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review of a guide book of morgan dollars, 6th edition

At the end of my last column, I mentioned that you might decide to specialize in one or more series of U.S. coins, and, if so, you would want to add relevant books to your numismatic library. The book I’ll review in this column would be appropriate if you choose Morgan dollars. It’s the new 6th edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, by Q. David Bowers. Nowadays, the Morgan dollar is an extremely popular collectible. As Adam Crum puts it in the Foreword, “ . . . the Morgan silver dollar is likely the most widely collected coin in all numismatics.” It hasn’t always been this way, however. For many years, large numbers of silver dollars languished in Treasury vaults. Their release in relatively modern times positively affected…

11 minuti
the flying eagle cent

COLLECTORS IN t h e modern era tend to think of the Flying Eagle cent as merely an interesting design but there is more to this coin than meets the eye. Not only were the motifs on both sides well thought out, it also sparked the rise of coin collecting in the United States. To understand the significance, we must go back in time to the early 1850s. The price of copper had remained relatively stable for several decades prior to 1850 although there had been occasional problems. However, with the discovery of great quantities of gold in California beginning in 1848, the prices of many world commodities were upset and copper was on that list. As early as 1849 Mint authorities began to see a closing of the gap between face…

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luck at the coinstar machine

Recently I was lucky to have some luck at the Coinstar machine at the Acme. One trip yielded a 1946 Mercury Dime and a second trip a 1919 Lincoln, both in good condition. Not bad for a simple stroll to the Coinstar machine. Name and address withheld I found my very first 2019 one cent in AU condition (at least). The coin I found was in a “Take-a-Penny-Give-a Penny” dish at a Dunkin Donuts in Berlin, Vermont. My first! It’s a start. Rod Trower Barre, Vt. This is the second time I’ve done this! A few months ago, I stopped by my local bank and cashed my paycheck (I always ask if they have any customer rolled coins). The bank manager that day said he saved a roll of dimes for me. Excited I paid…

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COLLECTORS OF the United States Mint’s annual coin sets will be receiving a bonus with this year’s set. Each 2019 United States Mint Silver Proof Set® includes a separately packaged reverse proof 2019 Lincoln penny with the ‘W’ mintmark of the West Point Mint. Bearing the “S” mintmark of the San Francisco Mint, this 2019 edition Silver Proof Set includes ten proof coins encased in two clear plastic lenses. The quarters, dime and half dollar are minted in 99.9 percent silver. With a fairly affordable retail price of $59.95 this set, with its silver composition, lustrous finish and variety of coins, is an excellent set for anyone getting started in the coin-collecting hobby. With a certificate of authenticity, it’s an ideal first official set. Kennedy Halves Debuting THERE IS a special, optional enrollment program…

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grading your coins

Careful consideration must be given to the condition of a coin before arriving at its value, since a minor difference in grading can mean a substantial difference in price. There are several factors to keep in mind when attributing varying grades of preservation. Determining the condition of a coin is both an exact science and a subjective judgment call. Complete agreement on the exact qualities that constitute a grade of condition does not always occur between two individuals. The following chart is a consensus based on the 10 most frequently encountered coins commanding premium values in circulated condition (illustrations not actual size). The descriptive grades can be applied to other issues. Qualities described are based on the standards developed and adopted by the American Numismatic Association. MS-65 (uncirculated)—MS stands for mint state,…

8 minuti
u.s. bullion

THE UNITED States Mint has been playing on the world stage for decades now, when it comes to gold and silver bullion coins that is. We were not the first nation to unveil any sort of bullion coin, made specifically as a means for individuals to own a precious metal. Collectors and investors generally agree that such a title belongs to the South African gold Krugerrand. But in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, when several other nations’ mints started producing not only gold but silver bullion coins, well, that’s when the U.S. also decided to dive in the water. All those bullion coins have certainly changed the face of the world market when it comes to trading precious metals. But our Mint has gone farther than this. So, it…