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Blade May 2020

BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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readers respond

What To Do With a $40,000 Knife? I enjoyed the editorial “Are Customs Really Worth The Money?” in the February BLADE® and Mr. Banevicz’s letter that sparked it. A price of $40,000 for a custom knife does seem extreme for a knife, but not for art. As we decorate it, any item becomes a personal statement, but at some point it becomes art. I once saw a wood shaft claw hammer that was decorated. Carved chevrons adorned the wood handle and a scrollwork design was molded into the steel hammer head. The butt of the wood handle was encased in a beveled metal cap polished to a mirror finish. It was an elegant hammer but you could still pull nails with it. Now, imagine a hammer with a gold engraved hunting scene on…

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cover story

The Raven 1 of 1 Mission knife by BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member Jimmy Lile rests on the headband Sylvester Stallone wore as John Rambo in the movie Rambo: First Blood Part II. The knife and the movie—heck, the headband, too—all celebrate their 35th anniversaries this year. The knife and the headband, as well as many other knives and things Rambo related, are in the collection of Randy Rousseau. Considered by a significant number of Rambo aficionados the most desirable and collectible of the Rambo movie knives, the knife popularly known as The Mission is 15 inches long overall, with a 10-inch blade of 440C stainless steel, 15 sawteeth, and a black matte finish with polished edges. For more on The Mission, the movie, the knives/prop knives used in the movie, the significance…

3 minuti
custom knives: price vs. value

We recently published a picture of a custom knife with a price one observer indicated was exorbitant and questioned why we had published it. When we publish the picture of a knife, we try to include the price. In the instance of a factory knife, the price we list is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In the case of custom makers’ knives, where possible we preface what the maker charges for the knife with “The maker’s list price”—for example, “The maker’s list price: $500.” The reason we do it that way is the price is the one the maker is asking for the knife, not the collector value. We are no more going to change the maker’s asking price for a custom knife to reflect what we think the collector value…

11 minuti
rambo mission knife turns 35

Three years after First Blood took the box office by storm in 1982, Rambo: First Blood Part II* struck the public consciousness like a thunderclap. Sylvester Stallone brought the Vietnam veteran anti-hero back with a vengeance, and he carried a knife like none other. Rambo: First Blood Part II was more than equal to the challenge of being a sequel to the hard-hitting original, and actually was the highest grossing film of the first four produced around the action character. In step with the fervor of excitement that came with the 1985 debut of the second movie, the knife that John Rambo used in the sequel rightfully gained an enthusiastic following all its own. Like the first Rambo knife, the second was built by the incomparable BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member Jimmy…

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raven 1 of 1

Raven is the name Jimmy Lile wanted to give the first Rambo knife, but First Blood was chosen instead. Lile made 100 First Bloods. However, instead of the Raven name flying off into the sunset, Lile used it as the moniker for a special presentation First Blood—made separate from the original 100—to give to Sylvester Stallone. Lile did the same with The Mission knife, which he also made in a limited edition of 100, from the second movie to give to Stallone. Stallone never took delivery of the two 1 of 1 Raven knives, however, and Randy Rousseau obtained them from Mrs. Marilyn Lile Miller. When Gil Hibben made the knives for the third and fourth Rambo movies, Rousseau asked him to make 1 of 1 Ravens of both of them, too.…

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whole hog

Author David Morrell did not equip the title character of John Rambo with a knife in his novel, First Blood. Instead, it was Sylvester Stallone’s idea to have Rambo carry a knife, one made by Jimmy Lile for the movie version of First Blood. However, in his novelization of First Blood: Rambo Part II, Morrell got to make up for the first book’s knife omission by writing about Lile’s sequel knife, The Mission. While writing the novelization for the second movie in the fall of 1984, Morrell picked Lile’s brain. “I wanted to get a whole lot more stuff in the novelization than was in the movie, and one of the things I wanted to do was to make up for the fact that I hadn’t had a knife in the…