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June 2019

Get Computer Arts digital magazine subscription today for practical skills and expert advice to help you become a better designer. It showcases the best illustration, graphic design, typography and web design along with advice from agencies and digital artists. Our workshops will help you create an iconic brand, design your own characters, take your work onto mobile platforms or master the newest advanced Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other Creative Suite skills

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making the cover

Well, that was fun… Our annual character design-themed covers always are – but Emily Gosling managed to uncover the most diverse bunch of artists ever this year. Elenor Kopka’s monochromatic images live in a different world to ManMachine’s slick renders, which in turn share nothing with 24 year-old wunderkind Jeron Braxton’s politically charged animations. And Philippa Rice’s autobiographical work is as unique as it is arresting. All these artists would have given us great covers, but we’ve always had a soft spot for the prolific, utterly mind-boggling work of Julian Glander, whose beautifully shaded, amophous blobs look something like a Jeff Koons sculpture of a children’s TV show character that would never be made. His endearing Muscleman render caught our eye in the run-up to the recent Pictoplasma conference (it was originally commissioned…

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editor’s letter

One of the highlights of May was going to Foilco’s Multiplicity London – a really fun series of evening events, touring the UK’s big cities, all creative-focussed with loads of nice booze and fresh food, and with talks from the established great and upcoming good of design. During Paul Belford’s talk, the multi-award-winning creative director and designer stressed the importance of ideas as the foundation of good work. And like any good teacher who knows repetition is the mother of all learning, he came back to it again and again while taking us through some of the highly impactful, playful, idea-riddled work he’s done over the years. And just like when you hear a word you haven’t heard for a while, then hear it every day for a fortnight, the importance…

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JIM BULL The co-founder and CCO of international design studio Moving Brands is keen to promote a message of ‘lessism’. Turn to page 25 to see how Jim’s thinking can be applied to your design work and beyond. LARS DENICKE Together with Peter Thaler, Lars launched the Pictoplasma character design festival 15 years ago. On page 38 he cites some of the key designers who figure large in the festival’s history. LANCE WYMAN The American-born veteran designer has his heart in Mexico. On page 58 he talks about some of his design achievements, which include masterminding the look of the country’s Olympic games in 1968. CRISTINA ARREOLA On page 82, the creative director of Parámetro Studio tells how her team was tasked with giving an art festival a strong identity. Colour gradients and dynamic shapes were the…

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computer arts

EDITORIAL Beren Neale Editor Mark Wynne Art editor Cliff Hope Operations editor CREATIVE BLOQ Kerrie Hughes Editor Ruth Hamilton Deputy editor Rosie Hilder Operations editor Dom Carter Senior staff writer MANAGEMENT Claire Howlett Acting group editor-in-chief Will Shum Senior art editor Dave Harfield Head of editorial operations CONTRIBUTIONS Vania Alvarado, Marc Atkinson, Grace Bryant, Jim Bull, Tanya Combrinck, Emily Gosling, Rosie Hilder, Natalie Hughes, Design Lad, Kasper Ledet, Tom May, Freyja Sewell, Garrick Webster, Jamie Wignall, Paul Woodvine All copyrights and trademarks are recognised and respected. ADVERTISING Media packs are available on request. Clare Dove Commercial director Mike Pyatt Senior advertising manager 01225 687538 George Lucas Account director 01225 687331 INTERNATIONAL Computer Arts is available for licensing. Contact the International department to discuss partnership opportunities. Matt Ellis International licensing director CIRCULATION Tim Mathers Head of newstrade PRODUCTION Mark Constance Head of production, US/UK Clare Scott Production project manager Joanne Crosby Advertising project manager Jason Hudson Digital editions controller Steve Wright Digital…

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meet the team

BEREN NEALE EDITOR With The Proms prospectus out, Beren and his dad can plan their yearly jaunt to That There London for the ‘Classical Glastonbury’. This year, crowd surfing will almost definitely be added to the evening’s shows. MARK WYNNE ART EDITOR A heavy cloud of tension has hung above CA Towers this month, as Mark and Beren duelled over the merits of various submitted projects – confrontations reminiscent of Frost and Nixon… or perhaps Laurel and Hardy. CLIFF HOPE OPERATIONS EDITOR The Bank Holiday gave Cliff a chance to clear clutter from his garage. Yet what could have been a textbook Marie Kondo manoeuvre descended into a giant game of Tetris, with countless storage boxes. Clutter 1, garage 0.…

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vault 49 london hiring!

Your readers should know that we’re hiring,” exclaims Paul Woodvine, the new creative director of Vault49’s London offices. The New York-based agency opened up shop in the UK capital at the beginning of April, and Woodvine is excited about the “extension of the US office – from a client perspective, the two offices will be seamless,” he says. And at the time of printing, there are six positions being advertised on their site, ranging from illustrator to branding and packaging designer. Vault49 was actually started by two Brits, Jonathan Kenyon and John Glasgow, during their final year at the London College of Printing, then relocated to New York in 2004. So the new studio is a return home of sorts for the agency. And having worked with the two co-founders from a client perspective,…