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Combat Handguns

Combat Handguns

January/February 2021

Combat Handguns is America’s definitive handguns magazine.

United States
Athlon Media Group
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“peaceful protesters”

The world is watching as civil disturbance roils American streets with large-scale protests that often turn into looting and arson. People flash back to the indelible image of what we’ll call Case One, the savage beating of Reginald Denny. Solely because he was white, he was dragged from his truck by four raging black men in Los Angeles during the “Rodney King Riot” in 1992. His skull crushed by a cinder block, he was horribly and permanently injured, his attackers serving four years or less after their conviction. Would he have been justified in running over those men with his truck (or shooting them, had he been armed)? The law says, generally, yes…but the situation is more complicated than it looks, and we’ll come back to that shortly. Can deadly…

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combat stockpile

N8 TACTICAL COMBAT CUT HOLSTERS N8 Tactical’s new OT2 Combat Cut Holster for mid- to full-size pistols is a very comfortable IWB holster that merges the company’s Original Holster and Tuckable Holster into an all new platform. Clothing compatible for all-day wear, the design allows for a full grasp on the pistol’s grip while drawing. Built on a durable leather form, the OT2 Combat Cut Holster comes with a soft suede backing and a moisture-proof neoprene core situated between the two. ( S&W OPTICS-READY M&P9 2.0 COMPACT The new Optics-Ready M&P9 M2.0 Compact pistol from Smith & Wesson is a 4-inch-barreled model that is an extension of the M&P line. Building on the award-winning M&P9 M2.0 Compact pistol series, the new models are chambered in 9mm and feature a slide cut for optics, co-witness white-dot…

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book of glock

The journey from the original G17 in the early 1980s to the current models evolved over five generations. The impact of Glock pistols did not impact only law enforcement agencies and military organizations around the world, but everyday culture. The Book of Glock debuted as an Amazon #1 new release for a good reason. It includes never before heard backstories on the development of Glock pistols, images of Glock prototypes, and information on first run serial numbers and prefixes. Go to to get an autographed copy.…

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me &my shadow

The sound of laughter and camaraderie, the high-pitched beep of the timer and the satisfying pings of lead on steel. These are the notes of the melody that is played at my local range each Tuesday and Thursday as competitors gather to test their mettle against each other, the timer and themselves. I don’t get there as often as I probably should, but when I do I not only enjoy the experience of competition, I also feel like I level up my shooting skills. Over the last couple of years, I’ve taken various makes and models of pistols to these events. The pistol that I perform the best with, and that I keep coming back to, is the CZ Shadow 2. So, it’s easy for me to understand why CZ pistols…

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tale of the tape

KIMBER K6S DASA CALIBER .357 Magnum/.38 Special BARREL 3 inches OA LENGTH 7.62 inches WEIGHT 25.1 ounces GRIP Walnut SIGHTS Three-dot, white ACTION DA/SA FINISH Stainless CAPACITY 6 MSRP $970 S&W PC PRO M60 CALIBER .357 Magnum/.38 Special BARREL 3 inches OA LENGTH 8.7 inches WEIGHT 22.9 ounces GRIP Wood SIGHTS Tritium ramp front, rear adjustable ACTION DA/SA FINISH Stainless CAPACITY 5 MSRP $819 We won’t be getting into the revolver versus pistol debate here since that topic has been done to death umpteen times, but there’s no denying the power of the .357 Mag. round. Instead, for our head-to-head comparison this issue, we’ll roll with the assumption that some folks still like and appreciate a compact, well-appointed powerhouse of a wheelgun for a carry piece. Whether it’s for self-defense in an urban environment or lightweight protection on the trail, that’s just what they’ll get with the new Kimber 6s DASA and the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pro Series Model 60. SMITH & WESSON Over the years, there have been a few variants…

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new mighty muffs

I recently attended an event at Gunsite and was given a set of electronic hearing muffs. Champion’s new Vanquish Pro Elite hearing protection is not only very comfortable to wear—I wore mine for more than a couple hours at a time on the range—but also uses compression technology to reduce any sound over 85db to a safe level. The muffs also use multi-directional microphones to pick up all sounds and amplify them. Range commands and conversations are sharp, crisp and easy to hear, which is a real plus for someone like me whose hearing has been adversely affected by a lifetime of shooting. The Vanquish Pro Elites are also Bluetooth compatible so you can use your smartphone without removing your hearing protection or listen to your playlist while shooting. The headphones…