Better Homes and Gardens September 2021

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editor’s letter

KEEPING UP Hear the phrase “Keep up!” and it immediately feels stressful, maybe for me because of childhood memories of lagging behind my parents as they rushed somewhere. As an adult, I get a nagging sense that perhaps I’m not as on top of things as I could be. But keeping up when applied to the importance of contemplating trends, as we do this month in our annual trend issue, can be a positive and rewarding thing. There’s a big benefit to saying yes to new ideas and styles—I firmly believe it keeps us vital, and our BH&G editors feel the same. We always want to keep track of the flow of new colors, fashions, decor concepts, and innovations that enhance our homes and lives, and share them with our readers. But trends…

1 min what’s trending online

OUTDOOR TRENDS Outdoor spaces are getting an upgrade with smarter technology, indoor conveniences, and more spots to socialize. Learn how you can adopt this year’s biggest trends in your yard. Make It Hot (sauce) Have a surplus of peppers? Turn them into delicious hot sauces in time for end-of-summer BBQs and canning season. Find out which peppers work best for tangy dips, sweet chili sauces, and classic sriracha. Frosty S’mores Bar We’ve taken the classic campfire treat and turned it into an irresistible ice cream bar with a crunchy graham cracker and almond crust. Layers of chocolate-almond and salted caramel ice cream give it a sweet-salty boost—topped with chocolate and marshmallows, of course. Click here to watch our video tutorial for this recipe. [SWEEPSTAKES] Win $25,000 to design the kitchen of your dreams. Enter at…

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gather round

TREND ALERT “FIREPITS ARE THE NEW COFFEE TABLE.” —OMA BLAISE FORD, Executive Editor Backyard fire features have been hot for several years, but they became near mandatory during the pandemic when they allowed us to gather safely outside with a few friends—not just on summer or fall nights but also well into winter. Add “sanity saver” to their list of selling points. “I’m impatient—I light a starter cube and go back to the lawn chair.”—DIANA DICKINSON, Features Editor PRO TIPS START A FIRE “I’ve long been a fire-tending enthusiast, but I honed my skills by reading How to Build a Fire by J. Scott Donahue, (Cider Mill Press, $15),” says home editor Katy Kiick Condon. We tapped Donahue to share his no-fail formula: Hair + Finger + Arm. The “hair” is the tinder, the fire’s base…

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how to glow from neck to toe

“Moisturize and apply sunscreen on exposed skin every single day. If you just do those two things, you will see benefits.”MONA GOHARA, M.D., dermatologist Your Neck and Chest No need to buy a special cream to treat and protect the skin below your chin. “You can apply the exact same facial products to your neck and décolletage, including sunscreen—just do it with care,” says Ranella Hirsch, M.D., a dermatologist in Boston. Apply a light moisturizer or hyaluronic acid serum before applying active ingredients like retinol or vitamin C, and top with moisturizer (and sunscreen). “This provides a hydrating buffer that prevents redness and irritation,” Hirsch says. Make Daily Sun Protection Simple Applying SPF on your body isn’t only for summer vacays. “If skin is exposed, it has to be protected. Sunscreen is the best…

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green & purple

SAME COMBO, DIFFERENT LOOKS Changing the intensity and tone of the colors (how much white or black is mixed in), how they’re combined, and the accent pieces they’re paired with yields wildly different results. Check out three designers’ interpretations of this on-trend pairing. Go All In Large blocks of color—pale green on the walls and ceiling, lavender on the sectional—create a soothing atmosphere in this living room. “We diluted the wall color by 50% for the ceiling,” says Kathy Bloodworth of Kendall Wilkinson Design. Patterned armchairs bridge the combo. LEFT Potpourri Green 2029-50 RIGHT Lavender Lipstick 2072-50 (Benjamin Moore) Give It a Break Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard cut rich eggplant and emerald with black and white accessories. “When you use bold colors, find a way to balance and neutralize them,” he says. “Black and white…

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the new creature comforts

COZINESS FEELS so good As the novelty of a few nights in became months at home, we said to heck with decor that’s only for show. Give us pettable pillows and rugs. Give us slightly worn, dearly beloved pieces that remind us of the past. Give us a sofa we can camp out on. And give us glowing candlelight we don’t even have to worry about when we fall asleep on that sofa. “Age adds warmth and comfort to a room. We always look for vintage pieces that are in good condition with the right amount of wear.DESIGNER KEVIN DUMAIS” FUNCTION CALMS the DAY If a house is a machine for living in, as famed architect Le Corbusier said, this trend is the tune-up. We’re decluttering, rethinking how we use our spaces, and seeking…