Better Homes and Gardens January 2021

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editor’s letter

PROBLEM-SOLVING There are always going to be issues to deal with—but 2020 gave us a lot of them. My brain has been taking refuge in more immediately fixable problems instead of the long-range uncertainties we’ve all been navigating. And you seem to feel the same. Our readers tell us they’ve been paying extra-close attention to something they can control—perfecting their home spaces. This past weekend, I roasted a chicken one day and made stock the next, tackled a closet, and reorganized the bathroom toiletries. And normally I’m not a neatnik. Each of these tasks, however, felt like an accomplishment—like I was finally in control. That’s what this, our second annual Q&A issue, is all about. Instead of us doing the normal January, “New Year, New You” magazine, where we tell you what…

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STORAGE GOALS Level up your storage game for the new year. We break down the most common storage mistakes, including overstuffing shelves and using only one type of container, and how to fix them. DIY Spice Organizer Cook without chaos. Our quick weekend project guides you through sorting and storing herbs and spices so they’re clearly visible. Click here for our how-to video. Healthier Desserts These 13 indulgent treats weigh in under 250 calories and are sneakily nutritious. Dig into a flavonoid-rich dark chocolate option or these pumpkin empanadas packed with immune-boosting vitamins A and C. [SPECIAL READER OFFER] Travel + Leisure Luggage Travel in style with gear designed by leading luggage brand Travelpro in collaboration with the travel experts at Travel + Leisure®. The nine-piece collection contains four hard-sided suitcases and five soft companion…

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you asked, we answered

Last year we introduced our first reader Q&A issue, answering some of the most common questions we get from readers about home design, cooking, gardening, health, and beauty. Since then the questions have kept flooding in. So we’re making it an annual event. In this issue, our editors and go-to experts aim to help you solve a whole new slew of problems. Don’t see your question in this issue? Send it to the editors at, and we might answer it in a future issue. "Outfitting My House on a Budget: Where to Splurge, Where to Save?" MAUREEN GREELEY Olympia, WA A Splurge on foundation items and things you touch every day, says designer Elaine Griffin, like a sofa, mattresses, and bedding. Save on items reflecting trends: lamps, pillows, area rugs. "What Are Some…

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set the scene for video calls

"I Want a Great Background in My Video Chats. How Do I Arrange That in My Home?" GAYLA BYERLY Denton, TX Video meetings and virtual social hours aren’t going anywhere, so it’s worth investing a little time in adjusting your setup. “People can see your entire background,” says Mikel Welch, an interior designer and TV personality. “And your coworkers are probably a little nosy, so I treat my setup like selling a home: Keep it simple. You want people listening to the words coming out of your mouth.” STARTING POINT A space with good lighting is essential, and natural light is best. Arrange your desk so there’s a window (or decent artificial light) in front or to the side of your face, never behind you where the light will silhouette you in…

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color-forward storage

"How Can I Update Our Laundry Room Cabinets? We Don’t Use Them to Their Full Potential, and the Doors Are Awful." JANICE, Bountiful, UT “Form leads, but don’t forget the fun,” says Minneapolis interior designer Lucy Penfield. Her clients wanted to turn their dark basement laundry area into a happy-looking, well-functioning space. “So we added color as a pick-me-up for this everyday chore.” 1 COLOR BLOCKS Painting cabinet shelves crisp white immediately brightened the room. Mango and watermelon on the wall above the washer and on cabinet backs further lifted the mood. 2 OPEN SHELVES Penfield popped the doors off the upper cabinets to ease getting at supplies. “Grab the detergent or spot cleaner, and off you go,“ she says. 3 HIDDEN STORAGE A vibrantly patterned curtain plays up the energetic color scheme and hides clothes hanging to…

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organize your days

ALL IN ORDER This month our staff’s best tricks for staying organized include a scheduling method that is a work of art. “I write appointments, vacation days, and photo shoot dates on washi tape that I stick on my calendar. I color-code by type of event to make it easier to read at a glance. And because washi tape is easily repositionable, I can move appointments whenever my schedule changes.”–CHRISTY BROKENS, art director Favorite Things PLAN ON IT At BH&G we all have different (and strongly held) opinions about what makes an ideal planner. For Executive Editor Oma Ford, a week-at-a-glance desk planner cuts through the digital clutter. “I’m totally dependent on my electronic calendar, but a minimalist paper planner allows me to see important to-dos for the week at a glance,” she says. Creative…