Better Homes and Gardens December 2020

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editor's letter

Connection Points As I write this editor’s letter in early October, it’s impossible to know what the world will be like during the holidays. What will happen with the election? What will change with COVID or the economy? The one thing I know for certain is that in the upcoming weeks I will be working hard to figure out ways to connect with loved ones more than I ever have before. It’s been a summer marked by making do and compromises we would have deemed unthinkable a year ago. For me, indoor dinner parties with friends and meeting folks at restaurants have been off the table (no pun intended), but we’ve enjoyed meeting up for socially distant weekend or evening picnics in one of my city’s beautiful parks. In fact, those gatherings…

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How to Tie a Classic Bow Make each present a showstopper with a pro-level ribbon bow you tie in four easy steps. Click here for our quick video tutorial. LET’S BRUNCH Hearty and packed with flavor, these egg-based casseroles will satisfy a crowd with minimal prep. Make any of our 34 favorites ahead of time, then pop them in the oven as needed to feed holiday guests. [EXCLUSIVE BH&G OFFER] ‘Samba’ Amaryllis Add festive color to a room with a vibrant red-and-white amaryllis shipped to you in a handsome woven basket. Each bulb produces two flower stalks that grow to 18"–24" inches tall and unfurl with delicately ruffled blooms in eight to 10 weeks. Display as a centerpiece, spruce up a side table, or gift it to someone special. Order the ‘Samba’ amaryllis from White…

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the bh&g 2020 gift guide

Cook Spending time in the kitchen looks as much like a science experiment or performance art as meal duty these days. For friends who relish this new normal, these gifts will cultivate their passions. Play When indoor activity is the name of the game, go for high entertainment value with gifts to play tunes, cards, or fetch; to solve puzzles on a tabletop or paper; and even to make handwashing fun. Update No doubt someone on your list would appreciate the lift that comes from familiar items taken up a notch. Score points for style and originality by elevating their everyday. Relax Give someone special permission to break their practical at-home routine—but not break a sweat—with a gift that says, Check the clock; it’s me time. Make The beauty of a creativity kit is its potential. By giving a…

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beauty sleep routine

While you’re dreaming, your skin is busy recovering from a day of sunshine, pollution, and stress. “Nighttime is when our skin is repairing itself,” says Shari Marchbein, M.D., a dermatologist in NYC. A thoughtful skincare routine with p.m. products (like the ones shown here) maximizes the benefits of this well-deserved downtime. “You have good absorption of products at nighttime, which is why using the right ingredients is so important,” she says. Turn the page to learn about the key products and steps derms recommend. EVENING ESSENTIALS 1 Slather lips with a rich balm like Eos the Hero Extra Dry Lip Treatment. $4; 2 Hydrate with an oil like RMS Beauty Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir. $42; 3 Olay Retinol24 Max Night Serum $33; 4 Tatcha the Rice Wash cleanses with rice powder, a…

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erica explores subtly smoky eyes

I may be wearing less lipstick and foundation these days, but I’m having more fun with eye makeup. One recent discovery: A smoky-eye look that’s spot-on for a holiday party and is great for a Zoom or when the rest of my face is hidden by a mask. These simplified steps from Jason Hoffman, global beauty director of Laura Mercier, make it easy to add a little smolder. The secret is layering a dark liner under a neutral shadow. Erica Metzger, Beauty & Fashion Director Instagram @embeautycoach STEP ONE Sketch the outer corners of your eyes with a kohl or cream eyeliner pencil in a deep plum or navy. (You want a liner that’s not waterproof.) “Starting with a dark base gives extra depth and intensity to any shadow you apply on top,” Jason says. STEP…

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plaid tidings

Plaids of every stripe herald the arrival of Christmas in blogger Lucy Akins’ Toronto home, where inspired scenes begin at the front steps and flow through every room. To set a festive welcome, Lucy wraps the doorway in real cedar garland and inexpensive wire-edge ribbon and hangs faux magnolia-and-fir wreaths on the doors. But it’s her English shepherd Brody’s plaid bandanna that hints at what’s to come inside. “I love the classic look of plaids. I choose similar colors but different sizes for a more interesting look.”LUCY AKINS It all starts with a vision, a daydream of sorts. “I prepare a scene in my mind and then try to replicate it in real life,” says Lucy Akins, the blogger behind Craftberry Bush, a budget-friendly, DIY decor site. With a green tartan throw…