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January 2020

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late model, left on roadside for dead

If there’s ever a time when I appreciate my old truck, it’s never more prevalent than when I’m working on my new truck. Knock sensors, ABS sensors, computer-controlled this, that, and the other, power windows, power locks, keyless entry, on and on and on. Every single one of those items is a great luxury to have when they’re working at 100 percent. But anytime something fails, hello 12-hour worm hole, goodbye weekend. Anytime there’s a repair that needs to be made on my C10 I’m confident within 95 percent that the new part is going to solve the problem. Shimmy in the front? Ball joints, control arm bushings, or tie rods should fix that. Find the culprit, replace with new parts, and move on with life. Dash light pops on in the new…

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classic truks

EDITORIAL Douglas Glad Network Content Director Brian Brennan Network Director, Street rod and Super Chevy Groups Ryan Manson Editor Sarah Gonzales Senior Managing Editor Tim Bernsau Feature Editor John Gilbert Tech Editor Rob Fortier Tech Editor Christian Arriero Rodney Bauman Tommy Lee Byrd Ron Ceridono Ron Covell Joseph Dowling Grant Cox Joe Greeves John Jackson Scotty Lachenauer Robert McGaffin Jason Scudelleri Chris Shelton Jim Smart Tim Sutton Chuck Vranas Contributing Editors/ Photographers Veronica Beltran Web Content Editor ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Markas Platt Design Director Dan Silverio Art Director ADVERTISING Angela Schoof-Ousley Network Sales Director Michael Essex(863) 860-6023 Eastern Sales Director Scott Timberlake(310) 531-5969 Western Sales Director Monica Hernandez Advertising Operations Manager Patricia Ludi Advertising Operations Coordinator TEN: PUBLISHING MEDIA, LLC Greg Mays Chairman Kevin Mullan President Amy Diamond SVP, Editorial & Advertising Operations Tim Foss General Manager, Automotive Network Catherine Temkin Senior Director, Finance CONSUMER MARKETING, ENTHUSIAST MEDIASUBSCRIPTION COMPANY, INC. Tom Slater SVP, Circulation Donald T. Robinson III VP, Retention & Operations Fulfillment Victoria Linehan VP, Acquisition & Database Marketing William Carter VP,…

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part time

01. Hauler Handling Good news for C10 owners ready for frontend upgrades. Performance Online’s Stage III Plus coilover suspension kit for ’63-’87 Chevy C10s and GMC C15s is created for superior handling, with upper and lower tubular control arms offering improved geometry and more ground clearance than factory-stamped units. Aldan Phantom Series single-adjustable coilovers deliver ride quality superior to the stock suspension, and high-tensile coil springs are a direct fit and true stand-alone coilover suspension. Ride height adjustable spring seats allow for up to a 2-inch drop, and lower control arm shock positioning raises the performance level high. • For more information, contact Performance Online at (866) 884-7309 or 02. Hi-Po Sway Bar Suspension products continue for ’63-’87 C10s with RideTech’s Musclebar sway bar. RideTech says it has reimagined the sway bar, using…

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Most avid enthusiasts can look back to a point in time when their fascination with things mechanical transformed into a lifelong pursuit. John Jinnings, from Churubusco, Indiana, at 15 remembers telling the owner of a local gas station that he wanted to learn about cars. He worked there through high school and college until he stepped away to take over the family business, but his love affair with automobiles never waned. In fact, as an avid connoisseur of mechanical novelty, he’s calculated that he has personally owned 156 vehicles, creating 25 magazine-worthy customs in the last 27 years. His latest is this over-the-top F-100, a 1,000hp twin-turbo bullet that he calls the “F1K.” Everyone’s familiar with the F-100 logo but the mysterious F1K piques your curiosity about what might be under…

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rodded f-1 postwar edition ford

When the F-1 Ford was introduced in 1948, it was the first built on a dedicated truck platform that carried on until 1952, setting itself apart from the competition. This stronger foundation would make the truck more capable for what its intended buyers would use it for. To keep up with the demand, Ford had the trucks assembled at 16 different factories, of which two were in Michigan (Dearborn and Highland Park) where Bill Whetstone would eventually find his ’49 F-1 Ford. While most truck enthusiasts either choose this style or the tremendously changed ’53-’56 F-100, Bill loved both but was missing a solid F-1 from his stable of pedigree of four-wheeled hot rods. This first-generation F-1 truck was the most common model, best known then as the “Bonus-Built,” only having…

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tailgate transformation

Back in 2011 we kicked off a project called the “Hot Rod Hauler.” The premise was simple enough. We needed a truck capable of pulling heavy trailers, hauling parts, and surviving the kinds of abuse a working truck has to cope with. We also wanted something that looked reasonably cool. What we didn’t want was the monthly payment that comes with a new truck, so we built what we needed. We started with a ’73 Ford F-350, added a fuel-injected 545 big-block and a Gearstar E4OD. We installed dropped axles up front and airbags at both ends and updated the interior with leather bucket seats and a Vintage Air climate-control system. Over the years we continued to make minor improvements but there were other truck projects to concern ourselves with so…