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Collezioni Accessori


Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The whole universe of accessories, from bags to footwear, belts and bijoux in one single magazine. Over 200 photographs in 4 issues each year, two dedicated to the prêt-à-porter fashion shows and two to brands, the photographic reportage on leading trends and the latest ideas from each brand, man and woman. <br> <br> In un’unica rivista l’universo completo degli accessori, dalle borse alle calzature, dalle cinture ai bijoux. Più di 200 fotografie per 4 numeri l’anno, due dedicati alle sfilate di prêt-à-porter e due ai servizi fotografici sulle tendenze più forti e alle ultime novità dei singoli brand, uomo e donna.

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editor’s letter

How much is the world of Sport-Wear influencing the Prêt-à-Porter? In this issue you will find all the answers you want on the subject, at least for the world of accessories and in particular that of sneakers. A dedicated section made up of thematic insights and product pages will introduce you to this world that is more like “a universe” that is radically changing, season after season, the aesthetics of fashion. The total approval of sneakers as a fundamental element of the prêt-à-porter outfit is the pivot of the current interpretation of fashion. Whether the mood is elegant, day-to-day or sporty, it always provides a sporty, comfortable, often irreverent fit. The sneaker itself becomes a vehicle to deliver a message, showing off aesthetics with a strong personality that here and there…

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collezioni accessori

Collezioni Accessori tel. +39 059 412 666 fax +39 059 412 623 Via Curtatona 5/2 41126 Modena - Italy Editor-in-charge Roberta Bindi Editorial assistant Sara Baroni Fashion Editor Ilenia Ghità Special features Lidia Casari Graphic Designer Lara Pistelli Studio Pubblicità Tre Reggio Emilia – Italy Contributors Maurizio Francesconi Translations Wendy Humphreys Colour Separation and Printing Formagrafica - Carpi (MO) Italy Management, administration Logos Publishing Srl Via Curtatona, 5/2 41126 Modena – Italy tel. +39 059 412 666 Fax +39 059 412 623 Publisher Marie-Louise Moro Direttore Responsabile Antonio Vergara Meershon CIRCULATION Distribution Department ph. +39 059 412547 fax +39 059 412623 Distribution Italy Pieroni Distribuzione S.r.l. Via Carlo Cazzaniga, 19 20132 Milano ph. +39 02 25823176 fax +39 02 25823324 Distribution Europe SO.DI.P. S.p.a. Via Bettola 18 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) tel +39 02 66030400 fax +39 02 66030269 - Fairs Coordinator Alessandra Bartucciotto tel. +39 059 412629 fax +39 059 412623 ADVERTISING Editorial projects Director Dina De Fina tel. +39 059 412521 Special features Lidia Casari tel. +39 059 412609 Piemonte, Lombardia, Triveneto, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Marche Logos Publishing S.r.l. Modena (Italy) tel. +39 059 412636 fax +39 059 412623 Lazio, Molise, Umbria Antonella…

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hypnotic geoms

PIERRE HARDY The art of Franck Stella, the 1960s minimalist painter, is a source of inspiration for Pierre Hardy’s A/W 19-20 collection. Just like in the works of the American artist, it is in fact the colour that defines the shape through graphic and architectural principles that are encountered in footwear to create intersections of straight, interrupted, circular or multiform lines. Hypnotic repetitions and images stolen from Op-art alternate in the leather finishes, on straps and buckles, also defining the silhouette of bags and glasses. L’arte di Franck Stella, pittore minimalista degli anni ’60, è fonte d’ispirazione per la collezione A/I 19-20 di Pierre Hardy. Proprio come nelle opere dell’artista statunitense, è infatti il colore a definire la forma attraverso principi grafici e architettonici che si incontrano nelle calzature per creare intersezioni…

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materic surfaces

LIGNUM BAGS The sought-after Northern European minimalist design mould meets Italian craftsmanship in the creations of designer Wietske Neerincx, founder of the Dutch brand Lignum Bags. This new project saw the light in 2019, with the launch of a collection of bags under the banner of “easy elegance”. Geometric details in natural wood are grafted onto white leathers and simple silhouettes, defining a new standard of accessory that also comes with a mirror and a courtesy light. A decidedly promising debut if we consider that one of her creations won an award and was selected by the “Museum of Bags and Purses” in Amsterdam for their permanent collection; in addition, this bag along with the “Andira” model will be exhibited in October for six months at the Spielzeug Welten Museum in…

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equestrian circus

JIMMY CHOO The latest line of bags proposed by Jimmy Choo for the A/W 19-20 is called “Varenne”, a range of models inspired by a modern British Amazon, designed to accompany her any time in the day. In perfect balance between aristocracy and aesthetic anarchy, Varenne includes three different models: with a shoulder strap, a shoulder bag and bowling bag, the flagship model that is a candidate to become one of the iconic pieces of the British house. Feminine and refined, it features the brand’s initials on a contrasting leather insert that wraps the bag like a saddle. Si chiama “Varenne” l’ultima linea di borse proposta da Jimmy Choo per l’A/I 19-20, una gamma di modelli ispirata ad una moderna amazzone britannica, pensata per accompagnarla nei vari momenti della giornata. In perfetto…

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what’s in your head

ATOME “The hat is my communication code, an element that belongs to me, my identity card”. This is how Tommaso Rosati defines ATOME: the particle of the creative DNA of this young designer gives shape to a collection of headgear that is rich in models and styles, even if the iconic accessory is undoubtedly represented by the wide-brimmed Fedora model, with gros-grain ribbons to tie under the chin. The collection is completed with hand-embroidered velvet and wool berets made by the expert hands of Florentine artisans. “Il cappello è il mio codice comunicativo, un elemento che mi appartiene, la mia carta d’identità”. Così Tommaso Rosati definisce il brand ATOME: la particella del DNA creativo di questo giovane designer dà forma a una collezione di copricapo ricca di modelli e stili, anche se…