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Blade March 2020

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BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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readers respond

Moran Museum Inspiration I have been reading BLADE® for years and carrying a knife since I was a boy. I carried a Benchmade Triage into war as a DUSTOFF Army flight medic and the knife out performed my trauma shears. Meanwhile, as of Dec. 30—my birthday—2018, I have embarked on knifemaking. My wife got me a tour of the William F. Moran, Jr. Museum. I started forging a blade there and ended up taking it home. They would have had to pry it out of my hands! By the end of the weekend I put ziricote scales on it with stainless steel pins and cleaned it up a bit more. Anyway, here’s to finishing the first blade, the “Moran paring knife,” for my kitchen. Austin S. Langdon, Frederick, Maryland Editor’s note: The William F.…

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how to reach us!

Visit us online at www.blademag.com to: • Sign up for our free newsletter. • Renew your magazine subscription. There’s a subscription link in the nav bar. • Comment on our site stories written by BLADE® staff members and others. LOOK FOR BLADE MAGAZINE ON: SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Visit us on the Web at www.blademag.com or call 877-485-6426. Outside USA: 386-246-3419. BOOK SALES: Visit us at www.gundigeststore.comor call 920-471-4522. BACK ISSUES FOR SALE: Subject to Availability. Call 920-471-4522. ADVERTISING: Contact Lori McDaniel at 715-498-3768 or lori@gundigest.com, or request a media kit by writing to: BLADE, 5600 W. Grande Market Dr., Appleton, WI 54913. LETTERS OR ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: Steve Shackleford, Editor BLADE Magazine 5600 W. Grande Market Dr. Ste. 100 Appleton, WI 54913 or email steve@blademag.com.…

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cover story

The Scottish dirk by Vince Evans is a classic rendition of the genre by a knifemaker who specializes in period pieces in general. The 12 5/8-inch flat-ground blade is forged from 5160 carbon steel. The maker’s wife, Grace Evans, carved the walnut handle in a traditional Turk’s-head-knot pattern typical of original Scottish dirks. She does all the carving on her husband’s dirks. The fittings are brass. Overall length: 16.5 inches. The dirk carries in a leather belt scabbard with a brass tip and throat. “GRACE EVANS CARVED THE WALNUT HANDLE IN A TRADITIONAL TURK’SHEAD-KNOT PATTERN.” For more information on the cover knife contact Vince Evans, Dept. BL3, POB 3604, Show Low, AZ 85902 809-443-8198 evansvk@gmail.com, picturetrail.com/vevans, or see the story on page 34. The cover knife image is by SharpByCoop, as is the inset…

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what do you look for in a knifemaker?

BLADE® field editor Mike Haskew’s story on the question of what to look for in a knifemaker in part one of the series “How To Buy Custom Knives” (page 76) got me to thinking. While determining the kind of maker that is best for your knife needs requires knowing a number of knife-related factors about the maker—many of which Haskew outlines in his story—part of that determination also depends on certain intangibles that pertain to you. In other words, what is it about a knifemaker that appeals to you? Take me, for instance. Aside from the obvious question of the quality of their knives and the usual business-related factors, there are certain traits I look for in makers. Some of the traits may be ones you look for, some may not. For instance,…

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forged sub-hilts flourish

The sub-hilt is defined as “an additional section of guard located along the length of the grip of a sword blade.” It was common among the swords of the Sasanian Empire* during the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. Today it is increasingly finding favor among those who forge their knives. The sub-hilt is clearly not a new concept. Indeed, BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member Bob Loveless is credited w with popularizing the feature on knives better known as sub-hilt fighters. His Big B Bear is so popular that for more than 40 years, copies and stylized versions of it have flourished. Custom knifemakers and factories worldwide have used the design. In fact, even sub-hilt folders have been made. PROS Naturally, as for most specialized designs, there are pros and cons to the sub-hilt. First…

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the knife i carry

“My good friend, Shannon, and I both carry a Kershaw Cinder. We each keep one on our keychains.” Jenn Jennwood, a letter via e-mail “I carry a Harrier 2 by Byrd Knife. I use it for EDC cutting jobs. It’s a dependable performer, tough, easy to carry and inexpensive.” Hal Burkett, a letter via email “You won’t find me anywhere without a knife in my pocket. Right now my EDC is a Fallkniven Model P folder. It’s a looker and cuts what I need cutting on a daily basis.” Stephen L. Morrison, a letter via email For the latest knives, knife news, trends and more visit blademag.com, BLADE®’s popular Instagram page @blade_magazine, and on Facebook and Twitter.…