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Tecnologia e Giochi
Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper

April 2020

Computer Shopper is the essential monthly magazine that allows you to stay abreast of the latest news and releases in the world of technology. With more reviews, hands-on guides and features than any other tech monthly, you’ll be better informed by reading Computer Shopper.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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computer shopper

Editor Madeline Bennett Reviews Editor James Archer Contributing Editor David Ludlow News Editor Roland Moore-Colyer Senior Staff Writer Nathan Spendelow DESIGN & PRODUCTION Design Bill Bagnall Production Editor Steve Haines Production Manager Daniel Stark Production Assistant Lewis Small Network Production Manager Kerry Lambird CONTRIBUTORS Stuart Andrews, Mike Bedford, Jonathan Bray, Tom Bruce, David Crookes, Mel Croucher, Kay Ewbank, Darien Graham-Smith, Simon Handby, Nick Harris-Fry, Alan Martin, Edward Munn, Michael Sawh, Andy Shaw, Dave Stevenson, Alun Taylor, Clive Webster, Andy White, Mark White ADVERTISING Email Account Manager Ashley Wood Deputy Advertising Manager Rebecca New 020 3890 3824 COVER GIFT CONTACT Chris Wiles PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Pheasant LICENSING AND SYNDICATION Ryan Chambers 020 3890 4027 Anj Dosaj-Halai 020 3890 3816 MANAGEMENT Tel 020 3890 3890 Publishing Director Dharmesh Mistry Group Advertising Director Julian Lloyd-Evans Newstrade Director David Barker Group CFO/COO Brett Reynolds Chief Executive James Tye Company Founder Felix Dennis…

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welcome page

The smart home is no longer some vision of a far-off future. More than 100 million Alexa devices and 50 million Google Home devices had been sold as of this time last year. And that’s just the smart speaker aspect of it, with millions more smart bulbs, smart plugs and smart thermostats now in use. We’ve put together a full guide to making your home work for you (page 88). If you’ve already got some smart home kit installed, we take you through how to get the best out of it via home automation, IFTTT and network configuration. For those of you yet to try out any smart home technology, you can find an overview of how to start and the best kit to buy. And if you’re looking to get more from…

7 minuti
letters Unconnected choice @ Mel Croucher asks how the digital divide could be fixed (Shopper 384), before demonstrating that it is mostly a matter of personal preference. The digital divide seems to be mostly people who aren’t time pressured and don’t want to do some company’s job for it. Is it easier to fill in an online form that I have never seen before? Or write or telephone and get the company’s employees to sort out the problem? I suspect at least 10% of all Mel’s columns and half of his Rants have complained about companies expecting customers to do the work themselves. I doubt many of his Raves have been favourable. My family contains several silver surfers and one digital refusenik. None of them has much patience with most online systems, as various online…

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in the next issue

£600 PCs on test Want a desktop that will do more for less? We’re testing a selection of home office PCs costing no more than £600 Move to a new PC the expert way How to keep your files, applications and settings, plus make Windows 10 act like Windows 7 Beyond Google How to search better, using different tools for different kinds of information Are machines really going to take over the world? We explore how robots are actually being used, how they’ll advance in the future, and how some of them are just too dumb to survive COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 387 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 12th MARCH…

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loves labours lost

MEL CROUCHER Tech pioneer and all-round good egg SO MANY TREASURED things are worth preserving from extinction, and in my time I have fought to preserve as many of those things as I could: the Northern white rhino, the Unami language, the Okjökull glacier, the Xerxes blue butterfly, socialism, Sophia Loren, smoking in pubs and the apostrophe. You name a battle for something that was worth preserving, and I can assure you I helped to lose it. My most recent and tragic lost battle is the preservation of the apostrophe. The glorious Apostrophe Preservation Society was dissolved a few weeks ago, due to the fact that its founder is now 96 years old and can’t be arsed to carry on. Mind you, the general public never gave a monkey’s anyway. Sorry, the general public…

4 minuti
welcome to the future

KAY EWBANK Software guru and Shopper legend THE NEWS AT the moment isn’t fun, with items on high pollution levels on city streets, failing high streets with empty shops, and concerns about climate change. At the same time, huge amounts of money are being dedicated to new train lines and airport runways so people can move about more easily. There has to be a better way, a rethink about how we live and work. For a start, why are we creating more ways to move people between home and work, from city to city, when we could move data instead? One interesting idea that’s exploring the use of technology to improve living conditions is Woven City, a sustainable mini-city on a 175-acre former factory site in the city of Susono in Japan. The…