Better Homes and Gardens June 2021

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editor’s letter

BEST-LAID PLANS If you’re like me, after the past year all you want to do this summer is be outside as much as humanly possible. I mean, I will sleep indoors, but otherwise I might just transfer most of my cooking, eating, and working out to the yard. I love relaxing outdoors in a hammock, but the main thing that gets me outside has always been gardening. As a kid, I hated most of my assigned chores, but I would gladly help my dad plant vegetables and feed the roses. I’m never happier than with my hands in the dirt and my bare feet drenched by a watering hose. Gardening is like a meditation to me. It gets me out of my head and out of the house. As of March, when…

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GROW BETTER Raised beds offer easier accessibility, improved drainage, and more control over soil composition. But some common mistakes can mean you won’t get the full potential from a bed. Our guide covers pitfalls to avoid. Celebrate Juneteenth Join millions of Americans across the country on June 19 to celebrate the oldest U.S. holiday commemorating the end of slavery. Learn about the history of the holiday and the traditions that make it so meaningful. GRILL CLEANING 101 We tapped our BH&G Test Kitchen crew for their top cleaning tips so you can get the best results from your grill and ace the backyard BBQ. Learn strategies for keeping your charcoal or gas grill, smoker, and tools in optimal shape. [SWEEPSTAKES] Win a Mower Make mowing a breeze. Enter for a chance to win the John…

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set your summer table

Here comes the sun—thank goodness!—and with it, an easy excuse to throw open the doors and dine outside. We’re committed to making the most of this outdoor-living season, and that includes giving the patio table a stylish refresh. We’ve rounded up four mini collections of chic outdoor tableware durable enough to handle a little chaos. If these colorful enamel pieces aren’t your style, turn the page to find a look that plays up your personality. Bold & Confident These modern enameled dishes are striking in numbers, but even one makes a statement. Clockwise from top left: Striped Enamel Bowl in Teal, $25; Colorblock Napkins $40 for six; Splatterware Catalina in Bermuda Buttercup Coupe Salad Plate, $17, and Cereal Bowl, $13; and Two-Tone Colorama Collection by Bornn, $14–$37 each; Flashback…

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our picks for easy summer living

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE “I’ve become a hammock person. Suspended between two oak trees with a good book and slight breeze is my new favorite summer thing. My hammock of choice: Brisa ($90; It’s super roomy, weather-resistant, and has a multicord design (read: distributes weight so it doesn’t sag or bunch up in the middle).” —DIANA DICKINSON, features editor, and FRANK, Jack Russell terrier A drink dispenser is a must for small gatherings. It takes the work off the host and helps everyone stay distant and fill their own glasses.-JESSICA THOMAS, style director SOAKING UP SUMMER HYDRATION STATION Until you’re ready to bust it out for a party, use a handy glass dispenser to meet your daily water intake goals. Drop in slices of citrus, fruit, and some herbs like mint or basil for a little…

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bright monochrome

1 FIND A STARTING FABRIC Stephanie Hunt of Flairhunter interior design begins with a hero fabric as a jumping-off point. Here it was the curtain fabric (Raoul Textiles Chunari in Fuchsia), which has just enough pattern to inject some texture and break up the blocks of color. 2 INTRODUCE A RANGE Hunt establishes a collected look by mixing shades and hues in the same color family (like these blushes, hot pinks, and fuchsias). “Having some colors feel unexpected—not perfect matches—helps a space feel timeless, as if it were assembled over years,” Hunt says. 3 PRACTICE PATTERN BALANCE he tone-on-tone patterns on the walls and curtains are subtle, so Hunt went bold in other places. The corner chair wears cut velvet with graphic circles. The tight patchwork of the floral painting adds rhythm and movement. “Layers…

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sunny days ahead

Mineral. Chemical. Broad-spectrum. Oh my! If you find shopping for a sunscreen a little confusing, you’re not alone. A Northwestern University study found that only 43 percent of people surveyed fully grasped the definition of SPF. Only 7 percent knew what to look for on a label if they were seeking a sunscreen that would help prevent the signs of aging. Ready to boost your sun smarts? Turn the page to learn how to get the protection you need and the ingredients you want—no Ph.D. required. OUR PICKS Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60+ provides hydrating chemical protection that’s undetectable on all skin tones. $17; Slather on water-resistant Banana Boat Sport Mineral Lotion SPF 50+ before you take a dip. $8; Cover even hard-to-reach spots with Bare…