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Color turns the tricky decision of how to pick the best color scheme for every room in your house into a simple, fun, and inspirational process. Whether you like a specific hue and want to know how to use it, say blue in the bedroom, or you are looking for ideas on which colors and patterns to combine for a pleasing look, Color Made Easy is the guide for giving you the knowhow to make the right combinations. Lush room photos paired with paint swatches ensure you pick color palettes you can recreate. Each issue also supplies lessons in color theory, decorating 101, and painting basics to step you through how to pick the best palettes for your home.

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editor’s note

MY GRANDFATHER WORKED FOR KODAK AS A CHEMICAL ENGINEER WHEN THE COMPANY WAS FIRST DEVELOPING COLOR FILM. As a kid, I would go through the prints he had saved from his color-testing days and wonder at the nearly identical pictures of my 4-year-old father—except some looked too blue, others too yellow, and some way too pink. Then I found the final picture where the colors balanced, and my father’s blond curls and navy pea coat looked just right. Now here I am putting together a magazine with the goal of showing how to choose the best color schemes that make all the difference between blah rooms and amazing ones. And that’s the mission of Color™ magazine. We’re here with the palettes, the rooms, and the inspiration to get you started. Check…

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set the mood

ORANGE Promotes feelings of energy and confidence. Toned down to terra-cotta, it makes a room warm and cozy. RED Evokes strong emotions, energy, and passion. It stimulates appetite so works well in dining rooms and kitchens. GREEN Promotes harmony, freshness, and stability—as nature’s color should. Muted and deep greens are perfect for unwinding. Bright greens are more energetic and stimulating. BLUE Infuses a space with calmness and serenity, as well as productivity. (So try it in an office.) Pale shades soothe you and make a room feel like a spa. Rich shades can feel regal. PURPLE Implies royalty and wealth. Deep purples create a sense of luxury. Violets evoke spirituality and calmness. CURB APPEAL Start your next paint project at the front door with a high-impact color. Water-base Front Door Paint from Modern Masters is guaranteed…

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pillow talk

PATTERN FRENZY Wake up the beigey-est sofa with bold color in geometric patterns. Let the mood drive you. Vary the shape, size, and texture to separate the bold patterns; the more color, the better. From left: Sweet Pillow Cover by Alex Morgan, $22; Better Homes & Gardens® Decorative Pillow with Bright Diamonds, $12; Throw Pillow Multicolor by DENY Designs, $50; COLOR CONNECTION Warm spice colors create a common bond in this group. The multicolor diamond pillow is a statement maker and sets a Bohemian vibe. The hello pillow gets in on the typography trend. From left: Spice Diamond Decorative Pillow, $100; Heradia Pillow, $88; Better Homes & Gardens® Hello Heart Crewelwork Pillow, $15; MONOCHROMATIC MIX Using different shades of one color ensures your pillows will work…

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color temps

WARM Warm colors are active and energetic. Think of the flames in a fire or a blazing sunset. These tones advance visually when you look across a room. They make sense in social spaces. COOL Cool colors calm a room and tend to recede. Keep in mind that there are warm and cool versions within every color family, especially with hybrids like purple and green. FACTOR IN LIGHT The blue you love in the morning may be the green you hate at night. The reason: Light from windows and fixtures alters the look of colors. Before committing to paint or fabric, observe samples at different times of the day. “Bright light can wash out colors,” says interior designer Kathryn Chaplow. Lamplight works similarly: An Edison-style bulb will cast golden tones on the wall, but bright…

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wheel of fortune

THE COLOR WHEEL IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT ONE COLOR WITH ANOTHER? 1 MONOCHROMATIC SCHEME A monochromatic scheme uses a single color in varying intensities. Choose one color on the color wheel, and bring it into a room in different shades for a subdued tone-on-tone look. 2 COMPLEMENTARY SCHEME Two colors directly across from each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, produce a complementary scheme for a high-contrast, high-energy look. This is the most dynamic scheme. 3 ANALOGOUS SCHEME Colors that live side by side on the color wheel can be used together (usually in threes) to form an analogous scheme. Because the colors tend to blend, the look is relaxed and harmonious. COLOR WHEEL—(PHOTO) MARTY BALDWIN; (PRODUCER) MOLLY REID SINNETT…

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first person

New York City designer Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48 always looks for ways to add fun color and pattern. He used lavender as an unexpected neutral in the living room, left. FAVORITE COLOR Blue! I love blues. COLOR PHILOSOPHY Just because a color is trendy doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You should do what makes you happy. Maybe it’s a hue from your favorite piece of art or the fabric of a shirt you love to wear. If you know you like a color, run with it! TREND I LOVE Brass and anything gold and shiny. My friends often say I’m stuck in the ’70s. PAINT CRUSH I’m obsessed with Midnight Navy from Benjamin Moore. There’s that blue again! FAVORITE CURVEBALL COLOR Coral is a vibrant accent. In paint, try Benjamin Moore’s Tangerine…