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Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The whole universe of accessories, from bags to footwear, belts and bijoux in one single magazine. Over 200 photographs in 4 issues each year, two dedicated to the prêt-à-porter fashion shows and two to brands, the photographic reportage on leading trends and the latest ideas from each brand, man and woman. <br> <br> In un’unica rivista l’universo completo degli accessori, dalle borse alle calzature, dalle cinture ai bijoux. Più di 200 fotografie per 4 numeri l’anno, due dedicati alle sfilate di prêt-à-porter e due ai servizi fotografici sulle tendenze più forti e alle ultime novità dei singoli brand, uomo e donna.

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editor’s letter

Like all other COLLEZIONI magazines, COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI has been and still is a guarantee when it comes to what will set trends and fashions for the seasons to come. Since the 1980’s, the COLLEZIONI magazines have always been true to themselves, even after the necessary updates and changes in line with the different needs of different times, always the first in the world to bring to their readers the fashion system with its fantastic proposals and trends. Over the years, after showcasing the most important fashion weeks from around the world, we embarked in a quest for new talents, offering our readers a tool that is increasingly filled with inspirations and market confirmations through the analysis of the major brands in the world. From this issue onwards, COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI welcomes…

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THE FIRST EVER EVENT TOTALLY DEDICATED TO THE WORLD OF SNEAKERS ARRIVES IN ITALY Not just a trade show, but an authentic real festival where the biggest fans of sneakers met up, bought and sold, exchanged ideas and points of view about an accessory that is today more and more relevant. Born in Switzerland where its tenth edition was recently held, Sneakerness bewitched fans in different European and international cities, including Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Moscow, attracting a total of 45,000 visitors in 2018. An international event of this magnitude in Italy could have only taken place in Milan, to be more precise at Fabbrica Orobia where it closed its doors on October 7th. More than 50 resellers, and extraordinary sponsors such as Puma, New Era and Swatch, offered Italian and…

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primadonna collection

The italian brand Primadonna Collection looks beyond its national borders with the opening of new stores abroad and with the launch in November of the e-commerce website. Can you please summarise these last years for Primadonna Collection in just 3 words? Passion, love and dedication. They are the perfect formula at the basis of our work and our constant inspiration, as well as a reference point for the people we work and collaborate with. Qatar, Morocco and many new other openings abroad, especially outside Europe. What is the strategy behind the retail expansion in these markets? For some time Primadonna Collection has embarked on an expansion plan both in Italy and abroad, implementing it both in terms of brand-owned stores and on the franchising route. Nowadays the plan looks beyond our national borders to…

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new designers

TWO LEADING ITALIAN FASHION NAMES SUPPORT THE STU-DENTS AT IED AND AT POLIMODA. Nowadays we hear more and more about new talents, emerging designers, individuals who, slowly but surely, make their way into the vast panorama of the global fashion system, contributing with exciting new trends and new developments. Emerging talents, however, can only be successful if the leading names in the fashion industry offer their help, support and backing to the development and growth of fashion’s young promises with initiatives like financing and collaborations. This is what recently happened to the students of two of the most famous international design and fashion universities in Italy, namely IED in Turin and Polimoda in Florence. The students from the academic institution in Turin had the fantastic opportunity to participate to the September…

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the first open call

The desire for new ideas, for discovering new talents, for giving voice to small companies. These were the starting points and guidelines that pushed Collezioni Accessori to launch an appeal to young designers on a global scale. We asked them to send to us the images and the description of their accessory collection. We are happy to say that we received very good replies from young talents from all over the world. In these pages you will find the 3 winners of this first Open Call initiative who have been selected by our editorial team according to criteria of creativity, of the development of their work, of the successfulness of the final product. It was not easy to choose the winners but we hope that they will provide a stimulus…

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travel and freedom: the new keywords for swarovski

THE AUSTRIAN BRAND LET ITSELF BE CARRIED AWAY BY NEW CULTURES AND NEW WORLDS The world-famous brand in the production of crystals and jewel accessories offers a new range of colours and shapes for Spring/Summer 2019. The inspiration for the new collection comes from the increasingly widespread desire to collect experiences and sensations, rather than objects and artefacts, when travelling. Hence, the collection is aptly named Wanderlust. The desire for freedom and joy is reflected in four different trends: Culture, inspired by art tourism and by colourful urban installations; Freedom, recalling the “take it easy” mantra of 1970’s surfers; Adventure, linked to more authentic journeys in contact with nature; Leisure, dedicated to a deluxe travel style. Another great new development is the launch of a new colour, Majestic Blue: a unique…