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Collezioni Accessori

Collezioni Accessori 96

Bilingual magazine Italian/English <br> <br> The whole universe of accessories, from bags to footwear, belts and bijoux in one single magazine. Over 200 photographs in 4 issues each year, two dedicated to the prêt-à-porter fashion shows and two to brands, the photographic reportage on leading trends and the latest ideas from each brand, man and woman. <br> <br> In un’unica rivista l’universo completo degli accessori, dalle borse alle calzature, dalle cinture ai bijoux. Più di 200 fotografie per 4 numeri l’anno, due dedicati alle sfilate di prêt-à-porter e due ai servizi fotografici sulle tendenze più forti e alle ultime novità dei singoli brand, uomo e donna.

Logos Publishing srl
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4 Numeri


2 minuti
editor’s letter

The Gods of the third millennium mainly reside in the field of Acceleration. In many if not all areas of day to day life, stepping it up a gear is all too obvious. This trend obviously cascades down on every aspect of life, even up to aesthetics, expecting everything to adapt and change to the new rhythms. The Gods know this, and here is what is happening on the planet’s main catwalks, that today still dictate the style for the coming season. New York, London, Paris and Milan, have decreed that for Autumn-Winter 2019/20 female aesthetics in the use of accessories will be mainly aimed at trying to join together two macro trends seemingly at worlds apart; techno-dynamic and the ever-precious retro-style. This by no means simple fusion of these…

2 minuti
collezioni accessori

COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI 96 Shoes Hats Bags & More Collezioni Accessori tel. +39 059 412 666 fax +39 059 412 623 Via Curtatona 5/2 41126 Modena - Italy Editor-in-charge Roberta Bindi Editorial assistant Sara Baroni Fashion Editor Ilenia Ghità Editorial staff Coordinator Noemi Agnani Graphic Designer Lara Pistelli Studio Pubblicità Tre Reggio Emilia – Italy Contributors Maurizio Francesconi, Barbara Tassara, Laura Tolosi Translations Wendy Humphreys Colour Separation and Printing Formagrafica - Faenza Group Carpi (MO) Italy Management, administration Logos Publishing Srl Via Curtatona, 5/2 41126 Modena – Italy tel. +39 059 412 666 Fax +39 059 412 623 Publisher Marie-Louise Moro Direttore Responsabile Antonio Vergara Meershon Collezioni Accessori Tribunale di Modena, n. 934 – 29.07.1988 ISSN 1120-1991 Iscrizione R.O.C. n° 7727 Trimestrale ®Logos Publishing Srl ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TUTTI I DIRITTI RISERVATI CIRCULATION Distribution Department ph. +39 059 412547 fax +39 059 412623 Distribution Italy Pieroni Distribuzione S.r.l. Via Carlo Cazzaniga, 19 20132 Milano ph. +39 02 25823176 fax +39 02 25823324 Distribution Europe SO.DI.P. S.p.a. Via Bettola 18 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) tel +390266030400 fax +39 02 66030269 Fairs Coordinator Alessandra Bartucciotto tel. +39 059 412629 fax +39 059 412623 To Subscribe/Per Abbonarsi tel.…

2 minuti
fashion access

WIDE RANGE OF FASHION ACCESSORIES IN A PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS-LIKE ATMOSPHERE Fashion Access displayed a wide range of finished products such as bags, wallets, travel items, footwear and other fashion accessories of excellent manufacturing quality without reaching the luxury tier. This year 230 exhibiting companies were from 17 countries and regions, while new exhibitors came from Australia, China, Georgia (Rep of), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore & USA. The whole APLF event counted on the support of a series of seminars and forums that covered topics of interest from manufacturers, designers and distributors as well as retail traders. Among them, the Global Executive Footwear Summit (GFES) was jointly organised by APLF and the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA). It dealt with topics such as…

3 minuti
from milan to switzerland

BALLY RETURNS TO ITS ROOTS WITH THE AW19/20 COLLECTION At the last edition of Milan Fashion Week Bally decided to physically transport the guests at their own presentation to a mountain atmosphere, with landscapes and setup reminiscent of a weekend in the snowy Swiss peaks, where the brand has its Head Office. To do this, the design directors Antonio Monfreda and Patrick Kinmouth were called upon to collaborate with the fashion house, and they created a veritable multi-sensory dimension of the voyage, with a direct train from Milan to Zermatt; a train of thoughts though that traverses unexplored lands. At the entrance you were greeted by a conductor before going with your fellow adventurers to a snowy mountain pass, divided by an alpine railway. Alongside the natural landscape are the crowded…

2 minuti
the first of the influencers

AN EXHIBITION DEDICATED TO FAMOUS 1980 FIORUCCI STICKER ALBUM The designer who knew how to anticipate trends, a creative able to give life to meeting spaces including fashion and other disciplines such as architecture, visual arts, the world of communication; his shops, in fact were unusual and multi-functional: they held concerts and it was also possible to eat in the restaurant, a true forerunner of the modern concept stores and pop-up shops. A character who became emblematic in the ‘70s and ‘80s as he was capable of bringing fashion to everyone, and whose inspiration was drawn from the street, colours, different cultures, the revolutionary ideas of the young, that in those days were always in turmoil. It is no coincidence that his motto was “everyone free”, and this regularly shone through…

2 minuti
il primo degli influencer

UNA MOSTRA DEDICATA AL FAMOSO ALBUM DI FIGURINE FIORUCCI DEL 1980 Il designer che ha saputo anticipare le tendenze, un creativo capace di dare vita a spazi di incontro fra la moda e altre discipline come l’architettura, le arti visive, il mondo della comunicazione, i suoi negozi infatti erano inusuali e multifunzione: vi si tenevano concerti ed era anche possibile mangiare al ristorante, un vero anticipatore dei moderni concept store e pop-up shop. Un personaggio divenuto emblematico durante gli anni 70-80 poichè è stato capace di portare la moda alla portata di tutti, la cui ispirazione veniva dalla strada, dai colori, dalle diverse culture, dalle idee rivoluzionarie dei giovani che in quegli anni erano sempre in fermento. Non a caso il suo motto era “liberi tutti”, e nelle sue creazioni questo…