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Blade Complete Knife Guide Spring 2020

BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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know your knife needs

Before you buy a knife or make one, knowing which blade and handle materials are hot aand/or best and what kind of sheath to store it in usually are among your chief considerations—though there’s a lot more to it than what’s “hot” and/or what some think is “the best.” In his story on today’s latest blade steels on page 28, Pat Covert delves into the subject from the standpoints of the supplier and the maker, viewpoints that are instructive to knife users and makers alike. There are some newer and exciting steels and combinations thereof to choose from, but the fact that they are newer and exciting doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for your requirements. Much depends on your needs as well as the preferences and skills of the…

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all over the edge

The Work Sharp Benchtop Angle Set Knife Sharpener and KABAR Wrench Knife offer the latest glimpses at the cutlery industry in terms of both maintenance and performance. Including the Angle Set, Work Sharp introduces five new manual sharpeners covering a range of skill levels, edged tools and price points. “There’s something for everybody, from neophytes looking to restore an edge to the experienced sharpener who wants precision geometry,” Work Sharp’s Kyle Crawford noted. KA-BAR, meanwhile, offers what for it, at least, is a different look—and production method—in the Wrench Knife. According to the company’s Joe Bradley, it is KABAR’s first-ever forged knife. “We’re always looking at tools in addition to knives,” he observed. “Many of us at KA-BAR have ties to the construction industry and have inherited old tools from relatives. The Wrench…

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2020: knives aplenty

Folders with cleaver-shaped blades, assisted-opening sharpeners, added emphasis on hot newer steels and high-grade old ones, a Kit Carson reboot—these and many others are among the new factory knives and hones for 2020. Scan this and the following pages for the latest sharp blades and how to keep them that way. And stay tuned to BLADE® Magazine in 2020 for the latest in knife trends, designs, materials and much more. It’s going to be a very sharp year. For the contact information for the knives and sharpeners in the story, see “Sharp Sources” on page 108. For the latest knives, knife news, trends and more visit blademag.com, BLADE®’s popular Instagram page at @blade_ magazine, and on Facebook and Twitter. DEKA COMPANY: Hogue Knives BLADE LENGTH: 3.25” BLADE MATERIAL: CPM 20CV stainless steel HANDLE MATERIAL: G-10 LOCK: Able™ Lock CLOSED LLENGTH:…

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the great steel race

The race for the greatest blade steel has been going on since the first blade was forged. However, in earnest the modern trend started in the late 1980s when ATS-34 stainless became the hottest thing since sliced bread for custom knifemakers. Newer, more exotic steels slowly picked up steam afterwards and today it is a multimillion-dollar market with scads of steels from which to choose. “MOST END UP GOING BACK TO THE STEELS THEY ARE USED TO WORKING WITH.”—TERRY SUMMERS Blade steels fall into three basic categories: stainless, non-stainless or carbon steel, and pattern-welded steel, commonly called damascus, which can be stainless or non-stainless. Why is it important to keep creating new steels for the cutlery market? “It depends on the user or application,” notes Bob Shabala, president of Niagara Specialty Metals. “A lot…

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united states of knife carry

When it comes to picking a sheath, there’s a range of options beyond keeping the knife tucked away where it doesn’t decide to nibble on anything it shouldn’t. Thanks to leading sheath makers, ideas about the enduring traits that make a sheath great abound. As a result, in today’s united states of knife carry, quality construction and clever styles typify the best of the genre. Chris Kravitt of Treestump Leather tells prospective clients if you want to show off your knife, an artistic sheath iis the foot in the door. “So you’re walking around, say, at a gun or knife show, and if the knife’s in a plain, drab sheath, nobody’s going to notice it,” Chris says. “But if the sheath is eye catching, they’re going to say ‘Oh, what you got…

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blade complete knife guide 2019 industry directory

FIND PRODUCTS AND SERVICES EASY AS 1,2,3 1. The Index at right shows you where each major section begins 2. Turn to the appropriate section where the knife products are identified alphabetically. An alphabetical listing of sources follows each product category. 3. Go to the Names and Addresses section for contact information on your chosen source(s). The sources in this directory are non-handmade industry professionals. For a directory of custom knifemakers, refer to the KNIVES 2020 annual available at www.gundigeststore.com/ product/knives-2020-40th-edition-special-edition/. Knives/CutleryFactory/Dealers (Importers, Makers) ANTIQUE American EdgeAmerican Military Edged Weaponry MuseumAtlanta Cutlery Corp.Bryan Bros. Cutlery Co.Cutlery SpecialtiesEdgeDealer.comFort Henry Custom KnivesHickory Hill CutleryHiltary IndustriesHouse Of BladesLATAMA CutleryMarble ArmsNorthwest Knives & CollectiblesOzark Cutlery SupplyRFG Safe & KnifeShepherd Hills CutlerySt. Croix BladesTennessee CutleryTony Foster Case Collectible Knives BOWIES A.G. Russell KnivesAmerican EdgeAtlanta Cutlery Corp.Benchmade Knife Co.Beretta U.S.A. Corp.Blue Grass Cutlery Corp.Blue Ridge…