February 2022

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m’s xdrive is reaping the rewards of the audi quattro

It’s worth not just watching but re-watching Queen of Speed, the Sky documentary about Michèle Mouton. It tells several stories at once, and on first viewing it’s easy to miss some of the details, as it all cracks along at quite a pace, and there’s so much glorious archive footage to distract you from what’s being said. There’s the obvious storyline about how Mouton was not just the first female rally driver to do so well, but also the last. She discusses this more in bewilderment than bitterness. Maybe the W Series all-female circuit-racing series is helping to move things on, at last. Perhaps Extreme E, the electric off-road championship that involves driver duos consisting of one man and one woman, will help. But you do find yourself wondering quite what’s…

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2021: the year the electric car boomed

THE MONTH ACCORDING TO CAR We need to increase the take-up rate of electric vehicles,’ exhorts Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the UK car industry’s lobby group. ‘And that means addressing their affordability, the [charging] infrastructure and their ease of use.’ It’s September 2021 and Hawes is addressing the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle conference. ‘Financial incentives are still needed for consumers, perhaps at a larger scale, if we are to accelerate the transition over the next four to five years.’ Gary Cook, from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, agrees: ‘Change can happen quickly and it needs to.’ With the 2030 ban on combustion engine sales looming, is the UK making sufficient progress on the road to EV? CAR has analysed market trends to decipher seven…

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electric tt could be spun off cayman... big suv and a8… r8 ev rumoured

►As you will see in this month’s Future Scoop, Lamborghini is set to enjoy some extra freedom to stick with combustion engines a little longer than most of the VW Group’s premium brands. Which makes sense, but there are knock-on effects for Bentley and Porsche, who will have to think again about pooled resources and shared costs. Audi had, until recently, been expecting to benefit from a plan in which Lamborghini would adapt Porsche’s 2024 battery-powered Cayman replacement into a fully electric Uracco for 2025. That, in turn, would have been morphed by Audi into an electric TT in 2027. Now, if Audi wants to go ahead with that always-tentative electric TT, it must do the job itself. ►Adding to the confusion, the next-generation Lamborghini Huracan, codenamed LB63X, is set to have…

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inhaling the vapours

Chill-Out Let’s start with the most conventional-looking one. And it looks conventional because Nissan says this is a ‘near-future EV’ – an early preview into the Renault Megane E-Tech-style tall family hatch that’ll replace the left-behind Leaf. All the tech’s already available (it’s the same underneath as the Ariya), so it’ll be almost a slam dunk in terms of production. All-wheel-drive grip is promised, and expect the real one to be capable of around 300 miles of charge. NEED TO KNOW What is it? Nissan’s Leaf replacement in disguise Tech specs Same platform as the Ariya and Megane E-Tech, e-4orce all-wheel drive Aimed at? Re-establishing Nissan’s lost EV dominance Vapourware score 2/10 – might not entirely look like this, but it’s coming in 2024 Hang-Out Does this look familiar to you? We previewed Renault’s 4Ever…

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lambo’s electric gt dream

Lamborghini’s rivals are going from strength to strength or, at the very least, evolving with the times. Ferrari’s electrified sports cars are re-writing the performance rule book, Porsche is successfully branching into new segments, Aston’s forged robust ties with AMG and heavily revised its future product plan, and even McLaren may engineer a last-minute turnaround with or without the support of Audi, which is still in contention to buy McLaren. So Lamborghini needs to step up its game, electrify with conviction and pursue new segments. Asked to name the key dynamic virtues inherent in every future Lamborghini, chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani tells CAR: ‘Awesome design, best-in-class handling, the ability to accelerate in under 3.0sec from 0-62mph and to exceed 188mph.’ Although electrification was not listed as a specific must-have, the Italians…

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deep space: the hypercar frontier

As Lamborghini weighs up its options for an entirely new model, US high-performance specialist Hennessey is doing the same thing in a rather more extreme way. Having previously dazzled us with the Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar, it’s now dreaming even bigger. Oh, to be inside founder and CEO John Hennessey’s mind… What has he done now?! These are sketches of a six-wheel-drive electric ‘hyper GT’ codenamed Deep Space, which it plans to put into production in 2026, claiming it’ll be the ‘world’s most expensive EV’. These concept sketches show a car designed to be six metres long, with around 2400bhp and around 620 miles on a charge. Did I read that right? Yes, you did. Hennessey says six wheels is the future of the performance car, pointing to the additional surface contact an extra…