC PINK-AND-GOLD THROW PILLOW Golden dots take millennial pink up a notch. $40; 8. DECO DOT TEA KETTLE A retro-inspired take on the trend. $50; PHOTOS: (NAPKINS, BOWLS, NOTEBOOKS) CARSON DOWNING, (FLATWARE, RUG) MARTY BALDWIN, (ROOM) KARA ROSENLUND, COURTESY OF HALCYON HOUSE;…