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Car India September 2020

CAR magazine, overwhelmingly acknowledged as the world's best car magazine, has driven into India under the name of explosive and vibrant, as well as serious and sensuous, CAR India has been launched to satiate the discerning automobile enthusiast who knows his radiators from his air filters. CAR India is an authoritative automobile magazine, written for people with a burning passion for anything on four wheels.

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mg reassure introduced

THROUGH THE NEW MG REASSURE VERTICAL, EXISTING MG OWNERS CAN SELL their Hector, Hector Plus or ZS EV back to the company without any obligation to exchange them for a new MG vehicle. For those who seek a pre-owned car, MG Reassure has more than 160 quality checks and conducts the necessary repair work before the vehicles are delivered to customers. Apart from this, MG Motor say that they will undertake a methodical evaluation for the pricing of the used vehicles to attain a competitive asking price. The company shared an industry report which claims that MG vehicles maintain one of the best resale values within the industry and, according to top car valuation engines, MG Hector’s resale value is dominating the segment. Customers purchasing pre-owned MG vehicles from the company dealerships…

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heart transplant

THE MARUTI SUZUKI S-CROSS HAS a very prominent role to play in the larger scheme of things for India’s largest car manufacturer. It was the first car model to make its début at the upmarket Nexa outlets, helping the predominantly mass car-maker to carve out a niche in the premium range of cars. In the last five years, over 1.1 million customers have driven out in brand-new cars from the 370-plus Nexa showrooms. Not an easy feat and only a brand like Maruti Suzuki could have pulled this off. Back then, the S-Cross was available with two diesel engines: 1.3-litre and 1.6-litre units. But now Maruti Suzuki have bid farewell to diesels and both these have been chucked out of the window. The 2020 model sports a 1.5-litre petrol equipped with…

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new continental tyres

CONTINENTAL HAVE INTRODUCED THEIR NEW GENERATION 6 TYRES IN INDIA: the ComfortContact CC6 and UltraContact UC6. Continental says that the new range of tyres, especially designed for Indian road condition, will offer higher mileage and support all kinds of driving experiences from intracity to highway driving. The ComfortContact CC6 aims to offer a more comfortable ride with excellent stability and lower noise levels as well as better fuel efficiency The CC6 Whisper Compound is a smoother rolling tread that adapts better to the roughness of the road surface for superior comfort. It is designed to absorb tyre vibrations to diffuse road noise, while dampening micro bumps for a smoother driving experience. The CC6 tyres are available for rims with diameters of 13 to 15 inches. The UltraContact UC6 has been specially designed for…

7 min
a breath of fresh air

THE ENVIRONMENT HAS BEEN CONSTANTLY changing — and for the worse, as we’ve seen, whether or not we accept it yet. The pandemic and the global lockdown that followed soon after showed everyone that human intervention in the way of things, just by existing normally, can be hazardous to our own as well as the health of every other being that we share this planet with. In barely a few weeks of minimized activity — not even a complete shutdown — the earth showed dramatic change. The sky cleared up, air quality improved, the rivers ran cleaner, and more species not seen for long resurfaced. That also pushed some people to think. What is really necessary and what qualify as just wants. We cannot live without consequence and, as such,…

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updated porsche panamera arrives

WHEN IT COMES TO FOUR-DOOR, SPORT-luxury tourers that can do it all, from mile-munching to track-days, few can stand comparison with the Panamera. The new model has a total of 12 variants across three body styles ― sports saloon, long-wheelbase “Executive”, and “Sport Turismo” estate. The Sport Design front end is standard with striking air-intakes and a single-bar light module. Inside, there are additional digital functions and services and an extensive list of safety features. The line-up begins with the new Panamera powered by the 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 with 330 hp and 450 Nm, paired to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic and rear-wheel drive. The Panamera 4, 4 Executive, and 4 Sport Turismo variants are next, with the same engine and all-wheel drive. The new Panamera 4S E-Hybrid combines a 440-hp 2.9-litre V6…

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gordon murray t.50

GORDON MURRAY, THE MAN behind the McLaren F1 and more lightweight, high-performance super sports cars, has had something equally light and powerful up his sleeve for a while. The T.50 is the proper successor to the McLaren F1 and this time there’s an even more intoxicating naturally aspirated V12. The T.50 builds on the essence of its iconic predecessor ― the central driver’s seat with two passenger seats aft on either side. The familiar side-windows now use thinner glass that saves weight. The design is sleek, but reminiscent of its forebear and also has a fair amount of luggage capacity. Vision: With the goal of a sub-1,000-kg vehicle weight, Cosworth proposed an engine of just 3.9 litres. Throwback to the late-1960s Italy? Well, it’s more than 50 years later and the numbers are…