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Car India December 2020

CAR magazine, overwhelmingly acknowledged as the world's best car magazine, has driven into India under the name of explosive and vibrant, as well as serious and sensuous, CAR India has been launched to satiate the discerning automobile enthusiast who knows his radiators from his air filters. CAR India is an authoritative automobile magazine, written for people with a burning passion for anything on four wheels.

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a friend in need…

THIS YEAR REALLY JUST FLEW BY and I am already writing my last editorial for 2020. No doubt it has been a tough year for all of us. The three months of countrywide lockdown made it very difficult for the automotive industry and all of us associated with it. Mention needs to be made of the fact that even during these tough times some of the manufacturers supported us when they were facing difficulties themselves. I would like to thank them all for their support as also our readers for their support when we were not able to print hard copies of the magazine. This month we have a couple of first drives: the Nissan Magnite and Hyundai i20. The Magnite is ready to take on the likes of the Brezza,…

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what makes us different

UNLIKE OTHER AUTOMOBILE magazines, Car India is devoted cent per cent to CARs, SUVs and MUVs. There are no bikes or commercial vehicles to be found in Car India. Therefore, we have a very focused readership and also give our advertisers better bang for their buck! Our editorial team is passionate about cars. They live, drink, eat and breathe cars. This lends the crucial extra touch to their editorial efforts. Our editorial team is bound by a strict code of conduct. In an industry where foreign junkets and gifts are rampant in order to win over editorial staff, we strive hard to maintain our editorial integrity and balance. Our emphasis is on bringing out a quality, information-packed issue that does not rely on mere filling up of pages. We are not in competition…

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new tucson merges sci-fi with reality

THE NEW TUCSON SEEMS AS stunning a design as Hyundai’s learning curve is exponential. The company has gone from strength to strength — from high-quality interior layout and design to vastly improved handling dynamics and driver engagement — over the years. The fourth-generation Tucson marks their stride into the next decade. Following the flagship Palisade and the big Santa Fe, the Tucson gets a radical new design theme and a front end that looks properly futuristic and concept-like. The new Tucson is the first Hyundai SUV to be developed according to the company’s new “Sensuous Sportiness” design identity characterized by four fundamental elements: proportion, architecture, styling, and technology. Its purpose is to bring a sensuous and emotional touch to Hyundai vehicles, realised by innovative technology and solutions. It measures 4,500 millimetres…

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new mercedes-maybach s-class

THE NEXT-GENERATION MAYBACH S-CLASS has arrived and it is more advanced, luxurious and intuitive than ever before. Advanced driver assistance systems and safety technology are now almost expected of super-luxury cars, but new luxury and convenience features? What could be changed? Gesture-controlled rear doors, laser-guided timed seat-belt delivery, and a rose gold-design digital information console, among many new features. The Maybach S-Class has grown and by a considerable amount. The wheelbase is 180 millimetres more than the long-wheelbase version of the Benz S-Class; so it’s 5,469 mm long overall with a wheelbase of 3,396 mm. That frees up a lot of room inside, enough for a slew of business- and even first-class appointments. Including the reclining rear seats with massage functions and individual climate control. Mercedes haven’t mentioned anything about powertrains at the…

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super trofeo omologata

THE NEW LAMBORGHINI HURACáN STO — Super Trofeo Omologata — has been officially unveiled and it’s a brutal, lightweight, drool-worthy V10 bull. The new Huracán STO takes over the reins of lightweight king in Lamborghini’s V10 Huracán series from the Performante, with its weight down by 43 kilograms. This was accomplished by a number of factors, including a 20 per cent lighter windscreen, carbon-fibre in more than 75 per cent of the exterior panels, and magnesium rims, to name a few. Its heart is a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 that now puts out 640 hp and 565 Nm. The engine is calibrated for a direct response coupled to an enhanced seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox for more rapid gear shifts. Lamborghini claim to have improved the engine’s sound. The rear-wheel drive Huracán STO…

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we hear

Next-gen Toyota Mirai The next-generation Toyota Mirai is being introduced in select global markets. Built on the GA-L platform, the Mirai is now larger and more spacious. It takes hydrogen fuel cell technology to a higher level and offers improved dynamics, more optimal output, modern styling, and a more rewarding driving experience. A comprehensively redesigned fuel cell system, intelligent packaging and aerodynamic efficiency help extend the driving range to around 650 km, with no emission other than pure water. SF90 Spider Sense Tingles The 1,000-hp Ferrari SF90 plug-in hybrid hyper sports car is now being offered as a drop-top. The retractable hard top was adopted because of its optimal noise insulation and protection from the elements when raised, while not deforming at high speed and also providing exceptional occupant space and comfort. The…