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Car India October 2020

CAR magazine, overwhelmingly acknowledged as the world's best car magazine, has driven into India under the name of explosive and vibrant, as well as serious and sensuous, CAR India has been launched to satiate the discerning automobile enthusiast who knows his radiators from his air filters. CAR India is an authoritative automobile magazine, written for people with a burning passion for anything on four wheels.

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All for Safety EVERYONE HAS BEEN TALKING about safety, from personal hygiene to social distancing, since the outbreak of the pandemic. Needless to say, road safety is as important as the aforementioned aspects. It was with this in view that Mahindra launched a road safety programme with the most affordable and the safest car in the country, the XUV300. We did a short video for them to promote their campaign. The other manufacturer that has been promoting road safety for quite some time is Hyundai with the “Be the Better Guy” campaign. The traffic conditions in the country are moving from bad to worse by the day. In fact, after the lockdown people seem to be driving in the wrong direction on a divided road, taking undue advantage of the sparse traffic.…

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what makes us different

UNLIKE OTHER AUTOMOBILE magazines, Car India is devoted cent per cent to CARs, SUVs and MUVs. There are no bikes or commercial vehicles to be found in Car India. Therefore, we have a very focused readership and also give our advertisers better bang for their buck! Our editorial team is passionate about cars. They live, drink, eat and breathe cars. This lends the crucial extra touch to their editorial efforts. Our editorial team is bound by a strict code of conduct. In an industry where foreign junkets and gifts are rampant in order to win over editorial staff, we strive hard to maintain our editorial integrity and balance. Our emphasis is on bringing out a quality, information-packed issue that does not rely on mere filling up of pages. We are not in competition…

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the return of the king

HAIL TO THE KING, WE MAY soon see a new name at the top of the list of desirables for those seeking modern technology in terms of connectivity, safety, autonomy, and efficiency ― those who actually have the money to put where their mouth is. The new Mercedes S-Class isn’t about design; the exterior is simply a form that holds all that it needs to contain in the most crash-friendly way possible. Thus, once past the laser headlights, Digital Light projectors, large grille with enough sensors to fly it to the moon given more thrust, and bulbous proportions, wrapped up in OLED tail-clusters not short of theatrics, is where the real essence of the car becomes clearer. It’s not even about the powertrains. Yes, many, around the world, will speak of…

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we hear

Audi Q5 Sportback Audi’s X4/GLC Coupé rival, the Q5 Sportback, is set for introduction next year. The mid-size sloping-roof coupé SUV will initially be offered with 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol and diesel mild-hybrid engines, each with 204 hp, designated 40 TFSI and 40 TDI respectively. A 347-hp S model with a turbo-diesel V6 and a plug-in hybrid e-quattro model are also on the cards. Domenicali to Head Formula 1 Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, will leave to take on the new and prestigious role of President and CEO of Formula 1. He moves in to replace Chase Carey with effect from January 2021. Prior to his Lamborghini role, Domenicali was also team principal of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1 and, as such, has a wealth of experience. Carey, in the role…

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Ford Endeavour Sport The blacked-out, sportier, and even better equipped Ford Endeavour Sport has been launched at Rs 35.10 lakh (ex-showroom). The Endeavour Sport is the latest iteration of the popular full-size SUV. It still packs the 2.0-litre “EcoBlue” four-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine with 170 hp and 420 Nm mated to the 10-speed multi-clutch automatic with “SelectShift”. The Sport is only available with four-wheel drive, with the “Terrain Management System” adding to its capabilities. Equipment matches the Titanium+ variant but a few details set it apart. Available only in black or white, the Sport sees an Ebony Black finish for the front grille, skid-plates, side mirrors, 18-inch alloy wheels, roof-rails, and tail-gate, with “SPORT” decals on the doors and on the rear. Additional equipment includes leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, SYNC-3, touchscreen infotainment, Android…

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odisha odyssey: south

ROAD TRIPS OFTEN START with little to no ceremony. Just pack your bags and head off into the unknown. This one is a little different though. We started off with a bang, and a big one too. At a special event held by the Government of Odisha, and under the auspices of Odisha Tourism we joined in with a celebratory rally featuring the resident superbikers of Bhubaneshwar on World Tourism Day – that’s the 27th of September for the uninitiated. This rally saw us go for a journey from the state’s capital to the spectacular Dhauli Shanti Stupa some 30-odd kilometres away. There, we witnessed some major announcements from the government of Odisha, and particularly its tourism department, which opened their proverbial doors to let road-trippers like us in with…