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Bilingual magazine Italian/English Two seasons and four issues to present the latest designer ideas showcased on the most important international catwalks. Classic, formalwear, sportswear and knitwear. 4 issues per year. Una panoramica completa sulla moda maschile, 4 edizioni l’anno, due a stagione, per presentare le proposte di ogni stilista sulle passerelle più importanti del mondo. Classico, cerimonia, sportswear e maglieria.

Logos Publishing srl
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uomo 95

Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Editor-in-Charge Alessandro Ferrari Managing Editor Barbara Tassara Contributing Writers Roberta Molin Corvo (Paris), Alexandra Alfonso, Peppe Orrù (London) Contributing Fashion Editor Giorgio Ammirabile Graphic Designers Lara Pistelli Studio Pubblicità Tre - Reggio Emilia - Italy Color Separation & Printing Formagrafica Srl - Carpi (Mo) - Italy Photographers Andrea Cresci, Viero-Zanoni (fashion shows) Editorial Assistant Sara Baroni tel. +39 059 412666/fax +39 059 412623 Translations Peppe Orrù, Leila Myftija Social Media Coordinator Luca Fiorini Publisher Marie-Louise Moro Direttore Responsabile Antonio Vergara Meershon Tribunale di Modena, n. 898 – 30.10.1987 - ISSN 1120-2033. Iscrizione al R.O.C. n. 7727. Semestrale Commission Paritaire no. 0908 U 88343 COLLEZIONI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MARCHIO DEPOSITATO Management, Administration Logos Publishing S.r.l. Via Curtatona, 5/2 – 41126 Modena – Italy tel. +39 059 412666 - fax +39 059 412623 Distribution Department tel. +39 059 412547 - fax +39 059 412623 Distribution Italy Pieroni Distribuzione S.r.l Via C.Cazzaniga, 19 20132 MILANO…

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contemporary aesthetics

Inside the masculine NEO HEDONISM The catwalks dedicated to the presentation of the autumn-winter collections, as we know, are always the ones most prone to give sublime emotions and creations. For the next winter season, the general will to return to a dress-code that is certainly sought after but definitely more “correct” and formal is definitely dominating. Complying with the new style codes imposed by contemporary aesthetics and the market needs to satisfy the new generational needs, the designers, more or less, have restored a male image that sees the man regain possession of the classic formal jacket, the trousers with the pinces, tailored coats and trenchcoats. Without neglecting the important aspect of sustainability of materials and workmanship as well as the performance technology applied to sartorial mastery. A clear and…

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andjel shoes

A German brand of footwear with an essential and brilliant design that attracts attention thanks to its excellent manual workmanship, a clean design, and the quest for special and refined raw materials for a comfortable and emotional fit. The sneakers are elegant, marked by a contemporary design made of subtle details, making their shape and style unique, and with fine treated leathers that give them a “lived-in” look, in trend with urban streetwear that dresses the occasions of everyday life all around, from formal to leisure time. An important sole, both in its design and its support when walking, and uppers that are characterized by couture stitching, in urban colors made from vegetable tanning, therefore, respecting the environment. The Andjel Shoes by Schuhe & Handwerk München collections are available in…

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reca group

CONCEIVED AS SYMBOLIC STYLE OBJECTS THAT BECOME AN ASPECT OF BRAND IDENTITY Reca Group has always been passionate about the world of fashion accessories, and since its foundation long ago has committed itself to developing and providing production techniques and technologies that will characterise labels, hangtags and packaging, conceived as symbolic style objects that become an aspect of brand identity. Particular attention is paid to packaging, which has now become an integral part of a brand’s visual identity, no longer only dealing with the technical problems of protection but also aimed at informing, arousing emotion, stimulating the desire to possess and therefore to purchase. Packaging is the medium of a new product communication that is established between industry and consumer: the surface, shape and colour indispensable to recognition and sales. Reca…

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“MADE IN ITALY” TAILORED TROUSERS NEO-CLASSIC, DANDY, CONNECTED WITH THE URBAN AVANT-GARDES AND FUNCTIONALITY OF LEISURE TIME The naturalistic beauties of the Nordic landscapes generate the chromatic variations of the Berwich Fall-Winter 2019/2020 trousers’ collection. Red, orange and garnet shades recall volcanic phenomena, blue and teal shades inspired by the aurora borealis, natural colors evoke the northern steppes together with green and ocher vegetations. Each garment is made with fine handcrafted fabrics in a vast proposal of elegant or casual models, with or without darts, hand-made stitching and topstitching, functional details such as an adjustable belt and an invisible security pocket. Among the top models, four main wearability lines are selected in exclusive materials and with minute dedication to modeling. The ‘Italian trousers’ is the interpreter of the dandy identity of…

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its - international talent support 2019

In Trieste, in 2019, “ITS-International Talent Support” returns with big news: the “ITS Arcademy”, an area of shared global creativity where everyone will be able to discuss future-oriented topics. And it’s still Barbara Franchin and the EVE team, with 18 years of passionate research and experience in selecting emerging talents in the field of fashion and design, to build and feed a global playground of creativity. Supported by “ITS Creative Archive”, a cultural and social resource that recounts the evolution of fashion between the creations of yesterday and tomorrow, with over 17,000 portfolios. On July 12th, 2019, ITS will host emerging talents from all over the world. The Fondazione CRTrieste, the Municipality of Trieste, its Mayor, Roberto Dipiazza, and the Friuli-Venezia Region are among the prominent supporters of Franchin’s work,…