Car India May 2021

CAR magazine, overwhelmingly acknowledged as the world's best car magazine, has driven into India under the name of explosive and vibrant, as well as serious and sensuous, CAR India has been launched to satiate the discerning automobile enthusiast who knows his radiators from his air filters. CAR India is an authoritative automobile magazine, written for people with a burning passion for anything on four wheels.

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acknowledging the meritorious

THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS MORE or less under a lockdown due to the second wave of COVID-19. We had one year to ramp up our health care effort but we seem to have fallen well short of the aim and people are dying owing to an alarming lack of hospital beds, oxygen, and medicines. The visuals of people dying while waiting for a hospital bed and of the massive queues for burial and cremation are frightening. The automobile industry has once again come forward to help, with manufacturers calling a halt to regular production to make oxygen. This is a request to everybody to come together and fight this pandemic in every way possible. It was in the nick of time that we were able to conduct the jury round for the…

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what makes us different

UNLIKE OTHER AUTOMOBILE magazines, Car India is devoted cent per cent to CARs, SUVs and MUVs. There are no bikes or commercial vehicles to be found in Car India. Therefore, we have a very focused readership and also give our advertisers better bang for their buck! Our editorial team is passionate about cars. They live, drink, eat and breathe cars. This lends the crucial extra touch to their editorial efforts. Our editorial team is bound by a strict code of conduct. In an industry where foreign junkets and gifts are rampant in order to win over editorial staff, we strive hard to maintain our editorial integrity and balance. Our emphasis is on bringing out a quality, information-packed issue that does not rely on mere filling up of pages. We are not in competition…

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mercedes eqs furt hers electric charge

THE MERCEDES-EQ SUB-BRAND has been steadily gaining momentum with the EQC, EQV, EQA, and EQS, which was soon followed by the EQB as well with an EQS SUV, EQE Saloon and SUV, EQT and EQG also in the pipeline. The EQS, however, has now been shown in production form in two guises to begin with: 450+ and 580 4MATIC. A full-bodied luxury saloon, the Mercedes EQS has a swooping four-door coupé silhouette that, belying its proportions, offers a whole host of comforts and technical wizardry within. This S-Class of electric vehicles has a drag coefficient of 0.20, making it the world’s most aerodynamic production car. The EQS measures 5.2 metres long and 1.9 metres wide, allowing for a spacious interior. Inside, it brings several Mercedes-firsts with it, including the new MBUX…

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mercedes eqb

THE ALL-NEW EQB IS THE LATEST EQ MODEL TO be shown to the world. Sitting above the compact EQA, it is a not-so-compact size SUV that is the electric counterpart to the GLB-Class. Thus, the EQB promises all the versatility and flexibility of its combustion-engined counterpart with a long range and a choice of five or seven seats. Shown in EQB 350 4MATIC avatar, the electric SUV packs a 215-kW motor set-up and it serves up 292 hp. Mercedes have remained tight-lipped about most details, including torque output and battery size, but have mentioned that it will travel up to 478 km on a single charge. They did mention that entry models would have a 66.5-kWh battery pack and two-wheel drive and a long-range model will also be offered. The new Mercedes…

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mercedes eqa

IT’S BEEN SPOKEN ABOUT IN passing, but now let’s talk about it. The Mercedes EQA is the new entry model in the EQ sub-brand and was actually introduced not too long ago, with the Stuttgart marque busy introducing new models in quick succession. The EQA is essentially an electric version of the GLA, dropping its MB suit for an EQ makeover and getting a slew of new tech in the process. At 4.4 metres long, 1.8 metres wide, and a 2,729-mm wheelbase, the EQA is designed to fit in yet stand out. It’s higher off the ground than a conventional electric car, yet versatile enough to handle all road conditions. A five-seater, the EQA features a slew of new equipment including Navigation with Electric Intelligence, Energizing Comfort Control, and the MBUX interface. Shown…

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new volkswagen polo

THE POLO IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST SUCCESSFUL COMPACT CARS AND Volkswagen have now unveiled the next evolutionary stage. There has been a comprehensive update to the design, technologies, and specification of the new Polo; evident at the very first glance. The range of standard equipment has also been expanded significantly and now includes “IQ. Light” LED matrix headlights and LED tail-light clusters, a Digital Cockpit, infotainment system, and a multifunction steering wheel, among other things. The new Polo has technologies previously reserved for more premium vehicle classes. There is the optional assist system, IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist, which is available for the first time in the Polo. This system combines the new predictive Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist to enable partly automated driving. Inside, the Polo features a slew of new…